Milcah "Milky" Trammell1,2,3,4,5

F, ID# 7743, (c 1735 - c 1805)
Father:John Trammell II (c 1700 - 1755)
Mother:Susanna Harle (a 1700 - bt 1751 - 1753)
     Milcah "Milky" Trammell was born c 1735 at Fairfax Co ?, Virginia. She was the daughter of John Trammell II and Susanna Harle. Milcah "Milky" Trammell married ENS Simon Pearson I, son of Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I and Anne Amelia Markham, in 1758. Milcah "Milky" Trammell died c 1805.
      Milcah Trammell was noted in her father John's 9 Apr 1753 will as being age 18. Her father bequeathed her negroes Tom and Peg; 1,600 pounds crop tobacco annually during the time [until she married]; a horse, saddle and bridle; 2 cows and calves; and a feather bed with bolsters; later court documents stated she was also owed a gold ring. Her inheritance was left to Milcah in the care of her brother Sampson with whom Milcah lived for three years after the death of her father. Sampson, his mistress, and Milcah moved to the Falls Church tract of land left to Sampson by their father. The Charles Broadwater home where Milcah's future husband Simon Pearson lived was adjacent to Sampson Trammell’s property.

Milcah and Simon married after Simon's guardian's death in 1758; Milcah was likely already pregnant because their son was born later that year. In her case, marriage was not the automatic solution to pregnancy, however the Pearsons could not afford to offend the less well-to-do but respected Trammells. Thus, the illiterate youngest daughter of a deceased planter married into a family which was far wealthier and more powerful than her own.

Three intertwined lawsuits mark Milcah's attempts to receive a portion of her interitance from her father. On 15 May 1760 Milcah and Simon sued her father's executors -- her brothers Sampson and John -- in Loudoun Co, VA for 2,000 pounds crop tobacco, which prorated equated to 15 months of her annual inheritance of 1,600 pounds up until her marriage plus interest from 9 Apr 1753 [original appears to be 1753 but could it be 1758 and thus a possible marriage date] and their costs. The executors' 12 Nov 1761 response to the bill of complaint, included as part of a subsequent suit on this inheritance issue in the 1780s, stated Milkey was paid her amount due either before or after her marriage and in fact her husband Simon owed the defendants 18 pounds 18 shillings and 6 pence; this would likely have been money owed John Trammell according to the terms of Simon's separation agreement from Milkey, but the amount owed greatly increased by the time of the next lawsuit. The 1760 case included a recitation of Milcah's inheritance in her father's will and continued in court until 9 Jun 1767, however the inheritance was not paid as a result of the court suit.

Simon and Milkey as well as her three siblings who were not executors to her father's will filed another lawsuit to try to get their inheritance. Simon and Milkey, William Starke and his wife Susanna Trammell Starke, Ezekiel Hickman and his wife Elizabeth Trammell Hickman and William Trammell sued the executors of John Trammell II -- John Trammell III and Sampson Trammell. The lengthy bill of complaint was undated, however the suit started before executor John Trammell III's death on 24 Feb 1784 and included documents dated 16 Jun 1790. The original bill of complaint stated John Trammell II's estate included 75 cattle and 16,000 pounds tobacco, extensive debts owed the estate, 736 pounds of appraised personal property, and other property moved to Maryland without being appraised. The executors' response stated after the will was signed over the next two years their father gave the two sons many things which would therefore not have been a part of their father's estate; the large debts owed their father were paid before his death; the appraisal total was 786 pounds; and with the exception of the gold rings for the daughters, everything bequeathed or owed had been paid. Their reason Milky had not been paid was that her husband Simon owed them 1,000 pounds, possibly either as a result of the marital settlement or another debt. Finally, their rejoinder was the residual estate was not intended to be shared but was for the sole benefit of the executors alone. On 17 Jun 1797 the court ordered the remaining executor, Sampson Trammell, to settle the administrator account with the court. The suit finally abated in 1798 with Simon's death.

The 1,000 pounds Simon owed was the subject of multiple lawsuits; although this debt could have been for any purpose, £1,000 was exactly half a year's support for his wife Milcah and John Hurst was his security on that maintenance support. In parallel with the lawsuit brought by the siblings against the executors, executor John Trammell III brought his own suit against Simon and John Hurst in 1783; the court awarded John £1,000 and his costs to be discharged by payment of £93.15.0, which Simon also did not pay. Once John Trammell III died, his daughter Sarah Trammell Delashmete followed up in 1787 and sued Simon and John Hurst; the suit continued through at least 24 Jun 1790.

A description of Milcah and Simon's marriage is included in his biography. For a detailed discussion of the first years of their rocky marriage, The Road to Difficult researched and written by Catherine Aselford is excellent.

On 22 Sep 1789 Milkey was listed as living between John Turbervill and Joseph Simpson on the road from the forks near the old farm to Difficult Run.

Milcah was bequeathed "100 acres convenient to the improvements now in her possession provided she continues to live on same" by her brother John in 1784. This same 100 acres became the source of a lawsuit with James Coleburn in Colburn vs Pearson. Specifically, on 22 Aug 1800 the "... defendant Milcah Pearson having failed to answer the bill of the Complainant, the same is taken for confessed. And it is decreed and ordered James Wiley, Rezin Offutt and Henry Gunnell or any two of them do ascertain and lay off by proper meetes and bounds the one hundred acres of land devised to the said defendant, by the last will and testament of John Trammell deceased according to the said devise and that the Surveyor of the County do attend the said commissioners and survey and lay off the said one hundred acres of land in such manner as they shall direct and report the same to the Court in order for a final decree in this cause. And it is further decreed & ordered that the said Deft [defendant] her agents and servants and all other persons acting under her authority be injoined from committing any waste as well on the one hundred acres of land devised as aforesaid as on those lands devised until Susanna Machal by the last will & testament of the aforesaid John Trammell deceased until the further order & decree of this Court." Susanna Machal [Michael? or Michel?] may have been either a later wife or daughter of the deceased John Trammell who was trying to recover the land if Milcah was no longer living on the 100 acres as required by John's will.

How many other land boundary issues may have influenced the 1800 court decision to resurvey the land are unknown. On 20 Jun 1797 in Coleman vs Moxley – on Plff’s motion ordered that the surveyor of the County do go upon the lands in dispute and make such alterations in the survey returned in said suit as either party may require. On 17 Sep 1792 the court ordered Moxley to pay Milky for two days attendance apparently in the case of Coleman vs Moxley. The Moxleys were neighbors of both Simon and of Milcah's. On 18 Jul 1797 the court ordered Moxley to pay Milky and Simon for attending court for a day. On 22 Jun 1798 Moxley was ordered to pay Milky for 7 days attendance in court, perhaps in the same dispute. If and how this land boundary issue was linked to the other cases is unknown.

How the Coleman vs Pearson suit started or how if at all it intertwined with other suits is unknown. Starting on 21 Jun 1797 Coleman vs Pearson appears on the court records and is believed to be James Coleman vs Milcah Pearson based on the 1800 court resolution; the court continued the case that day and also on 15 Aug 1797, 18 Mar 1800, 17 Jun 1800, and after the court decision it was apparently continued again on 17 Mar 1801 with others sued, 20 Aug 1801, and 19 Nov 1801 with others sued. Further on 23 Nov 1797, 21 Mar 1798, 20 Jun 1798 the Coleman suits state versus "Pearson et ux," meaning versus a male Pearson and his wife instead of against Milcah.

On 26 Dec 1805 Milcha Pearson, "widow" of Simon Pearson late of Fairfax Co, conveyed land to John T. Pearson "of the city of Philadelphia...only son and child living of the said Simon Pearson and the said Milcha Pearson." This land was the dower Milcah had in property Simon conveyed without her consent, likely to his mistress and their son, because Milcah provided three 1795 dower releases when Simon sold other land.

Milcah Trammell's name is also reported in Fairfax Co, VA original records and correspondence as Milkah, Milkey, Milky, Milcha, Milca, Melkie and Meliah Trammell and as both Pearson and Pearcy.

Detailed sources:

In 2018 Fairfax County, Virginia changed the URLs for historic indexes and records online. Thus URLs below may not be functional but provide the correct type, date and books for searching online. The oldest deed index is at

--Catherine Aselford's research, 2015, cathaselford at
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--Fairfax Co, VA Deed Book Y1, 1795, p. 82, 89 and 170; in possession of V. Winslett ( Milky / Meliah Pearson, three dower releases for sale to Charles Broadwater, 1779 sale to Edward Dulin, 1789 sale to George Minor)
--Fairfax Co, VA 1797-1798 Minute Book, 23 Nov 1797, p 39; 1797-1798 Minute Book, 21 Mar 1798, p. 59; 1797-1798 Minute Book, 20 Jun 1798, p. 75 (Coleman vs _____ Pearson and his wife; which Pearson is unknown.
----Fairfax Co, VA 1797-1798 Minute Book, 22 Jun 1798, p. 78 (Moxley to pay Milky Pearson; may be for case of Coleman vs Moxley)
--Fairfax Co, VA 1800-1801 Minute Book, 22 Aug 1800, p. 41 (resolution of Coleman vs Milcah Pearson); also leading up to then 1797-1798 Minute Book, 20 Jun 1797, p. 10 and on 22 Jun 1798, p. 78 (Milky Pearson witness in Coleman case); Coleman vs Pearson: 1797-1798 Minute Book, 21 Jun 1797, p. 11; 1797-1798 Minute Book, 25 Aug 1797, p. 25; 1800-1801 Minute Book, 18 Mar 1800, p. 2; 1800-1801 Minute Book, 17 Jun 1800, p. 20; 1801 Minute Book, 17 Mar 1801, p. 4; 1801 Minute Book, 20 Aug 1801, p. 38; 1801 Minute Book, 19 Nov 1801, p. 59.
--Fairfax Co, VA Deed Book G2, 1805, p. 123-125 (Milcah Pearson deed to John T. Pearson of PA)
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--Loudoun Co, VA Chancery case M2891, index #1790-001, ~1784 - 1798, Library of Virginia online, p. 36 - 62, (Simon and Milkey Pearson, William & Susannah Starkes, Ezekiel & Elizabeth Hickman, and William Trammell vs executors of John Trammell II.)

Child of Milcah "Milky" Trammell and ENS Simon Pearson I


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Anne Amelia Markham1,2,3

F, ID# 7744, (1708 - 29 Jun 1796)
Father:COL John Markham (c 1675 - 1712)
Mother:Mary Sedgebrook (1682 - 1708)
Charts:Benjamin Tappan August lineage
     Anne Amelia Markham was born in 1708 at Fairfax, Fairfax Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of COL John Markham and Mary Sedgebrook. Anne Amelia Markham married Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I, son of CPT Simon Pearson and Hannah Alexander ??, c 1728 at Fairfax Co, Virginia. Anne Amelia Markham married COL Charles Broadwater II (Burgess), son of Charles Broadwater I and Elizabeth Simms / Semmes, b May 1746 at Fairfax Co, Virginia. Anne Amelia Markham died on 29 Jun 1796 at Vienna Woods, Fairfax Co, Virginia. She was buried at 'Springfield' Plantation, Vienna, Fairfax Co, Virginia.
      Anne Amelia Markham was well noted; "... her remarkable beauty, elegance and dignity gained for her great admiration, and she was often styled "Queen of Women." Arrayed in her long-trained gowns of velvet and satin with her dainty high-heeled slippers, seated in her chair of state, with a maid on either side waving peacock fans to cool the sultry air or put flight the daring fly, she would graciously receive her many friends and distinguished guests."

Anne was buried at the Broadwater Cemetery located at the corner of Tapawingo Road and Frederick Street Southwest, Vienna, VA.

------Melvin Lee Steadman, Falls Church: Fence and Fireside, Falls Church Library, 1964, p. 275.
--The West Family Bible.

Children of Anne Amelia Markham and Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I

Children of Anne Amelia Markham and COL Charles Broadwater II (Burgess)


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COL John Markham1,2

M, ID# 7745, (c 1675 - 1712)
Charts:Benjamin Tappan August lineage
     COL John Markham was born c 1675 at Alexandria, Westmoreland Co, Virginia. He married Mary Sedgebrook in 1702 at Alexandria, Westmoreland Co, Virginia. COL John Markham died in 1712 at Westmoreland Co, Virginia.
      Alexandria mechant Col John Marham was speculated to be a pirate. Jean Edward Smith in her book John Marshall: Definer of a Nation states in the notes, "Marshall family legend ... holds that Elizabeth Markham was the step-daughter of the famous pirate Blackbeard. According to the tale, when John Markham died in the early 1700s his young widow took up with and then married a dashing naval personage whom she subsequently learned was Blackbeard. The Markham children were purposefully sent away from the Alexandria homestead...."

Elizabeth Markham was the older sister of Ann Amelia Markham and married John "of the Forest" Marshall. Although John's widow may have married a pirate, Edward Teach who was known as Blackbeard reportedly had as many as fourteen wives, most of them common-law, but documentation is lacking.

Children of COL John Markham and Mary Sedgebrook


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Hannah Alexander ??1

F, ID# 7746, (a 1688 - )
Charts:Benjamin Tappan August lineage
     Hannah Alexander ?? was born a 1688. She married CPT Simon Pearson, son of Thomas Pearson and Sarah Alexander ??, c 1708.

Children of Hannah Alexander ?? and CPT Simon Pearson


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Hannah Frances Ball1,2,3,4

F, ID# 7747, (c 1683 - 27 Feb 1748)
Father:LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball (a 1662 - )
Mother:Elizabeth Romney (a 1660 - )
     Hannah Frances Ball was born c 1683. She was the daughter of LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball and Elizabeth Romney. Hannah Frances Ball married Raleigh Travers I a 1702. Hannah Frances Ball married CPT Simon Pearson, son of Thomas Pearson and Sarah Alexander ??, c 1725 at Lancaster Co, Virginia. Hannah Frances Ball died on 27 Feb 1748 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia. Her estate was probated on 13 Dec 1748 at Stafford Co, Virginia.
      Hannah Ball's 7 Mar 1745 will names her three children: Rawleigh Travers II, Eliz Cooke and Sarah Daniel; son-in-law Peter Daniel; and Cooke and Daniel grandchildren, thus Hannah Ball was not the mother of Simon Pearson's children. The death registration of a Hannah Pearson in the Overwharton Parish register is presumed to be hers.

Children of Hannah Frances Ball and Raleigh Travers I


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Raleigh Travers I1,2

M, ID# 7748, (a 1677 - )
     Raleigh Travers I was born a 1677. He married Hannah Frances Ball, daughter of LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball and Elizabeth Romney, a 1702.

Children of Raleigh Travers I and Hannah Frances Ball


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Augustine Washington

M, ID# 7749, (12 Nov 1694 - 12 Apr 1743)
     Augustine Washington was born on 12 Nov 1694. He married Mary Ball, daughter of LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball, in 1731. Augustine Washington died on 12 Apr 1743 at age 48.

Child of Augustine Washington and Mary Ball

Mary Ball

F, ID# 7750, (30 Nov 1708 - 16 Aug 1789)
Father:LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball (a 1662 - )
     Mary Ball was born on 30 Nov 1708. She was the daughter of LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball. Mary Ball married Augustine Washington in 1731. Mary Ball died on 16 Aug 1789 at age 80.

Child of Mary Ball and Augustine Washington

LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball1,2

M, ID# 7751, (a 1662 - )
     LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball was born a 1662. He married Elizabeth Romney a 1680.

Child of LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball and Elizabeth Romney

Child of LTC Joseph Matthaus Ball


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Thomas Pearson1,2,3,4

M, ID# 7753, (c 1660 - c 1707)
Father:Unknown Pearson (a 1632 - )
Charts:Benjamin Tappan August lineage
     Thomas Pearson was born c 1660. He was the son of Unknown Pearson. Thomas Pearson married Sarah Alexander ?? c 1680. Thomas Pearson married Unknown Peake, daughter of John Peake I, a 1687. Thomas Pearson died c 1707 at Stafford Co, Virginia.
      Our ancestor Thomas Pearson may have been the Thomas Pearson who married Sarah Alexander and/or Ms. Peake. No proof has been found of either marriage, however there is no evidence to support a different man named Thomas Pearson living in Stafford Co, VA who could have been the father of Capt Simon Pearson other than the Thomas who married Ms. Peake.

A Thomas Pearson of Stafford Co was the son-in-law of John Peake senior and Mary Peake in Stafford Co, VA. In 1689 Thomas Pearson sold land he had aquired from John Peake: KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I Tho: Pierson Stafford County in Virginia for ye sume of Six thousand five hundred pounds of Legall Tobacco in Caske have sold unto John Harper of the same place his heires all that parcell of lande & Plantacon in Occaquon Whereupon I now dwell & formerly given to mee & my heires by my Father in Law John Peake by vertue of a Deed of Gift given & granted unto said John Peake and granted by ye said John Peake to me & my heires for ever & will Warrant ye said Lande unto ye said John Harper for ever To Have and To Hold the saide lande with all benefitts thereunto belonginge as in ye said John Peakes Pattent expressed & in pformance of ye premises I have sett my hande & Seale this 18th day of December 1689 In presence of William Williams, Thomas Pierson, Martha Williams. [This Thomas Pearson may also possibly be related to Ensign Thomas Pearson of Bedford Co, VA because the ensign had connections to the Williams family.]

A 1692 record shows Thomas Pearson of Stafford Co, although the neighbor noted was John Peale, not John Peake: "...Therefore tis ordered that provided Capt. Martin Scarlet shall keep an able boat and hands to ferry and carry over man and horse over the Occoquan [River] Ferry for the ensueing year and to land persons at each side of the Creeke from and upon the landing where Thomas Pearson did formerly live and from and upon the landing where John Peale senior late deced did formerly live...."

At least four John Peakes were born in Stafford Co in 1629, est 1671, circa 1698 and before 1720, so there were multiple possibilies as to who the father-in-law John Peake was. Online opinions are split as to who John Peake senior (born 1629) married, but her first name was Mary and she possibly had multiple last names. Two unsourced online trees noted a Peake daughter (no given name) married a Thomas Pearson; another unsourced tree noted the wife of this Thomas Pearson in Stafford Co was Mary Peake. Of the thousands of online John Peake trees, hardly any included Mary as a daughter of John Peake of Stafford and none had Mary or her reported sister Rossanna marrying a Pearson. Furthermore, the Stafford Co man could have been Thomas' father or another Thomas or from a different Pearson family. Of note Fairfax Co was created in 1742 from Prince William Co which was created in 1731 predominantly from Stafford Co, so it is conceivable a person could live in Stafford Co and where he lived later become part of Fairfax Co. Clearly Pearson and Peake families were neighbors in Stafford Co.

Thomas Pearson was leasing land in 1696 in Virginia. Pearson’s Island, located in the Potomac River and now called Daingerfield Island, played an important role in property ownership of the Virginia elite. John Alexander purchased a part of the island in 1669 as part pf the John Alexander - Robert Howson patent and bequeathed a 6,000-acre patent to his son Robert Alexander who in turn leased the entire island to our ancestor Thomas Pearson III on 15 Feb 1696. [Note: this Robert Howson is different from his contemporary Robert Howson, Clerk of Northampton Co, VA Court in 1705 who was wedded to our ancestor Sarah Custis by 1710.] The southeastern part of the patent, willed to Robert Howson’s nephew Philip, became part of the new town of Alexandria, VA in 1749. To his son John, Robert Alexander left Pearson’s Island and the land south of Four Mile Run in northern Virgina. John Alexander married Thomas Pearson's granddaughter Susannah, George Washington’s cousin.

On 9 Nov 1706 Thomas received a patent for 600 acres on the south side of Four Mile Run in the Fairfax Co, VA. Thomas was party to a deed of 4,639 acres on 23 Dec 1706 on the south side of Great Hunting Creek in Fairfax Co granted to him with his cousin John West, Thomas Harrison and William Harrison. Thomas Pearson's sister Susanna married John West, so Thomas and John West were brothers-in-law. Subsequently on 10 Mar 1718 Thomas Harrison of this said deed sold Thomas Pearson's son Simon 289 acres out of Thomas Harrison's portion (not Thomas Pearson's portion) of this patent. The 289 acres descended through Thomas' son Simon to his granddaughter Margaret and became the focus of a Harrison family lawsuit in 1741. Note there were several marriages between Pearson women and Harrison men in Wisbech, England in an earlier era.

Note that Pearson families arriving in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia frequently used the names Thomas and Simon, as found in our family, throughout the generations. A generation or so earlier in 1636 a Thomas Pearson was noted as a headright by Richard Cocke of Henrico Co, VA who received 3,000 acres in Henrico Co on the main river adjacent to lands of John Price, then occupied by Robert Hollman, and Thomas Price for transporting 60 people to America on 6 Mar 1636 including Thomas Pearson; whether this Thomas Pearson was related to or is our ancestor Thomas Pearson born circa 1660 is unknown. However, it seems strange our Thomas, a man reportedly of the upper class, would not have paid his own transportation costs, so this is unlikely to be our ancestor.

The oft-repeated and published tradition in Pearson, Bland, Alexander and Chapman family research that our ancestor Thomas Pearson was the son of Thomas Pearson and Susanna Bland of the illustrious Bland family was conclusively proven incorrect by genealogist Glenn Pearson who by diligent research in English primary records found Thomas and Susanna's son Thomas' will and death record in England; neither this son Thomas nor his parents Thomas and Susanna ever left England, and there is no evidence Thomas' sister Susanna grew to maturity or ever came to America.

Glenn Pearson believes a potential connection exists between the Pearsons of Weibech, England and our Pearsons of Virginia and Maryland -- but definitely not as the direct line through Thomas Pearson and Susanna Bland, the connection described in the published Pearson family legends. Glenn did extensive Pearson family research in the primary birth, marriage and death records of St. Peter's Church in Wisbech and identified and transcribed a key set of Pearson wills from the same town. Through these records Glenn established a carefully documented Peirsons/Persons lineage from the 1550s in Wisbech, England past the time of our ancestor's immigration to America.

Glenn Pearson's research keyed on Thomas Pearson (1608-1670) who married Susannah Bland, and who many authors said immigrated to Virginia but actually lived and died in England. This Thomas was the only son of Thomas and Marian Pearson who survived to adulthood, and he became the sole executor for his mother in England. The four key Thomas Pearsons in Glenn's English research all remained in Wisbech past the point our immigrant Thomas Pearson was in Virginia: Thomas I (1608-1670) who married Susannah Bland; his son Thomas II (1637-1694) who married Anne and Mary and had a sister Susannah -- the last known so named in this Pearson line -- and died in England; his son Thomas III (1672-1731) who married Susanna; his son Thomas IV (1696-1729) whose only brother died at age 2 and who had children Anne, Jane and William 1717-1720 and then the Pearson surname in this line apparently ended. None of these namesake Thomas Pearsons from Wisbech immigrated to America. Thomas II lived most of his adult life in the next door county of Norfolk and Thomas III lived and died in Wisbech.

Furthermore, data on the origins of the Pearson family in the Bland Pedigree, Arlington Historical Magazine, William and Mary Quarterly, Virginia Heraldica, and Colonial Chesapeake Families: British Origins and Descendants was both duplicative and incorrect -- stating the first Pearson immigrant was Thomas Pearson who came from Wisbech, Isle of Ely in Cambridgeshire, England. That duplication led this researcher to believe there was only one source of information about the origins of the Pearson line and no primary documentation was available about this "well-to-do Thomas' and his sister Susannah Pearson's forebears." Thus, another of our lines was impacted by the hobby of aligning American families with known illustrious European families.

In fact, there were a large number of Pearson families with sons named Thomas living in Cambridgeshire, England with the heaviest concentration in the half of the county where Wisbech is located. Wisbech was the largest parish containing the Pearson families, thus it may be impossible to ascertain which if any of the English Pearson families we descend from. However, there is no direct connection between the Pearson-Bland line of Wisbech, oft-reported to be our ancestors, and our documented line which goes back to Thomas Pearson circa 1660-1707 in Virginia, whose known children were born beginning in 1683, and his reported sister Susannah of Stafford Co, VA. So although our progenitor Thomas Pearson may have come from Wisbech he was not a direct line descendant of the Pearson-Bland family.

Although purposefully not connected to our ancestor Thomas, as a place holder skeletal data is in this researcher's database for five generations of Pearsons from Wisbech in case a connection between the Virginia Pearsons and the Cambridgeshire Pearsons can be documented in the future; if the connection is made, Glenn Pearson's research will provide more complete English research.

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The following sources for the Pearson-Bland legend are repetitive and thus likely are based on each other, and therefore not considered independent sources:
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Children of Thomas Pearson and Sarah Alexander ??


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Sarah Alexander ??1,2

F, ID# 7754, (1667 - )
Charts:Benjamin Tappan August lineage
     Sarah Alexander ?? was born in 1667. She married Thomas Pearson, son of Unknown Pearson, c 1680.

Children of Sarah Alexander ?? and Thomas Pearson


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Priscilla Pearson1,2

F, ID# 7756, (c 1690 - 1758)
Father:Thomas Pearson (c 1660 - c 1707)
Mother:Sarah Alexander ?? (1667 - )
     Priscilla Pearson was born c 1690. She was the daughter of Thomas Pearson and Sarah Alexander ?? Priscilla Pearson married Gabriel Adams I c 1710. Priscilla Pearson died in 1758 at Fairfax Co, Virginia.


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Gabriel Adams I1,2

M, ID# 7757, (a 1685 - )
     Gabriel Adams I was born a 1685. He married Priscilla Pearson, daughter of Thomas Pearson and Sarah Alexander ??, c 1710. His estate was probated on 27 Dec 1750 at Fairfax Co, Virginia.
      Among the tracts of land Gabriel Adams I patented were two in the area of present day Fairfax Co, VA that mentioned his brother-in-law Simon Pearson, our ancestor:
--19 Sep 1730 Gabriel received 790 acres on Holmes Run and Four Mile Run adjacent the land of Simon Pearson and Stephen Gray; he sold this land in 1733 to the Mercers who later sold it in 1774 to George Washington.
--Gabriel joined Simon Pearson of Prince William Co, VA to receive a grant of 708 acres in Prince William Co adjacent James Robinson and Mr. Donnell on a branch of Four Mile Run that goes to Brandymore Castle, near Pimmit's Run and that of Capt Charles Broadwater.
--On 15 May 1735 Gabriel Adams of Prince William Co, VA, planter deeded to John Mercer of Co. of Stafford, Gent....for 40 lbs. current money....790 acres between branch of Holms's Run and branch of 4 Mile Run....corner tree of land of Capt. Simon Pearson....Witnesses: Robert (R) Bates, Abraham St.Clare, John Gregg.

Detailed sources:
--Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Book C, p. 74; Book D, p.40.
--June Whitehurst Johnson, Prince William Co, VA Deeds, Liber B; 1732-1735, p. 44-47 (Adams to Mercer deed).


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Margaret Pearson1,2

F, ID# 7758, (c 1734 - )
Father:Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I (c 1708 - Dec 1743)
Mother:Anne Amelia Markham (1708 - 29 Jun 1796)
     Margaret Pearson was born c 1734. She was the daughter of Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I and Anne Amelia Markham. Margaret Pearson married Allen Macrae on 2 Dec 1756.


  1. [S465] Wesley E. Pippenger and introduction by T. Michael Miller, John Alexander.
  2. [S502] Sidney Culbertson, Hunter Family.

Allen Macrae1

M, ID# 7759, (a 1731 - )
     Allen Macrae was born a 1731. He married Margaret Pearson, daughter of Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I and Anne Amelia Markham, on 2 Dec 1756.
      Allen Macrae was a Scottish merchant of "Orange Grove" and/or "Orangefield" in Prince William Co, VA.


  1. [S465] Wesley E. Pippenger and introduction by T. Michael Miller, John Alexander.

Elizabeth Pearson1

F, ID# 7760, (a 1736 - )
Father:Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I (c 1708 - Dec 1743)
Mother:Anne Amelia Markham (1708 - 29 Jun 1796)
     Elizabeth Pearson was born a 1736 at Fairfax Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I and Anne Amelia Markham. Elizabeth Pearson married Thomas Kidwell a 1756.


  1. [S502] Sidney Culbertson, Hunter Family.

Thomas Kidwell1

M, ID# 7761, (a 1731 - )
     Thomas Kidwell was born a 1731. He married Elizabeth Pearson, daughter of Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I and Anne Amelia Markham, a 1756.


  1. [S465] Wesley E. Pippenger and introduction by T. Michael Miller, John Alexander.

Thomas Pearson II1

M, ID# 7762, (c 1740 - a 1797)
Father:Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I (c 1708 - Dec 1743)
Mother:Anne Amelia Markham (1708 - 29 Jun 1796)
     Thomas Pearson II was born c 1740. He was the son of Dr / Capt Thomas Pearson I and Anne Amelia Markham. Thomas Pearson II married Ann (Unknown) a 1765. Thomas Pearson II died a 1797.
      Thomas Pearson married Ann, lived close to his brother Simon Pearson, and remained in Fairfax Co, VA during his lifetime or at least through 25 Aug 1797 after which he could have moved to Kentucky.

Thomas did not serve in the military during the Revolutionary War as either Lt Thomas Pearson or as one of the Thomas Pearsons who served as privates. Thomas was clearly not the Private Thomas Pearson who moved to Bedford Co, VA and whose descendants are well documented; and there was no indication our Thomas received Lt Thomas Pearson's life-altering, severe war wounds, married a Nancy, or moved to military bounty land Lt Pearson received in Kentucky. Further discussion of these three military veterans is provided at the end of this biography.

Thomas Pearson was a common name in Fairfax Co, VA with at least three men using that name in 1787 and likely namesake sons living in that county as well. Given the number of Thomas Pearsons in Fairfax Co and the uncertainty as to whether our ancestor Thomas born ~1740 remained in the county throughout his entire life it is impossible at this point to definitively apportion the Fairfax Co court actions associated with the Thomas Pearsons to our Thomas unless the noted court action was also linked to his brother Simon.

A Thomas Pearson was recorded in 1770, 1772 and 1774 in Fairfax Co, VA rent rolls; rent rolls were lists of landowners (sometimes tenants), the number of acres they owned and the "quit rent" or real estate tax due on the land. The Fairfax Co personal property tax lists from 1782 to 1850 should count all adult white males living in the county, although sometimes only the father is listed even though he pays the tax for several grown sons still living with him. The number below represents the number of separate listings for Thomas Pearsons, not how many tithables each man was charged with.
1783 - 1 Thomas (Thomas would have been age ~43);
1784 - 1 Thomas;
1785 - 1 Thomas;
1786 - 2 Thomas; (Thomas would have been age ~46; 2nd Thomas could have been Thomas' son if he had a namesake son; this is possibly the first year which Thomas Pearson was in court is unclear)
1787 - 3 Thomas, one is marked "Jr";
1788 - 2 Thomas, one is marked "Jr";
1789 - 2 Thomas, one is marked "Jr";
1790 - 1 Thomas who is marked "Jr";
1791 - 1 Thomas who is marked "Jr";
1792 - 1 Thomas who is marked "Jr";
1793 - 1 Thomas

After a big gap the next Thomas listed in the personal property tax list is in 1845. With only one Thomas Pearson included for 1783 - 1785, when a Thomas was in court records for those years it was likely Simon's brother. However in 1786 through 1789 there were two Thomas Pearsons on the tax lists and thus it cannot be presumed that a court record applies to Simon's brother unless both Simon and Thomas are on the record. Note that none of the court actions refer to a Thomas Pearson junior.

In 1754 a Thomas Pearson served as a private in Col George Washington's Virginia Regiment -- at the beginning of the French and Indian War. This Thomas Pearson acquired a nickname as a result of his service, "Fighting Tom Pearson, the Indian Fighter." Our ancestor would have only been about age 14 and thus would have been too young to serve or to have achieved a military reputation. In Virginia’s Colonial Soldiers by Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck which lists colonial soldiers with their age at enlistment most men were between the ages of 21 and 40; although there were a few 16 and 17 year olds, 18 to 20 year olds were more common. According to the same book, a James Leatherland was mentioned in a 21 Jan 1755 Fairfax County court order or minute book; he was “drafted underage and discharged” as “an infant under the age of fifteen years.” He was discharged due to his “being under the age required by law,” which suggests men had to be at least 15.

Our Thomas' brother gave him 500 acres in Fairfax Co east of present-day Leesburg Pike in 1759 so he could better support himself, and our Thomas was of the gentry class, so he would not likely have felt the need to learn a trade. At the time of the gift, Thomas was apparently underage and Simon had just achieved his age of majority.

A Thomas Pearson apprenticed on 21 Feb 1760 to Thomas Fleming in Fairfax Co, VA was unlikely our ancestor but may be the Thomas Pearson later noted as being a shipwright.

In 1761 or a little earlier our Thomas (born ~1740) would have achieved the age of majority.

On 21 July 1763 it was "ordered that the Sheriff with the Power of the County take Thomas Pearson, Thomas Kirby & Joshua Key & bring them before the Court to answer the complaint of William James, Constable, for refusing to be taken by him by virtue of a warrant under the hand of William Ramsay, Gent, for a breach of the peace." This man is unidentified.

In the 22 Feb 1764 suit of Seale vs Johnson, a Thomas Pearson was security for the defendant was to pay the judgment of £1.16.3.

In 1757 Loudoun Co, VA was created from Fairfax Co, and in 1768 an indentified Thomas Pearson was noted on the Loudoun Co Tax List.

On 21 Mar 1769 our ancestor Thomas Pearson witnessed an account and receipt between his brother Simon Pearson and their step-father and former guardian Charles Broadwater. The same day Thomas religuished all claim and demands he had against his stepfather Charles Broadwater as his former guardian.

On 20 Jun 1765 an unidentified Thomas Pearson a shipwright who was planning to "leave the colony" in 1765 was ordered deposed in the case of Pearson vs Sebastian.

On 20 Jun 1765 in the case of Pearson vs Sebastian [likely a continuation of the suit of Simon Pearson vs Benjamin Sebastian senior] the court agreed to a deposition being taken from an unidentified "Thomas Pearson shipwright [shipbuilder] who is going to leave the Colony." This may be the man apprenticed to Thomas Fleming. This Thomas Pearson, however, may have had a family relationship with Simon.

On 21-22 Mar 1770 a Thomas Pearson served on juries in the trials of Woodrow & Neilson vs Tyler Waugh, Cochran & Co vs John Posey, and Bryan Fairfax, gentleman, vs Philip Mason.

On Sep 1770 a Thomas Pearson acknowledged a bond for Philip Grimes to be appointed by the court as guardian for three minor Grimes children.

In 1773 a Thomas Pearson leased land to William Darne and in 1785 provided a mortgage to Thomas Darne. Our Thomas' nephew John almost sold land to Thomas Darne circa 1793, but that is much later so there may be no relationship.

On 18 May 1784, 16 May 1785, 19 Mar 1787 and 21 Aug 1787 a Thomas Pearson served on the Fairfax Co grand jury.

On 26 Nov 1785 Simon acknowledged a particular land tract belonged to his mistress Peletiah Graffort and their son John Pearson, and for 5 pounds Virginia currency Simon signed a quit claim to the land which was witnessed by Charles Little, Ja. Keith and Tho. Pearson, most likely his brother Thomas. Thus his brother Thomas was still living in Fairfax Co in 1785.

On 18 May 1786 the court suits of Sarah Gordon vs Simon Pearson and Francis Gordon vs Thomas Pearson for assault and battery were discontinued. These were our two sibling ancestors.

On the 1789 Fairfax Co tax list there are two Thomas Pearsons: one who was likely our ancestor with four blacks above age 16 and two blacks above age 12 and four horses; the other Thomas is noted as junior and owning one horse. This researcher believes our ancestor Thomas may have had a son named Thomas but has not found a record of any children. On the personal property taxes records from 1790 - 1792 only one Thomas was listed and he was noted as Thomas junior.

In 1789 Thomas Pearson and his wife Ann, and his brother Simon Pearson all of Fairfax Co, sold George Minor for 710 pounds Virginia money a Fairfax Co tract of land on Four Mile Run bounded by [the land of] Pearson and Gunnell on the west side of Four Mile Run and extending to a branch of Pimmits Run, containing 652 acres. Note that Thomas was still living in Fairfax Co which differentiates him from other Thomas Pearsons. This land was originally acquired under a 4 Mar 1730 patent from the Proprietors Office originally granted to James Going and Capt Simon Pearson, who was the grandfather of Thomas and Simon. Capt Simon Pearson bequeathed the land to his son Thomas, from whom his son Simon became heir at law. Thus this was the 500 acres or a portion of it that Thomas' brother Simon gave him in 1759. The witnesses to the 1789 deed were Charles Broadwater [Simon's and Thomas' stepfather], Charles Little and John West. In 1807 the Fairfax Co court ordered Pearson's Tract to be surveyed and divided between Thomas West and Charles Little, the executor of John West – apparently two of the witnesses on the 1789 deed to George Minor. Although this was a defining moment because Thomas did not own other land, they could have then leased land.

In 1790 two Thomas Pearsons were listed on the Fairfax Co federal census, one with four whites living in his home and the other Thomas with three whites living in his home and one outbuilding; the latter Thomas is likely our ancestor because the man was living by John and Henry Darne, William Gunnell and Samuel Adams, all last names linking to the Pearson family in land deeds and leases; Gunnell repeatedly leased land from our ancestor Thomas' brother Simon.

On 19 Nov 1790 Hepburn and Dendas vs Thomas Pearson, likely our ancestor, for debt was agreed. The next day John Wise with his lawyer Ludwell Lee came to court against Robert Powell and Thomas Pearson, who failed to appear, for debt; plaintiff was to recover against the defendants, and George Minor their common bail, £270.17.10 and also his costs, but this judgment (costs excepted) was ordered discharged by the payment of £135.8.10 current specie of Virginia with legal interest from 31 Mar 1786 until the same is fully paid with credit for £80.4.10 paid 8 Sep 1788 and also for £4.1.3. The court interaction with Minor and West 1797 (suit below) indicate this was our ancestor.

The 18 Jul 1791 Fairfax Co tithables list on the road from Sangsters Shop on the Ox Road to the White Oak Harbor included Edwd Pearson and on the road from Marle's to the Turnpike road leading to Leesburgh included Tho Pearson.

In 1795 our ancestor Thomas was in Fairfax Co court and in 1797 he undertook legal action in Fairfax Co, VA as his brother's heir to try to recoup land his brother Simon had sold George Washington in 1763. The way in which our Thomas went about this process was repugnant to some in the upper class.

On 21 Jun 1797 in Hepburn and Dundas vs Moss in anticipation of future need at defendant Moss' request, Thomas Pearson, likely our ancestor, was to be deposed. On 18 July 1797 the suit of Hepburn et al vs Pearson was decided with an award of £4.7.10. Apparently Thomas did not pay because on 23 and 24 Mar 1798 Hepburn and Dundas were again in court against Pearson with Roger West [possibly our ancestor Thomas' cousin] providing bail and payment was awarded. On 19 Jun 1799 Hepburn and Dundas continued suing Thomas for debt; Thomas agreed with the suit and the court awarded sixty one pounds five shillings and ten pence and their costs, but the court decided thirty pounds, twelve shillings and ten pence Virginia Currency in gold or silver with interest thereon from 25 Dec 1797 until paid and costs would discharge the debt. Further the court ordered Moss to pay Thomas Pearson for attending court for 4 days on 25 Aug 1797. Again, this is presumed to be our ancestor because of the connection to Minor and West. This is the last time our ancestor was known to be shown in Fairfax Co court records.

By 1799 Thomas may have moved to Kentucky, serving to further confuse him with Lt Thomas Pearson of that state. On 18 Jun 1799 in the case of Charles L [Lewis] Broadwater [Thomas' stepbrother] vs William Gunnell the Fairfax Co court ordered any three of Robert K. Moore, Stephen Ormsby, Peter Ormsby, Isaac Finly or Thomas Pratter in Jefferson Co, KY to take the depositions of Benjamin Sebatian, Henry Hurst and Thomas Pearson of said State and also dedimus directed to any three of Walter D. Addison, Overton Carr, Nicholas Lingan or William Lyles of Prince George Co, MD to depose Jane Anderson of Maryland. This may be Lt Thomas Pearson who received military bounty land in present-day Kentucky. So if this was our ancestor Thomas living in Kentucky, he left Fairfax Co between 25 Aug 1797 and 18 Jun 1799 after the likely unsuccessful attempt to reclaim lands his brother Simon had sold in that county; there is also a possibility this Thomas Pearson living in Kentucky was one of the many other Thomas Pearsons.

These two court documents from the Hepburn suit in Fairfax Co and the deposition request to Jefferson Co, KY prove that on 18-19 Jun 1799 one Thomas Pearson was in Fairfax Co, VA and one Thomas Pearsonwas in Kentucky. A Thomas Pearson was listed in Jefferson Co, KY on 30 Aug 1800 on a compiled state tax list; listed as well in Jefferson Co were Issac Pearson and Joseph Pearson. Our ancestor Thomas may be the Pearson still living in Fairfax Co based on the above analysis.

The following section provides more data about the Thomas Pearsons who were NOT our ancestor; it is provided to ensure no confusion between our ancestor and the many so-named men. All three of the following Thomas Pearsons apparently served in the Revolutionary War under Col Abraham Buford.

Ensign Thomas Pearson was likely born in England ~1751 to a Thomas Pearson; immigrated to Maryland from England in 1774; married Elizabeth Palmer -- who may have been a widow -- in Loudoun Co, VA in 1783; moved to Bedford Co, VA; was an ensign in the artillery captured at Charleston, SC during the Revolutionary War; had children Thomas, John, Sarah/Sally, Abel, Rutha Elizabeth, George, Benjamin Allen, David and Palmer Pearson; received 100 acres for him military bounty land on Beaverdam Creek; and later moved to Franklin Co, VA where he died in 1835.

Lt Thomas Pearson started as an ensign in 1777 and completed service as a 1st lieutenant. He was badly disfigured and disabled by severe sword injuries received at the Battle of Waxhaws in South Carolina. He was given a land voucher and then a 1333 acre land warrant near Deer Creek a branch of the Green River in present-day Kentucky. "Beverly Randolph Esquire Gov of the Commonwealth of VA. To all to whom these presents shall come greeting know ye that by virtue and in consideration of part of a military warrant number 904, issued 1783, there is granted by the said Commonwealth unto Thos Pearson a certain tract or parcel of land containing 1333 1/3a by survey bearing date the May 6, 1785, lying and being in the district set apart for the officers and soldiers of the VA Continental Service on the waters of Deer Creek, a branch of Green River and bounded as followeth...." This Lt Thomas Pearson who married Nancy (Officers of Continental Army by L. B. Heitman, pg 432) was promoted to 2nd Lt in 1777; 1st Lt in 1778; was in a regiment redesignated the 6th Virginia in 1778; was a prisoner at Charleston in 1780-1783; and was a prisoner on parole at the close of the war. The land awarded between 1779 and 1792 to military officers from Virginia for their service was in a district west of the Allegeny Mountains and south of the Green River that was included in Kentucky when that state was created in 1792. Lt Pearson was living in Jefferson Co, KY when he his pension began on 1 Jan 1803. His pension file does not mention any family. He received additional pension benefits on 28 Jul 1806 and again on 14 Apr 1816; he was "deranged" at the time a final mustering out payment was made in 1786 and died 10 Jul 1826, the death date previously incorrectly attributed to our ancestor John Pearson.

A third Thomas Pearson born in England in 1741 and enlisted in Pennsylvania for his first and second tours; he enlisted for his third tour in Rockingham Co, VA and served unded Col Buford, as did the LT Pearson above. After the war he lived in Virginia, on the Flint River in Tennessee, on the Stone River in Maryland and in Fountain Co, IN where he applied for a pension on 12 Sep 1833.

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--Military warrant number 904, issued 20 Jun 1783, surveyed 6 May 1785, transcribed by Rebecca Dyer,
(1333 acres in present-day WV granted by Virginia to Lieutenant Thomas Pearson)
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--Fairfax Co, VA 1783-1788 Order Book, 18 May 1786, p. 83 (Sarah Gordon vs Simon Pearson) and (Francis Gordon vs Simon Pearson)
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Constantia Pearson1,2

F, ID# 7763, (c 1714 - b 29 May 1788)
Father:CPT Simon Pearson (c 1688 - 1733)
Mother:Hannah Alexander ?? (a 1688 - )
     Constantia Pearson was born c 1714 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of CPT Simon Pearson and Hannah Alexander ?? Constantia Pearson married Nathaniel Chapman c 1732. Constantia Pearson died b 29 May 1788 at Maryland. She was buried at 'Summer Hill' Plantation, Fairfax Co, Virginia. Her estate was probated on 21 Feb 1791 at Fairfax Co, Virginia. Her estate was probated on 17 Apr 1798 at Fairfax Co, Virginia.
      Constantia "Constant" Pearson of Charles Co, MD on 13 May 1769 obtained a warrant for two tracts of land as lapsed on Dark Run in Robinson Fork in Culpeper Co, VA granted by the Crown to John Bruce 19 Jun and 1 Aug 1735 for 400 acres each. The grant to Bruce lapsed for non-payment of quit rents and Henry Field Jr, a tax collector, reentered the tracts as available land on 29 Sep 1767. The land was resurveyed by Richard Young showing a new total of 865 acres (65 acres surplus). A caveat was entered against Constantia by William Booten on behalf of himself and Margaret Bruce and John Bruce son of John Bruce apparently in 1772, however the dispute was determined in favor of Constantia on 27 Nov 1772.

John Harper sold 150 acres to Thomas Pearson, whose sister Constantia married Nathaniel Chapman; by 1741 Chapman owned the tract, although there is no known record of a deed. The Chapman plantation home above Four Mile Run was called Summer Hill.

Constantia and Nathaniel's children:
Elizabeth Chapman b: 13 Jun 1733 in Stafford Co, VA
Amelia Chapman b: 14 Jul 1735 in Charles Co, MD
Nathaniel Chapman b: 15 Dec 1740 in Charles Co, MD
Louisa Chapman b: 29 Jun 1743 in Charles Co, MD
Pearson Chapman b: 24 Jun 1745 in Charles Co, MD
George Chapman b: 17 Jul 1749 in Charles Co, MD

On 22 Nov 1787 Constantia sued the executors of the estate of Gerrard Alexander for £2.12.6 current money, 2,370 pounds tobacco and 50 shillings that were due to her deceased husband and won.

Constantia Pearson was a woman of several wills and multiple probates. She made a will on 2 Nov 1768: I, Constant Chapman of Charles County, in the province of Maryland, widow and relict of Nathaniel Chapman, Gentleman, etc. do make this my last will and testament. Etc. etc. I direct my said Executors to build a vault fronting the creek in the square of the garden, opposite to the graves on the old plantation at Four Mile Creek in Fairfax County, Virginia, where I formerly lived, in which vault I desire my body to be deposited, and also the bodys of my children, my son in law Dr. John Hunter, deceased, and such other of my relatives as there are buried, and as to the remains of Mr. Chapman, my late husbands father, (who lies buried in the same place)....I direct my Executors to erect a tombstone over my late husband, who lies buried in Baltimore County in Maryland, inscribed with his age and the time of his my daughter Elizabeth Hunter the sum of One hundred pounds, current money of Virginia in trust to be laid out in the education of her two riding chairs or chaises with all the harness and everything else thereunto belonging, and my two chair horses, the one being a Roan and the other a Dun horse; also four calves or yearlings and four cows and three heads of cattle, also one killable beef and 10 fatted Hogs to be delivered to her by my Executors next Fall or Winter after my decease. ... three grandchildren, Viz. Nathaniel Chapman Weems, Jas. William Locke Weems and Sarah Louisa Weems the sum of Five Guineas, to be laid out for them in silver plate, as their mother shall think proper, the said plate to be engraved with the arms of the Chapman and Pearson Familys. ...To my eldest son Pearson Chapman a mourning ring the value of one Guinea and no more, he having inherited the greatest part of his father's estate. ... my friend Mrs. Anne Mason, a mourning ring, to be set around with Diamond Sparks..... [Mrs. Hagan stops with the transcription here with the comment that the remainder of the Will is already in the writer's possession.... She then adds some interesting comments which she attributes to Miss Hunter. "Thirty years from the signing of this will, and after the decease of all the witnesses, on 17 Apr 1798 the will was probated. Mrs. Elizabeth Chapman lived to her 83rd year. (Does she not mean Mrs. Constantia Chapman? This would make her birth year 1708 her first Will having been probated in 1791; which birth year varies from the 1714 given in William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 10, p. 64, quoted herein under the Pearson Family and seemingly coming from Miss Hunter.) The grandchildren whose education was to have been helped on by the 100 had their children nearly grown. The chaises must have been worm eaten, and the Roan and Dun had long been dry bones. Mrs. Mason had passed to her rest without the Diamond Sparks, and the life of the old lady had lapsed into dotage. The vault was never built and her grave with those of her kindred has long faded from memory."]

Having above given the first part of the will of 2 Nov 1768, here is the fragment from the records which constitutes the final portion as well as the entire Will of 1774: ...and Common Wearing Apparel as my two Daughters shall think proper. my son George Chapman and his Heirs forever one Negro man Slave named Bob which I held jointly with my son Nathaniel Chapman deceased, Which upon his Death fell to me; also a Negro Woman slave Named Nanny, wife of the said Bob, which I purchased of Doc John Hunter deceased. ...the following Silver plate which is my own private property and not Properly a part of my late Husbands Estate viz. a Shagreen Tea Chest with Silver Cannisters, Sugar Dish and teaspoons, a Silver Tea Pot and Stand, and a Silver Cream pot. my said son George Chapman and to his Heirs forever all the rest and remainder of my Estate both real and personal and of what Nature Soever Together with all I am or may be Intitled to from my late Husbands Estate. Executor son George Chapman. Witnesses: George Mason -- Anne Mason-- Elisabeth X Middleton George Mason Jr.-- Benj. Ward.-- Sarah Ward. At a Court Continued and held for Fairfax County the 17th day of April 1798. This Last Will and Testament of Constant Chapman dec'd was Presented by George Chapman the Executor therein named and Amelia Terrett and George Chapman Jun'r. being sworn and examined respecting their Knowledge of the said will, depose that the name Constant Chapman Signed thereto, they believe to be in the true handwriting of the said Constant Chapman deceased and Thomas Mason also being sworn deposes that Name of George Mason Signed as a witness to the said will he believes to be the true handwriting of the said George Mason who is now deceased & all the witnesses to the said will being dead, the same is on the motion of the said George Chapman admitted to Record. Teste, P. Wagener Clk. Recorded in Liber G. No. 1. page ..... and Examined, Page 177

Contantia's will of 18 Sep 1774: ...Constant Chapman of Charles County in the Province of Maryland Widow and relict of Nathaniel Chapman deceased... my dear son George Chapman ... the following slaves with their present and future increase: Billy, James Joe, Tom Wood, George, Daphne and her two children and Pender all in Maryland; also Bob and Nanny his wife at a plantation called the Pignut Quarter in the County of Fauquier in the colony of Virginia ... and also all my estate ... whatsoever except the two following legacies which I hereby give and order to be paid out of my estate To wit fifteen guineas to my grandson John Weems to be laid out in plate as his mother shall direct and also one gold ring of the price of one guinea and to Sally Harrison, daughter of Robert Hanson Harrison of Alexandria. ...son George Chapman sole Executor. Witnesses: Thos. Fleming, Robt. H. Harrison, Rd. Harrison, W. Henry Terrett. At a Court held for the County of Fairfax 21st Feby. 1791 this will was presented in Court by George Chapman and the same being proved by the oath of Richard Harrison and Wm. Henry Terrett is admitted to record.

Detailed sources:
--Constantia and Nathaniel Chapman's children:
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Nathaniel Chapman1

M, ID# 7764, (27 Sep 1709 - 1760)
     Nathaniel Chapman was born on 27 Sep 1709. He married Constantia Pearson, daughter of CPT Simon Pearson and Hannah Alexander ??, c 1732. Nathaniel Chapman died in 1760 at Baltimore Co, Maryland.


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Susanna Pearson1,2,3

F, ID# 7765, (29 Dec 1717 - 6 Oct 1788)
Father:CPT Simon Pearson (c 1688 - 1733)
Mother:Hannah Alexander ?? (a 1688 - )
     Susanna Pearson was born on 29 Dec 1717 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of CPT Simon Pearson and Hannah Alexander ?? Susanna Pearson married John Alexander on 11 Dec 1734. Susanna Pearson died on 6 Oct 1788 at age 70.
      Susannah Pearson married her cousin John Alexander. The couple lived in both Stafford and Fairfax Co, VA and built a mansion called Preston across Four Mile Run from her sister's Summer Hill property.

John deeded to his son Charles two tracts of land devised to his wife Susannah by her father Capt Simon Pearson, a moiety of a tract lying not far from the falls warehouse taken up by his father Robert Alexander (800 acres adjacent to Rev. Scott) and all the land that "I hold between Mr. Baldwin Dade Sr and the tract of John Alexander's that adjoins town of Alexandria." In return Charles was to relinquish right to money from sale of lots in Alexandria.

Detailed sources:
--Fairfax Co, VA Deeds E:312, 6 June 1763
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John Alexander1

M, ID# 7766, (a 1709 - )
     John Alexander was born a 1709. He married Susanna Pearson, daughter of CPT Simon Pearson and Hannah Alexander ??, on 11 Dec 1734.


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Margaret Pearson1,2,3,4,5

F, ID# 7767, (5 Mar 1720 - )
Father:CPT Simon Pearson (c 1688 - 1733)
Mother:Hannah Alexander ?? (a 1688 - )
     Margaret Pearson was born on 5 Mar 1720 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of CPT Simon Pearson and Hannah Alexander ?? Margaret Pearson married William Henry Terrett I on 27 Jan 1735. Margaret Pearson married COL John West III (Burgess), son of MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co) and Elizabeth Simms / Semmes, c 1758. Her estate was probated on 16 Jan 1798.
      Margaret Pearson married lawyer William Terrett when she was age 14, extremely young for her time. Margaret inherited 289 acres from her father Simon which had been a portion of a 4,639 acre tract to which her grandfather was party in receiving the grant in 1706. An adjoining landowner, William Harrison, sued Margaret and her husband William Henry Terrett of Prince William Co, VA on 27 Jun 1741 stating Margaret's 289 acres encroached on his land. Margaret won the suit in a 12 Nov 1740 arbitration decision.

Margaret's 2 Dec 1796 will provides: "... to my eldest Son, William Henry Terrett, my dwelling plantation with about 250 acres of land and all other lands to which I am in any manner entitiled except Summer's Tract ... also the following slaves Tom and Janney, Son and daughter of old Cate, James, Bet, Phillis, Nan and all her children, old Oder, George, Cate, Milla and all her children, also Ben ... one featherbed and furniture standing in the room adjoining the dining room, all which I give to him ... upon this express condition, that he convey his title to the lands called Summer's and also his title to the slaves to his brother Nathaniel, but if he refuses he is not to inherit the land or the slaves ... to my daughter Constant Washington the following negroes: Cate daughter of old Cate, Charles, young Bet and her children ... to my grand children, the children of my late daughter, Margaret Weems, to James Weems junior, negro Sam; to Nathaniel Terrett Weems, negro Nat; to Amelia Holliday, negro Sina; and to Margaret Mahl, negro Janney ... to my daughter Susannah Mariah Dianna Terrett, the following negroes: James, Jack and Conney and her children, also one feather bed and furniture ... if my son, Roger West, shall pay or secure the payment of the sum of 20 pounds annually to Susannah Mariah Dianna Terrett then I give and bequeath the aforesaid negroes ... to Roger West ... to my son Roger West the tract of land called Summer's containing about 250 acres, also the following negroes: Peter, young Odo, Sambo and Judah; also two feather beds and furniture, one Case and Bottles, and one Case of Drawers and two of the best horses at the Quarter at that time, upon the following condition: he is to ... pay 100 pounds as follows: to Constant Washington, 25 pounds; to James Weems junior, six pounds five shillings; to Nathaniel Terrett Weems, six pounds five shillings; to Amelia Holliday, six pounds five shillings; to Margaret Mahal, six pounds five shillings; to Anna Powell, 25 pounds; to Margaret Harper, my granddaughter 25 pounds, and further my desire is that my son Roger West, may have the ... crop growing on the plantation. I give him at the time of my death to help pay the legacies above mentioned and this my devise of the land and plantation called Summer's. [Note: this is confusing because Summers was apparently already devised to Nathaniel.] ... to my daughter Anna Powell, Negro Suckey and her Children... my desk and cupboard. ... to my grand daughter, Margaret Harper, the following Negroes to wit. Sall and all her children ... residue of my Estate ... be sold" and the money was to be apportioned between a donation to charity and to her son Roger West to fund the legacies. "... my son William Henry Terrett take the care and management of his sister Susannah Mariah Dianna Terrett into his hands ... if she chooses to live with her sister Anna Powell, then my will is, that Mr. Robert Powell have the care and management of her ... old Peg, be supported by my son Roger West at the plantation I gave him as long as she lives ... my son, William Henry Terrett, have and
enjoy all the lands which may be affected by the residuary clause in his fathers will and that his sisters respectively release their rights to him ... my sons William Henry Terrett and Roger West Executors. Witnesses: John Moss, John Moss junior, John X Thompson.

Detailed sources:
--Fairfax County, VA Will Book G, p. 329, 16 Jan 1798 (Margaret Pearson will.)


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William Henry Terrett I1,2

M, ID# 7768, (19 Apr 1707 - 1758)
     William Henry Terrett I was born on 19 Apr 1707 at England. He married Margaret Pearson, daughter of CPT Simon Pearson and Hannah Alexander ??, on 27 Jan 1735. William Henry Terrett I died in 1758 at Virginia.


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COL John West III (Burgess)1,2,3,4

M, ID# 7769, (c 1713 - )
Father:MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co) (c 1657 - 1715/16)
Mother:Elizabeth Simms / Semmes (c 1680 - )
     COL John West III (Burgess) was born c 1713 at Stafford Co, Virginia. He was the son of MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co) and Elizabeth Simms / Semmes. COL John West III (Burgess) married Mary (Unknown) a 1740. COL John West III (Burgess) married Margaret Pearson, daughter of CPT Simon Pearson and Hannah Alexander ??, c 1758. His estate was probated on 18 Aug 1777 at Bush Hill, Fairfax Co, Virginia.
      Col John West lived at West Grove Plantation and was a member of the Virginia House of Burgess from 1755 until 1774.


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MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co)1,2,3,4

M, ID# 7770, (c 1657 - 1715/16)
Father:CPT John West I (Northumberland) (a 1632 - 1698)
     MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co) was born c 1657. He was the son of CPT John West I (Northumberland). MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co) married Susannah (Sarah) Pearson, daughter of Unknown Pearson, a 1679. MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co) married Elizabeth Simms / Semmes c 1710 at Fairfax Co, Virginia. MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co) died in 1715/16. His estate was probated in 1717 at Virginia.
      Major John West married Susanna Pearson, sister of our ancestor Thomas Pearson. John established his home at West Grove Plantation on Great Hunting Creek in then-Stafford Co, VA; this land was earlier
granted to John Matthews and later acquired from John
Waugh just south of Great Hunting Creek.

John West and his brother-in-law Thomas Pearson -- who was also styled as his cousin -- were party to a deed of 4,639 acres on 23 Dec 1706 on the south side of Great Hunting Creek granted to them with Thomas Harrison and William Harrison. Whether John West and Thomas Pearson were technically also cousins is unclear. Subsequently Thomas Harrison and Capt. Simon Pearson (~1688-1733), our direct line ancestor and the nephew of John's deceased wife Susanna Pearson, were executors in his will proved in 1717.

The Wests lived in "a frontier society where land meant wealth and power, and those who assembled landholdings could build significant family fortunes.... Major John West, took the first step in acquiring land by purchasing over 2,000 acres of some of the best land in the region. West descendants also married into families with considerable landholdings, such as the Pearson, Harrison, Owsley, Harris and Broadwater families." (Hugh West Family by Jim Bish.)

Children of MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co) and Susannah (Sarah) Pearson

Child of MAJ John West II (the elder of Stafford Co) and Elizabeth Simms / Semmes


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