Simeon Combs1

M, ID# 8731, (1785 - )
Father:Mason Combs II (21 Feb 1747 - b May 1808)
Mother:Dorothy Mason ? (1750 - 1818)
     Simeon Combs was born in 1785. He was the son of Mason Combs II and Dorothy Mason ?


  1. [S495] Johnson Family Records.

Jermiah "Jerry" Combs1

M, ID# 8732, (1788 - )
Father:Mason Combs II (21 Feb 1747 - b May 1808)
Mother:Dorothy Mason ? (1750 - 1818)
     Jermiah "Jerry" Combs was born in 1788 at Russell Co ?, Virginia. He was the son of Mason Combs II and Dorothy Mason ?


  1. [S495] Johnson Family Records.

Mason Combs I1

M, ID# 8733, (22 Feb 1713 - b 8 Aug 1785)
Father:John Combs I (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Mother:Hannah Mason (30 May 1680 - )
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     Mason Combs I was born on 22 Feb 1713 at Putmans End Run, Caroline Co, Virginia. He was the son of John Combs I and Hannah Mason. Mason Combs I married Sarah (Unknown) a 1737. Mason Combs I died b 8 Aug 1785 at Surry Co, North Carolina.
      Mason Combs senior's birthplace is difficult to pinpoint because county boundaries were continually being realigned. He was reportedly also born in Richmond Co, VA.

Mason had difficulty taking possession of his inheritance from his father. John Anderson, the co-executor of Mason's father's estate, died in 1721 in King George Co, VA (a descendant county of Richmond Co), leaving a will in which he named his "brother in law" William Brown his executor, and stated, "My Will and Desire is that whatsoever I am justly indebted to Mason Combs be paid unto him." For reasons unknown, William Brown failed to comply with John Anderson's directive, and as a result Mason filed suit against Brown to recover his share of his father's estate in Westmoreland Co, VA on 31 May 1733. In the suit in Chancery between Mason Combs, an infant, by Edward Barradall his Next Friend Compt, and John [sic] Brown executor of John Anderson decd Respondt ... the sd Respondt is ordered to give in their answer to the sd Complts bill at next Court or be … five Shillngs. (Westmoreland Co, VA Order Book, 1731-1739, p. 89.)

On 27 Nov 1733 the litigation continued noting "that the Complainants part [of his father's estate] thereof amounting to about Sixteen pounds was by the Consent of Ye Sd. Orators mother putt into the hands of His Said John Anderson who is since Dead....the Complaint being Lately arived to the age of Eighteen years hath Severall times Requested the Rspondt to pay him out of the Estate of the Said Anderson his part of Sd ffathers Estate putt into the Said Anderson's hands but he absolutely Refused...." The respondent said the estate amounted to just over 14 pounds 18 shillings and the court ordered that it be paid to the complaintant along with court costs (Westmoreland Order Book, 1731-1739, p. 110-110a; abstracted by C. Hammett.)

Caroline Co, VA (a descendant county of Essex) early Order Books provide skeletal information as to Mason's inheritance of the 200 acres on Peumans End Run. At a court held for Caroline Co on 8 Aug 1734… Mason Combs acknowledged for his deeds of lease and release of land indented to Grace Buttlor which on his Motion is admd. to record. (Caroline Co, VA Order Book, 1732-1740, p. 154, C. Hammett Transcription, 1997) The above record indicates Mason, then 21 years of age, had sold the 200 acres on Peumans End Run bequeathed him by his father. The 1734 order of lease and release did not include a relinquishment of dower, which indicates Mason was likely single at the time.

The only further mention of Mason in Caroline Co occurs three years later. At a court continued and held for Caroline County on 14 May 1737 "In ye Suit on the Att. obtd by Wm Jeetor agt ye Estates [property] of Mason Combs It is Ordred Grace Buttler be Sumond to next Court (Caroline Co, Virginia Order Book Abstracts, 1732-1740, p. 423, C. Hammett, Transcription, 1997.) William Jeetor's suit against Mason was probably was related to the 200 acres on Peumens End Run, given the order for Grace Butler to appear. The suit was dismissed on 12 Aug 1737: "The Attachmt obtained by Wm Jeeter agt the Estates of Mason Combs is Dismd (Caroline Co, VA Order Book Abstracts, 1732-1740, p. 442, transcription by C. Hammett, 1997.)

William Jeter and the Grace Butler (there was more than one in the area at that time) may be important to understanding the family lineage due to: (1) the Jeter family is found later with the Combs families of Amelia and Lunenburg counties in VA; and (2) the Butler family intermarried with the Underwood fami.y. Mason Combs' step-uncle, William Underwood II, also known as William senior at times, married Mary Butler, sister of the Rev Amory Butler, husband of Elizabeth Underwood who was sister of Col William Underwood, the first husband of Mason's grandmother Elizabeth, wife of Archdale Combs. Whether this is significant is unknown.

Mason's children are listed in the Overwharton Parish Register of Stafford Co, VA (The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA, 1723-1758 and Sundry Historical and Genealogical Notes, Compiled and Published by George Harrison Sanford King Fellow, American Society of Genealogist, Fredericksburg, VA, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1961.) As was the case with the birth of John circa 1738, it is possible that one or two more children older than William may have been born to Mason and Sarah. Additionally, although Wilmot's birth is the last recorded in Overwharton Parish, given that her birth was almost simultaneous with the departure of Mason and his family from Stafforo, there may well be other children born later - whether by Sarah or by a later wife or wives, possibly right up until Mason's death (Surry Co, NC Guardianship records still need to be researched. See, for example, Henry COMBS who d in Frederick Co, VA ca 1767; Jeremiah COMBS who may have d 1780, Surry Co, NC; and George Combs of Wilkes Co, NC.)

Mason Combs paid annual rent to the Estate of Capt William Brent in 1746, 1747, 1748, 1749 and 1750. (Stafford Co, VA Will Abstracts of 1748-1767, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLean, VA and Stafford Co, VA Will Book, Liber O, p. 210.) Rent, for example, in 1746 for Mason was 315; it is unkown whether the figure refers to acres of land rented or to rent paid in pounds of tobacco. (Genealogies of Virginia Families, From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, submission of W. B. Chilton, Washington, D. C., Vol.2, GPC, Baltimore, 1981, pp. 326-7).

In 1748/9 Mason Combs, Thomas Green and Robert Garrett were appointed appraisers of the estate of Ann Parsons (Stafford Co, VA Will Book, Liber O, p. 48.) Her inventory included livestock, books, pewter, a box, instruments, trunk, gold ring, beds and other furniture, and a spinning wheel and was recorded 14 Mar 1748
(Stafford Co, VA Will Book (Liber O), 12 Jul 1748 - July Court, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLean, VA, 1987.) Mason's appointment probably indicated he resided near Ann Parsons, but also to Thomas Green and Robert Garrett because appraisers were usually near neighbors. However, Mason's relationship to Ann Parsons may have been more than just neighborly as he apparently paid at least part of her funeral expenses: "Estate of Ann Parson, Funeral Expenses; Tobo [tobacco?] paid Mason Combs, paid John Peyton, Ben Strother, Charles Harding; paid George Ashbury, paid John Wilser (Stafford Co, VA Will Book, Liber O, p. 133.) On 14 Aug 1750 in Stafford Co court John Wilser [Wilson?] executor made oath to within Account & the Tobo valued at 14/ ct. (Stafford Co, VA Will Book Liber O, 12 Jul 1748 - July Court 1767, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLean, VA, 1987.)

In 1750 Mason went to the Shenandoah Valley to look for a suitable place to move his family. In 1751 he moved to what was at that time, Augusta Co, VA, but which became in 1753 part of Frederick Co, VA.

In 1751 - 1752 an undated petition by "inhabitants of the north side of the South River of Shenandore [Shenandoah]" was filed to request a survey for a road from Caleb Job's plantation, a river crossing at Brush Bottom Ford, and continue the road along the river to Henry Speer's. Mason Combs with 21 other men requested the survey (Augusta Co, VA Original Petitions and Papers Filed in the County Court. 1751-1752.) On 28 May 1751 the road was ordered, and Mason Combs, among others, were ordered to keep the road in repair (Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, extracted from the original court records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, by Lyman Chalkley, Vol. I, GPC, Baltimore, 1974, p. 48? and 438.)

Although the above Augusta Co record is dated 28 May 1751 and Mason was named in the Register of Overwharton Parish in Stafford Co, VA, as the father of Wilmot Combs born on 5 Oct 1751 these two records were both for the same Mason Combs. In his book, The Combes Genealogy…, Josiah H. Combs theorized Mason went ahead "to look the country over," returning for his family later (p. 37), certainly not uncommon at that time, and it does appear Mason preceded his family in settling in the new area.

Mason is noted three years later regarding the same road. He lived in the vicinity of Brush Bottom Ford, on the north side of the South Fork of the Shenandoah, four miles from Front Royal. The ford is 10 miles as the crow flies from Strasburg, VA and 24 from Winchester, VA. State Highway 12 runs close to the vicinity, which is the first eastward turn of the river below McCoy's Ford. As nearly as can be determined, the locality is less than a mile upstream from the Asbury School, but on the north side of the river with the Norfolk and Western Rail Road running just opposite on the south side. In this area Mason's son John and his family lived until around 1780.

By 1753 the land was part of Frederick Co, VA, and in that county, Mason and his family are found in the company of Simon Stacey and his wife Judith Tolson and their family, also from Overwharton Parish of Stafford County:
--8 Nov 1758 Lewis Stephens assignee of John Rother vs John Stacey, Maxamilion Bush, Simon Stacey. Bail provided by Moses McKay and Mason Combs
--6 Dec 1758 Lewis Stephens assignee of John Rother who was assignee of John Barns vs John Stacey, Maxamilion Bush, and Simon Stacey. Bail by Moses McKay and Mason Combs. (Frederick Co, VA Court Record Book B, p. 141 and 180, abstracted by Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Matthews, author of The Stacy Journal.) The above records and Frederick Co, VA Record Book 10 pages 2-3, 61, 155 and 167 references suits of John Counts vs John Stacey/Stacy. Descendants of John Counts are later found in Russell Co, Virginia.

Mason is next in the 1759 county records with this hand-written document in Simon's own hand: "I promise to pay or cause to be payed unto John Counts his eres or asines the full and just sum of six pounds current money of vergenea on or before the 25 day of December as witness by my hand this 5 day of March 1759.
Siman Stacy
test Mason Combs
John X Stacy (his mark)
(Frederick Co, VA Couthouse loose papers, transcribed by researcher Barbara Stacy Matthews)
Thus, the Combs and Counts families interacted before the lines began to intermarry three generations later.

The Combes Genealogy… also includes the statements concerning Mason:
"…The court records at Winchester mention Mason twice in 1762. Brush Bottom Ford is in the present Warren County, which was in turn part of the following counties: Orange, Frederick, Dunmore, Shenandoah, and finally Warren. When Mason's grandson John enlisted in the Revolution, in 1777, [the land] was in Dunmore; when he mustered out, in 1779, [the land] was in Shenandoah. All this explains John's confusion when he applied for pension, at Hazard [Perry Co, KY], in 1825. He says he enlisted in "Frederick or Shenandoah." When his grandfather came to the Valley it was Frederick." (p. 37)
This 1762 record for Mason has not yet been located; however a 1763 Frederick Co, VA record has been located for Mason's son, William Combs, probably indicating the entire family was still in Frederick Co, VA at that time. By 1768 Mason senior and at least four of his children -- William, Ann, Mason junior and Winnifred, along with the intermarried Stacy family, had moved to Rowan Co, NC. Mason's son John apparently remained in Frederick Co, VA in the part which later became Dunmore, then Shenandoah, until circa 1780.

Just prior to their first recorded appearance in Rowan Co, NC either Mason senior or his son Mason junior may also have resided for a short period of time in Pittsylvania Co VA. A List of Tithables for Pittsylvania County Taken by John WILSON, Gent., in year 1767: (includes):
"Henry Stone and Son William, Mason Combs, negro Sarah."
(History of Pittsylvania County, Maude Carter Clement, Baltimore Regional Publishing Co, 1981, p. 277-8)

In 1768, Mason Combs is listed on Gideon Wright's 1768 Rowan Co, NC Tax List, a list covering the area that became Surry Co, NC in 1771, and today is in primarily now-Wilkes and Yadkin Counties - a list which also includes Mason's son, William, and the Cody, Ridge and Stacey families:
--Mason COMBS 2 tithables [probably Mason Combs, Sr. and son Mason Combs, Jr.]
--Benjamin STACY 1 tithable [m Ann Combs, d/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr.]
--Wm COOMBS 1 tithable [s/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr., h/o Seth STACY]
--Wm RIDGE 4 tithables [m Winnifred Combs, d/o Mason & Sarah Combs, Sr.]
--Wm CODEY 1 [m Sinai STACY, d/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy (Pettitt)]
(Rowan County, North Carolina Tax Lists 1757-1800, Annotated Transcriptions, Jo White Linn, self-published, Salisbury, NC, 1995, p. 104-5 (CRX 222, Rowan Co, NC State Archives)

In 1771 when Surry Co, NC was established from Rowan Co the tax list indicates:
--COMES, Mason Senr 3 [himself, son Mason, Jr., and who? A younger son? A negro?]
--CODE [CODY] William 1 [h/o Sinai STACY]
--COMES William 1 [h/o Seth STACY, son of Mason, Sr.]
--RIDGE William 5 [h/o Winnifred Combs, d/o Mason, Sr.]
--STASE Benjamin 1 [h/o Ann Combs, d/o Mason, Sr.]
--Thomas PETTIT [2nd husband of Judith TOLSON, widow of Simon STACY]
(Surry and Wilkes Co, NC Taxables, 1771-1800, Vol. 1, 1771-1777, William Perry Johnson)

From the 1772 Surry Co, NC Tax Lists:
--CADE [CODY] William 1
--COMES Mason Senr 2 [Mason Combs, Sr. & whom?]
--COMES Mason Junr 1 [tithing in his own name for the first time at age 25?]
--COMES William 2 [tithing self and whom?]
--HORN, Richard 1 [his dau? grdau? Sarah HORN m in 1797 William RIDGE, Jr.]
--STACE Benjamin 1 [h/o Ann Combs]
(Surry and Wilkes Co, NC Taxables, 1771-1800, Vol. 1, 1771-1777, William Perry Johnson)

On 23 Jul 1773 Mason Combs senior entered 250 acres in Surry on South [sic] side of the Yadkin River against Tumlin [Tumbling] Falls, including his improvement. (Surry Co. NC Land Entry #307) and (Surry County, NC Wills, 1771-1827, Annotated Genealogical Abstracts, Jo White Linn, GPC, Baltimore, 1992) This land is in now-Yadkin Co, NC. No record of the sale of this land has been located, nor for land on the north side of the Yadkin, referred to in a 17 Sep 1778 record: "William T. Lewis enters 250 acres of land lying on the north side of the Yadkin River and bounded by Mace Combs & Henry Hand including William Rig's [Ridge's] Plantation for compliment (Researcher George Baumbach)

From 1773 there is no remaining tax list. In 1774, apparently no list is extant for the area in which Mason resided; however, his son William and other Combs-associated individuals appears as follows on Benjamin Cleavland's list in what later became Wilkes Co NC:
--William COMES 1
--William CODA [CODY] 1

By 1775 Mason COMBS senior is listed on Surry tax lists with three tithes.

Most of Mason's children in Surry Co, and probably "old Mason himself as he is referred to in later records, were staunch Tories during the early years of the Revolutionary War. In Aug 1780 Mason's son-in-law William Ridge was killed at the Battle of Hanging Rock in South Carolina. William Ridge's death resulted in extensive court actions, including guardianships, law suits and depositions that documented numerous relationships among Mason's children as well as the Cody, Ridge and Stacy families (See George Baumbach's William Ridge Estate File). During the war years, Mason's own family and those of his in-laws and Tory neighbors suffered thefts, house-burnings, criminal and civil suits and land confiscations.

The Tory loss at the Battle of Shallowford on 14 Oct 1780 may ultimately have resulted in at least three of Mason's children (William, Ann and Mason junior) moving, along with the Codys and Stacys, to Montgomery Co, VA. Apparently Mason junior sold his land, livestock and personal property on 17 Oct 1780.

Mason's eldest son John had also apparently come down to Surry Co, NC from the Shenandoah Valley and is listed, as is Mason senior on 1784 Surry Co, NC Tax Lists. In 1784, Mason Combs is recorded in another land entry on West Double Creek, and on 9 Aug of 1784 Mason purchased land from John Combs [probably his son]: John Combs, for 150 pds., to Mason Combs senior the land on which I live, mill, livestock, personalty. Witnesses: William Cook, George Huston. Recorded at the August court, 1784 (Surry Co, NC Will Book 2, p.33a.) The timing of this land purchase was strange for Mason who was near the end of his life.

In Nov 1784 John Combs was recorded as the administrator of Mason's estate: Administration of estate of Mason Combs to John Combs. John Hurt & Joseph Porter, Securities. (Surry Co, NC P&QS) and (SCMB, Surry Co, NC Wills, 1771-1827, Annotated Genealogical Abstracts, Jo White Linn, GPC, Baltimore, 1992.) John recorded the following debts to the estate on 16 Nov 1784:
--Due from Wm Combs L24.00
--five pounds eighteen shillings against Nathan Allin
--a note of hand of Nine pounds against Nathan Allan
--a note of hand against John Pips [Pipes] Sr for four pounds & 10 shillings
--A Note of hand against Jesse Franklin of L 4 pounds 2 shillings

Mason Combs Inventory Nov 1785, Recorded, Jno Combs Administrator
Nov 16 1784
T and Invitary of Mason COMBS Estate Deseased four hundred acres of Land, one still, three feather beads and furniture, Eight head of Cattel, one maare and a Chist, one Table, A Loome and three slaws, one tin funnal, too hoghs, one trunk, one pot, one skillot, one Duchovin, one Cask, A crop of corn and some tobaco, one Bason, 2 piggons & a quart mughs, one sotgun, 2 aces, 2 hoos, 1 Maitock, 2 ploughs, one pair of stillords, 1 saddle, one little whele, 2 pair of cards, one Clevis, one Chern, 2 Chears and so forth [the remainder is missing.] Recorded at the Nov 1785 Court. (Surry Co, NC Will Book 2, p. 102) and 16 Nov 1784 - Nov 1785 (NC State Archives C.R. 092.508.14) (Transcribed by Combs-Cody Researcher George Baumbach)

John Combs of McLain's Ford resided adjacent to a John Hurt (See Combs Land of Old Surry). Nathan Allin already owed Mason money even though he did not marry Mason's daughter Winnifred Combs Ridge until the month after administration was granted. Whether Pipes and Franklin were also married into the Combs family is not known.

Nothing more is known of Mason's wife Sarah, not even whether she made it as far as North Carolina. Mason's children and grandchildren, however, are known to have remained close to each other for another two hundred years or more - right up until the present day, with several score of Mason's descendants active members of the Combs Research Project.

Detailed source:
--Combs-Coombs Research Project, Mason and Hannah Combs,

Children of Mason Combs I and Sarah (Unknown)


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Sarah (Unknown)1

F, ID# 8734, (a 1717 - )
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     Sarah (Unknown) was born a 1717. She married Mason Combs I, son of John Combs I and Hannah Mason, a 1737.
      Sarah is said to be Sarah Harding Richardson or Sarah Ann Nelson (1718 - 1820), the daughter of Thomas Nelson (1677 - 1745) and Frances Courtenay.

Children of Sarah (Unknown) and Mason Combs I


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

John Combs I1

M, ID# 8735, (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Father:Archdale Combe (Nov 1641 - )
Mother:Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? (a 1630 - c 1684)
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     John Combs I was born c 1663 at Virginia. He was the son of Archdale Combe and Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? John Combs I married Anne (Unknown) a 1687. John Combs I married Hannah Mason, daughter of Josiah Mason and Elizabeth Burton, c 1693 at Virginia. John Combs I died on 11 Dec 1716 at Richmond Co, Virginia. His estate was probated on 7 Feb 1717 at Richmond Co, Virginia.
      John Combs was reportedly born between 1662 and 1665 in Westmoreland or King George Co, VA. After his birth John's father moved to Caroline Co, VA [then Old Rappahannock Co, VA, later Essex Co, VA] where John grew up. By 1684 both of his parents were apparently deceased. Because John was apparently not bound out as an apprentice or servant when his brothers William and Charles were in 1684, John was likely age 21, already apprenticed to someone by parents or had come to such an agreement on his own.

John may or may not have been married twice. Some researchers believe John married first to an Ann and second to a Hannah. However, the given names Hannah and Ann were synonymous at that time, and Ann could be a nickname for Hannah so some researchers also believe Hannah and Ann were one and the same.

John's wife(s) was speculated to be from the Mason, Tutt or Underwood families:
--Mason; she named a son Mason and is thought to be the daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Mason. Combses and Masons lived in the same area in Sittenbourne Parish (part of which later became Overwharton Parish and then Hanover) and there appear to be close relationships between the families. George Mason, high sheriff of Stafford Co, put Archdale Combs on the Stafford Co jury twice in 1665; Joseph Mason's land adjoined that of John Combs; and Josiah Mason was a surveyor and close neighbor of John Combs. Josiah died in 1687, and John Willis was a witness to the will and John Combs' stepbrother William Underwood junior was executor.
--Tutt, possibly being a sister of Richard Tutt of King George and Caroline counties in Virginia.
--Underwood; possibly a daughter of William Underwood senior but then she would have been related by marriage to John Combs' because John and William were step-brothers.

John was first mentioned in the Old Rappahannock [King George Co] Co, VA records on 30 Dec 1690 when he and William Underwood [one of his step-brothers, either William junior or William senior] appeared as witnesses in an indenture, or conveyance, from James and Ann Dabney to Francis Sterne [possible son-in-law of Warwick Cammock and his wife Margaret Powell(?) of Peuman's End Run on the south side of the Rappahannock River] for land on the north side of the Rappahannock River in that part of the county which in 1692 would become Richmond Co. (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Book 8, p. 229).

On 11 Dec 1691 John Coumbes, his brother William [Combs] and his mother "Eliza Coumbs" were named in a deed whereby his half-brother William Underwood sold his moiety (share) of the 600 acre tract on Peumans' End Run secured by Elizabeth for her three sons as part of her dower settlement as widow of Col William Underwood (Richmond Co, VA Deed Book 1, p. 7 and abstracts p. 1.) The mouth of Peuman's End Run is about three miles from Port Royal [present-day Caroline Co, VA] or several hundred yards from where Highway 301 crosses Mill Creek and very near where John Wilkes Booth was killed. Peuman's End Run empties into Mill Creek. Puman's End Run was reportedly named for a pirate of the early days named Puman (or Peuman); the pirate fled up the Rappahannock River, was hunted down, and finally caught and killed on the creek named for him. The records fix the location of John and William Combs' land as being in the region of Jett's Creek based on the mention of certain creeks, neighbors and witnesses and neighbors in old Westmoreland Co and old Stafford Co. The landscape is obscured by forest which has grown up on the military reservation. There has been considerable redistricting of the county boundaries and the region includes such counties as Westmoreland, King George, Stafford, Spotsylvania and Caroline. The area is the cradle of the Washingtons, Lees, Masons, Monroes, Pendletons, Fitzhughs and other famous families; possibly both John and his son Mason Combs married into the Mason family.

On 8 Sep 1692 an order was granted by the Richmond Courts for the non-appearance of Jno Combes in a suit by Abrah. Blagg (Richmond OB2:38). (See also Westmoreland Co,VA and St. Mary's Co, MD re Abrham. Blagg.)

On 3 Jan 1692/3, John Coombes of Richmond, planter, sold to Thomas Kendall, also of Richmond, land (acreage not listed) adjacent to John Willis and to Coombes and "Ann his wife." This deed recorded 20 Dec 1693 is the only record found of Ann thus far (Richmond Co, VA Records, 1692-1704, p. 99). Thomas Kendall and his wife Martha Gouff were the parents of William Kendall who later married John Combs' daughter Elizabeth. Reportedly John sold this land to Thomas Kendall for a horse, sow and pigs. (Richmond Co, VA Deed Book 1: abstracts p. 31.)

On the same date John Willis of Richmond also sold a tract to Thomas Kendall described as "being between the land of Indrein [sic] and Joseph Mason." (Richmond Co, VA Records, 1692-1704, p. 97) "Indrein" is believed to refer to Edward "Indian Ned" Gunstocker." This land is further described in a land patent dated 13 Mar 1696/7 by John Combs of Richmond for 200 acres adjacent the land of William Yarett now Mr. Tankard's, Underwood's line, near "Indian Need's old field." (North Neck Patent Book 2, p. 263.)

On 8 Oct 1697 the Richmond Courts dismissed a suit brought by John Bennett against John Coombes, "the Plt. not prosecuting (Richmond Co, VA Order Book 2, p. 273), and on 7 Sep 1698 John Coombes is mentioned as being in possession of a cow and yearling owned by Arthur Notwell. (Richmond Co, VA Order Book 2. p. 332.)

That John was "comfortable" is indicated by his having indentured servants. These included a John Harris who on 4 Nov 1698 was presented to the court by John Coombs and adjudged to be 13 years of age (Richmond Co, VA Order Book 2, p. 363), and Elinor Welch, who was presented to the court on 4 Nov 1702 for having a bastard child and ordered to serve her master additional time for "the trouble of his House dureing her time of Childbirth." Coombs paid her bastardy fine in return for which she was ordered to serve an additional year (Richmond Co, VA Order Book 3, p. 187.) On 4 Feb 1702/3 John Combs petitioned the Richmond Court, setting forth that John Harris had absented "himselfe from his service the space of ten dayes," and the Court ordered Harris to serve an additional year (Richmond Co, VA Order Book 3, p. 224-5.) On 6 Jun 1705 another servant Michaell Owen is mentioned who was adjudged to be 13 years of age ( Richmond Co, VA Order Book 1704-1705, p. 66.) John appeared in Richmond Co Court orders several more times over the years, including sitting on the grand jury.

On 2 Jun 1709 John Combs and Henry James were sued for trespass by Capt Nicholas Smith and Nathaniell Pope in a dispute over bounderies of adjacent land earlier sold to them by William Underwood senior – a suit ultimately won by John Combs and lost by Henry James on 8 Jun 1710 (Richmond Co, VA Records, 1704-1724, p. 56 and 271.)

On 23 Jan 1711/12 John Combs' brother William Combs sold what appears to have been his share of the 600 acres on Peumans End Run in now-Essex Co, VA, a few miles south of the old Archdale Combs place near “the Mount.” The land was sold to their brother-in-law Richard Tutt [husband of Mary Underwood -- the Combs' step-sister and the daughter of William Underwood senior]; the deed was witnessed by Joseph Dinker, John [x] Combs and Tim. Atkinson (Essex Co, VA Wills and Deeds, 1711-1714, p. 21).

On that same date "William Underwood, Gent'l., of Sittinburn Par., Richmond Co," VA sold John Combes and Richard Tutt [his step-brother and brother-in-law respectively], planters of the same county, “for love and affection, the land they now live on” consisting of 400 acres on Punius Inn run [sic] adjacent to the land of John Measows [Meadors] and Henry Peterse, this originally being land that was "sold by Warwick Cammock to Amory Butler on 30 Apr 1679." Both deeds were recorded 14 Feb 1711/12 (Essex Co, VA Wills and Deeds, 1711-1714, p. 21)

In a short time both John Combs and Richard Tutt were back in King George Co, where Underwood had previously given a tract to John on Jett's Creek. In 1718 Richard Tutt was one of the appraisers of the estate of his step-brother-in-law William Combs.

In 1715 John was on the quit rent roll of Caroline Co. Generally John's land appeared to remain in the same area with county boundaries changing around it.

John wrote his will on 11 Dec 1716: I, John Combs of the Parish of Hanover in the County of Richmond in Virginia being very sick and weak of Body butt of good and perfect sceince and Memory-thanks bee to God Doe make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say First I bequath my Soule and Spiritt into the hands of the Almighty God my Heavenly Father by whome of his Mercy and onely Grace I intrust to bee saved and Redeemed into through the Death of my Savour and Redeemer Jesus Christ in whose pretious Blood I sett the Whole and onely Hope of my Salvation My writched Body in hope of a Joyfull Resurrection I comitt to the Earth to bee Buried with such Charges as itt shall please my Exekutors hereafter mentioned. Item-I Doe give and Bequeath unto my youngest son Mason Combes two hundred acres of Land Lying upon the Branches of Pumans End in the County of Essex--being part of a Devident of Land formerly belonging to Warwick Cammack to him and his Heirs for Evermore Which aforesaid Land is allready Laid of-I Doe give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Kendall one Cowe.-My will and Desire is that my Loving Wife Hannah Combes and my Six Children hereinafter named have all and singular my personall Estate Equally Devided amongst them as followeth that is my Son Archdell my Daughter Judith and Mary and Sarah and Aymee and Mason. Butt if in case my Son Archdell should bee soe unkind as by force to Caus his mother my said Wife to Leave as Disposessed the house and Habitation I now Live in that then and in such Case my said Wife to take as her proper Goods all his part of my personall Estate before given to the sd. Archdell Excepting one Shilling of Good and Lawfull money of Ingland and to bee possessed of the same for Evermore, and that my said Wife doe take into her Care and Costodie my daughter Aymee and my Son Mason as also their parts of my personall Estate as aforesaid after the same is devided and the sd. Children and their Estate to remaine with her untill they shall Arive to the Age of Eighteen years or the Day of Marriage and that then they the sd. Ayme and Mason bee possessed of the same to them and their Heirs for Evermore.-I Doe likewise Nominate and Apoint my loving wife Hannah Combes and John Anderson joynt Exekutors of this my last Will and Testament. And in Confirmation hearof I have hearunto sett my Hand and fixt my Seale the Day Month and Year aforesaid-Desiring that my said Estate may not bee brought to an apraisement itt being noe waise in Debtt.- John [JC] Combes . Signed Sealed and Published-- in the presence of us Isaac Arnold, Charles [C his marke] Willis, Mary [M her marke] James (Corrected transcription of that of Josiah H. Combs, author of The Combes Genealogy.)

John was careful in his will to say, “my Six Children hereinafter named.” Any older established children were not included in his will, except for Elizabeth Combs Kendall, an older daughter living in the area in Stafford Co. Based on the wording of John Combs' will, apparently only his daughter Aime and son Mason were under 14 years of age at the time of its signing. Given that his son Archdale was of age and also the son of Hannah, the marriage of John and Hannah presumably took place between 1693 and 1698. Moreover, the wording of his will also implies all the named children, other than possibly Elizabeth, were issue by Hannah. That Archdale was John's eldest living son is confirmed by both his stated concern that Archdale might dispossess his mother Hannah and by a later record dated 22 Jun 1719 in which Archdale sold his father's residence, apparently inherited under the laws of primogeniture and possibly signaling the remarriage of Hannah (Richmond Co, VA Deed Book 7, p. 427-429.) No primary record has been found stating John had any other children not named in his will, but such is not precluded.

John's co-executor John Anderson was the brother-in-law of William Brown, who was the brother to Judith Brown, wife of William Wroe (a.k.a. Rowe), and to Jane Brown, wife of Nathaniel Pope, of the above land boundary dispute. It is remotely possible Hannah, widow of John Combs, next married William Wroe (See Brown-Pope-Wroe Families.)

Depending on the then county boundaries, John died in Caroline or Richmond Co, VA. His personal property was inventoried in 1717 shows his life style: Coombes's Inventory: A true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of John COMBES late of this County deced. taken this 30 day of March 1717- To a Servant boy, To 6 feather beds and boulstors, To 4 Pillows - 4 Ruggs 2 pr of blankets, To 2 pr of Sheets, 2 tables, 3 Chistes - 1 trunck, 3 bedsteeds, 6 pewter Dishes, 4 pewter basons, 10 Plates, 4 Iron Potts, 1 frieing pan, 2 Guns, 1 doz of Spoons, 3 pr of pot hooks, 2 brasss Settles, 2 Croscutt Saws, 20 Cattle, 4 horses, 21 hogs, 27 Sheep, 1 Iron Spitt, one pr of fire tonges, 3 Saddles, 7 prs of Wool Cards - 4 Sockets, 1 pewter Gallon pott, 1 pewter tankard, 1 pewter poringes(?), 4 Earhen Plates, 1 Earthen Chamber pott, 2 Earthen Cups - 4 Earthen Plates, 1 Earthen Chamber pott, 2 Earthen Cups - 1 pewter Chamber pot, 1 Iron Pessle, 2 pailes, 2 pigons(?), 1 tub, 2 trays, 1 Looking glass, 1 Cart and Wheales, 1 Coopers Ag, 1 Joyter(?), 1 drawing Knife, one hand Saw, 2 pr. of Compases, 1 Saltseler, 2 pr. of Sheep Shears, 2 box Irons, 1 gongs(?), 1 Chisel, 2 Candlesticks, 6 Side ???, 2 amuletts, 2 Iron Wedges, 1 bible, 1 Sermon book, 1 S??tes, 2 hornbooks, 1 tob:box, Nutmeg grater, 1 pr. of Shilards(?), 11 yrds of blew Lining, 3 yrds of bed ticking, 8 yrds of white o??s, 42 yrds of ga?licks(?), 6 yds of ?ustin, 12 yds of Saluno(?), 1 pr. of Spurs, 194 yrds of Drugott, 8-1/2 yrds of Le?sey - 12 hankes of Mohair, 2 yrds of Serge, 60 yds friso, 6 yds of Linen ? stone(?), 1 hat, 9 doz of Coat buttons, 7 doz of Brest buttons, 4 Ivory Combs, to a parcell of thread, 4 towels, 1 Napkin, 1 table Cloath, 1 yd of ticking, 3 Earthen pots, 2 Spinning wheales, 1 Cubard, 1 hamer, 1 powdering tub, 1 fiddle to a parcell of wool, to a parcell of Cotton, 3 chairs, 2 hilling hoes - 1 Weeding hoe, 1 half buffett, 1 pr of tailers Shears, 1 Chist L(ock?), 3 A??s & grubiing hoe, 1 brass Skillett, 1 Can, 30 pds. of Nailes, 1 Cuting knife, 35 gea?s, 2 Meals Sifters, one old Chist, 1 Grindstone. Hannah [H her marke] Combs, John Anderson, Exrs. of John Combs. Recorded amongst the Records of Richmond County the third day of April 1717, Teste M. Beckwith, Cl. Cur.

John Combs is the last ancestor on this line for which there is sourced proof. His unsourced progenitors are provided because more data may be found in the future to support their inclusion in this family.

Detailed sources:
--Combs: A Study in Comparative Philology and Genealogy, Josiah H. Combs, (Norris K. Combs, Pensacola, Florida), 27 - 29.
1662, Westmoreland or King George County, Virginia from this source.
--Virginia Colonial Abstracts Volume 16, Fleet, Beverley, (Beverley Fleet, Richmond, Virginia 1942), pp. 1-2, 31
--Richmond Co, VA Deed Book 3, p. 300-1 (will of John Combs)
--Combs-Coombs Research Project, John and Ann Combs,

Children of John Combs I and Anne (Unknown)

Children of John Combs I and Hannah Mason


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

William Combs1

M, ID# 8736, (28 Nov 1740 - 1815)
Father:Mason Combs I (22 Feb 1713 - b 8 Aug 1785)
Mother:Sarah (Unknown) (a 1717 - )
     William Combs was born on 28 Nov 1740 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia. He was the son of Mason Combs I and Sarah (Unknown). William Combs married Sitha "Seth" Stacy, daughter of Simon Stacey and Judith Tolson, a 1765 at Frederick Co, Virginia ?. William Combs died in 1815 at Moccasin Creek, Russell Co, Virginia.


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Anne Combs1

F, ID# 8737, (28 Mar 1743 - )
Father:Mason Combs I (22 Feb 1713 - b 8 Aug 1785)
Mother:Sarah (Unknown) (a 1717 - )
     Anne Combs was born on 28 Mar 1743 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of Mason Combs I and Sarah (Unknown). Anne Combs married Benjamin Stacy, son of Simon Stacey and Judith Tolson, a 1762. Anne Combs died at Pulaski Co, Kentucky ?.


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Sarah Combs1

F, ID# 8738, (25 Feb 1745 - )
Father:Mason Combs I (22 Feb 1713 - b 8 Aug 1785)
Mother:Sarah (Unknown) (a 1717 - )
     Sarah Combs was born on 25 Feb 1745 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of Mason Combs I and Sarah (Unknown).


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Winnifred "Winny" Combs1

F, ID# 8739, (14 May 1749 - 1791)
Father:Mason Combs I (22 Feb 1713 - b 8 Aug 1785)
Mother:Sarah (Unknown) (a 1717 - )
     Winnifred "Winny" Combs was born on 14 May 1749 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of Mason Combs I and Sarah (Unknown). Winnifred "Winny" Combs married William Ridge b 1770. Winnifred "Winny" Combs married Nathan Allen in Dec 1784. Winnifred "Winny" Combs died in 1791 at Tennessee.


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Wilmot Combs1

F, ID# 8740, (5 Oct 1751 - 1752)
Father:Mason Combs I (22 Feb 1713 - b 8 Aug 1785)
Mother:Sarah (Unknown) (a 1717 - )
     Wilmot Combs was born on 5 Oct 1751 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of Mason Combs I and Sarah (Unknown). Wilmot Combs died in 1752.


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Hannah Mason1

F, ID# 8741, (30 May 1680 - )
Father:Josiah Mason (a 1654 - )
Mother:Elizabeth Burton (a 1659 - )
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     Hannah Mason was born on 30 May 1680 at Virginia. She was the daughter of Josiah Mason and Elizabeth Burton. Hannah Mason married John Combs I, son of Archdale Combe and Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ?, c 1693 at Virginia. Hannah Mason died at Virginia.
      The final record found of John's wife, Hannah, is by their son Mason Combs when he filed suit against William BROWN in Westmoreland Co, VA in 1733, giving no indication as to whether she was still alive, remarried, etc. No record has ever been found of her thereafter and her ancestry remains unknown.

Hannah may be Hannah "Ann" Mason, the daughter of Joseph/Josiah MASON, and his wife, Elizabeth BURTON, who m 11 Jul 1678, Christchurch Parish, Middlesex Co, VA, and whose daughter, Ann MASON, was baptised 06 Jun 1680, Christchurch Parish, Middlesex Co VA (Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex County, Virginia, 1653-1812, John Otto Yurechko, Family Line Publications, Westminster MD, 1996.) To determine if Hannah and/or Ann, widow of John Combs of Richmond, was the same who was born to Joseph/Josiah & Elizabeth BURTON Mason in Christchurch Parish, Middlesex, and/or if they were the same who were Combs' neighbors in Richmond VA, it will be necessary to research both the MASONS of Middlesex and those of Richmond. To determine if Hannah and/or Ann, widow of John Combs of Richmond, was the same who married William WROE, the first steps would be to determine (a) the original source for his second wife, Hannah, having been a MASON, and (b) the relationship of James/John MASON to the Brown-Wroe family.

Although not yet determined if Joseph & Josiah MASON (Joseph on the marriage record and Josiah on the birth record) were one and the same (Research in Progress), it seems probable that they were, but still unknown if Joseph/Josiah MASON of Middlesex Co was the same as: (1) Josiah MASON who witnessed the Old Rappahannock Co VA will of Evan MORGAN on 1 Aug 1683 (Old Rappa. Co VA WB2:32- 3); (2) Joshuah MASON mentioned in the 04 Nov 1686 deed of Henry FLEET of Northumberland Co VA to Mallacy PEALE of Stafford Co VA in regard to a parcel of land in Old Rappa. Co VA adjacent to Ned Gunstocker's patent (Old Rappa. Deeds, 1686-1688:277-278), (3) Joseph MASON in a deed dated 03 Jan 1692/3 in Richmond Co VA between John WILLIS & Thomas KENDALL (Richmond Records, 1692- 1704: 97); and/or (4) Joshua MASON in a deed dated 05 Sep 1694 between Henry FLEET [Jr.] of Christ Church Parish, Lancaster Co VA and Edwin CONWAY of the same. (Richmond DB2:59-61)

The primary significance of this particular Joseph/Joshua[h]/Josiah MASON as a potential parent for a single Hannah "Anne" lies in the fact that the above-referenced land was adjacent to that of John Combs of Richmond. (See Combs Land of Old Rappa. VA - Gunstocker Patent). Also note that the above Thomas KENDALL was father of William KENDALL who later m John's daughter, Elizabeth Combs, and that the above Edwin CONWAY was (a) the husband of Sarah WALKER, d/o Col. John WALKER whose last wife was Sarah UNKNOWN. widow of Henry FLEET, Sr; and (b) s/o Edwin & Martha ELTONHEAD Conway of Christchurch Parish, Middlesex Co VA, indicating a possibly close connection between the Gunstocker Families and the Christ Church Parish Families.

It may also be significant that Elizabeth, wife of Joseph/Josiah MASON, was neè BURTON, given the Ann BURTON, wife of George Combs, who administered the English estate of her father, Richard BURTON of Virginia in 1756; and the Edward BURTON whom Wm. UNDERWOOD, Sr. (s/o Col. Wm. UNDERWOOD by his first wife, Mary) referred to as "Uncle." (See Burton-Combs Families and Underwood Families)

As to what happened to Hannah following the death of her husband John Combs in Richmond in 1716, one theory is Hannah MASON(?) Combs re-married to William WROE of Westmoreland Co VA, widower of Judith BROWNE (d/o Original & Jane BROOKS (Higdon?) Browne). The basis for the theory is John Combs' Richmond VA will, dated 11 Dec 1716, specified that his wife, Hannah, and John ANDERSON be co-executors. His will was proven by the two on 07 Feb 1716/7 (Richmond WB3:300); however, John ANDERSON died in King George Co, VA in 1721, and his will, dated 02 Nov 1721 and proved 01 Dec 1721 appointed his "brother in law William BROWNE," executor. (King George County WBA-1:1- 3). King George Co VA was established from Richmond Co VA in 1720, and the Combs and ANDERSON Land was in that part of Richmond which became King George, and was on the Westmoreland Co VA line.

According to Browne-Wroe researchers, John ANDERSON m Mary, the sister of William BROWNE, both also issue of Original and Jane BROOKS (Higdon?) Browne, as was Jane BROWN, wife of Nathaniel POPE.
William WROE had married Judith BROWN sometime before Original BROWN of Westmoreland Co VA signed his will on 05 Feb 1697/8 (proved 27 Apr 1698), naming wife, Jane (executor), daughters, Jane POPE, Judith ROE, Mary BROWN (not yet 16), son, William; and Lawrence ABBINGTON to whom he bequeathed one half his stock, books, etc… (Westmoreland Wills, Augusta Fothergill) Note: This was apparently Lawrence ABINGTON, Jr., son of Lawrence & Lydia BROOKS Abington, Sr., the latter d/o Henry & Joan (----) Brooks, as was Jane BROOKS, wife of Original BROWNE (and apparently earlier the widow of Richard HIGDON & possibly later m James CAMPBELL?)

On 2 Feb 1702/3 and recorded on 06 Feb of that same year, Nathaniell POPE of Westmoreland County, "prectioner & Law," deeded to William WROE and Judeth his wife, "for divers good causes and considerations me hereunto moveing but more especially for and in consideration of the Love I beare unto William ROE and Judeth his Wife and theirs Children… Land scituate and being in the County of Richmond part of the Devident of Land I formerly lived on now in the occupation of Walter ANDERSON, begining in the line next to Pottomack att a marked Hickory standing close by the Path that goes by the burnt Poplar Stump and standing close by the said Poplar Stump and running along the said path about one hundred and fifty yards to a small valley called the Dogwood Valley and so downe the said Valley and the meanders thereof to the uttmost extent of the said land by estimation one hundred and fivety acres be the same more or less, I say that part of the said Land next and adjoyning to the land formerly belonging to William WHEELER now in the occupation and tenure of John PITTMAN…to the said William ROE and Judith his Wife for and dureing their naturall life and after their decease to their Son, Originole ROE and the heires of his body lawfully begotten forever…"
/s/ Nath: POPE. Wits: Robt. PAYNE. Jonas (mark) SCOTT.
Jane [BROWN] Pope relinquished dower on 2 Feb 1702/3, same witnesses.
(Deed Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia, 1701-1704, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA)

Walter ANDERSON above may have been the father to John ANDERSON (d1721) and his brother, Walter ANDERSON, named in John's will (Research in Progress). Robert PAYNE may have been Robert PAYNE, Jr., son of Robert & Elizabeth LAWSON Payne, the former a close associate of the Combs of Old Rappahannock Co VA, the latter the daughter of Epaphroditus & Elizabeth MEDESTARD Lawson (Elizabeth having married next Alexander FLEMING). Robert PAYNE, Jr.'s descendants have not been traced, and Jonas SCOTT has not been identified; although Archdale Combs appeared in Old Rappahannock records frequently with Robert PAYNE, Sr., and at least once with a James SCOTT who may have been kin to the above Jonas SCOTT.

William WROE had remarried to a Hannah by 8 Feb 1725/6 when he signed his will. It was proved 30 Sep 1730, by which time his second wife, Hannah, was deceased: 08 Feb 1725/6 - 30 Sep 1730 (Westmoreland VA D&W, 1729-1732, p. 139, PI (on margin: WROE's Will)) 139 IN THE NAME OF GOD, Amen, I WILLIAM WROE of Washington Parish in Westmorland County being sick and weak but of perfect sence and memory ….Item. I give and bequeave unto my Loving Wife, my Negro woman, Bess, dureing her natural life and after my Wifes death, I give ye said Negro Bess to my Son, ORIGINALL WROE; Item. I give and bequeave unto my Loving Son, WILLIAM WROE, my Molato girll Sare; Item. I give and bequeave unto my Loving Son, RICHARD WROE, my Mealoto girll Jane and my melato boy, Ben; Item. I give and bequeave unto my said Son, RICHARD WROE, an my Coopers Tooles; Item, I give and bequeave unto my Daughter, MARY, a Cow and Calf to be paid hur by my Exrs. the next October insuing. Item, I give and bequeave unto my Daughter, ELIZABETH WROE, a feather bead and furniture to be paid hur upon the day of Marridge; Item, I give and bequeave unto my Daughter, SARAH WROE, a feather bead and furniture to be paid hur upon the day of Marridge; Item, I give and bequeave unto my Daughter, JUDEATH WROE, a feather bead and furniture to be paid hur upon the day of Marridge; Item. My Will and desire is that my Estate be not aprais'd; Item. I give and bequeave unto my Loving Wife all my personall Estate not before given dureing her naturall life or to the day of Marridge, And my Will is that at either of the said times their may be three honest men not concearned appointed to part ye said Estate left my Wife amongst my Childred. Item. I give and bequeave unto MARGRETT ANDERSON twenty Shillings; Item. My Will and desire is that my two youngest Daughters, ELIZABETH WROE and SARAH WROE stay and remaine with my loving Wife, HANNAH WROE, untill they shall arrive to ye age of Eighteen; I do appoint my Loveing Wife, HANNAH WROE, Executrx. And my Loving Friend, WILLIAM BROWNE, Executr: of this my last Will and Testament revoking and annulling of all Wills and Testaments before made by me. As Witness my hand and seale this 8th day of February 1725/6. s/WILLIAM his mark ( ) WROE. "Sind. Sald. And Delivered in presents of us" FRANCIS TRIPLETT, ELIZABETH "hur" mark ( ) ANDERSON.

Westmorld. Ss. At a Court held for the sd County the 30th day of September 1730 ORIGINAL WROE, Son of WILLIAM WROE, deced., presented into Court this Last Will and Testament of the sd. Decedent, which was proved by the Oaths of the witnesses thereto and admitted to Record; And forasmuch as WILLIAM BROWN, the surviving Executor of the sd. Will named refused in open Court the burthen of the Execution thereof, On mocon of the said ORIGINAL WROE and his giveing DANIEL HIGDON & ROBERT WICKLIFF his securities according to Law, Certificate is granted him for obtaining Letters of Administration with the Will annexed on the sd. Decedents Estate in due form. Test G. TURBERVILLE, C.C.W. Rec. 13th day of oct. 1730
(Westmoreland County, Virginia Deed & Will Abstracts, 1729-1732, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, McLean, VA)

Less than a month prior to William WROE'S signing his own will, one James (or John*) MASON also signed his will in Westmoreland Co, dated 16 Jan 1725/6 and proved on 23 Feb of that same year:
16 Jan - 2 Mar 1725/6 (Westmoreland County Virginia, Deeds & Wills, 1723-1726, p. 47) IN THE NAME OF GOD Amen. I JAMES MASON of Washington Parish in Westmoreland County being sick & weak but of perfect sence mind and memory …. Item, I give & bequeath my land to my Cozen, JOHN HIGDON, when he shall arrive to the age of twenty and in case my said Cozen die before he come to the age aforesd., as aforesd. Or without an heir lawfully begotten of his own body, then my will is that RICHARD WROE shall have that part of my land now rented to WILLIAM WROE and the other part of my land I give & bequeath to WILLIAM BROWN, Son of WILLIAM BROWN; Item. I give & bequeath unto my said Cozen, JOHN HIGDON, all my Brass, Iron & Pewter and that it remain in the hands of my Exrs. untill my sd. Cozen shall arrive to the age aforesd, and then to be delivered in special. Item. I give & bequeath to MARY BROWN twenty shillings to buy her a Ring Item. I give & bequeath unto HANNAH WROE twenty shillings. Item. I give as much of the two Rents as shall keep my Cozen at School as many yeares as his Mother shall think fitt. Item, I give unto my Friend, WILLIAM BROWN, Son of WILLIAM BROWN, three yeares schooling to be paid out of the Rents of my Land. Item, I give and bequeath unto WALTER BROWN a young Heifer. Item, I give and bequeath unto my Cozen. JOHN HIGDON, all my cattle, hogs & horses & bedding,- But in case my said Cozen should die before he arrives to the age of twenty, then my will is that ORIGINALL WROE, Son of JOHN WROE, to have the half of my personal Estate and the other half I give unto WALTER BROWN. I will ordain & appoint my two loving Friends, Capt. Augustine WASHINGTON & William BROWN my true & whole & sole Exrs. of this my Last Will & Testament, revokeing annulling of all Wills &Testaments before made by me, Witness my hand & seal this 16th day of Janry. 1725. JAMES MASON. Signed seated & delivered in the presence of William HUNTLY, John BINCKS, Wm. MANNING.
Westmoreland ss, At a Court held for the sd. County the 23d day of February 1725: The Last Will &Testament of JAMES MASON, deced., was presented into Court by AUGUSTINE WASHINGTON, Gent., & WM; BROWN his Exrs., who made Oath thereto and being proved bv the Oaths of all the witnesses thereto is admitted to Record; And upon the mocon [sic] of the said Exrs. And their performing what is usual in such cases, Certificate is granted them for obtaining a Probate thereof in due form. Test THO. SORRELL, Cl. Recordat 2d die Marcy 1725.
(Westmoreland County Virginia, Deed & Will Abstracts, 1723-1726, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA)
[*This record needs to be ordered. Fothergill's Westmoreland Wills shows him as John MASON, not James. (Westmoreland Co, VA Wills, 1654-1800, Augusta B. Fothergill, Appeals Press, 1925; SHP reprint, Easley, SC, 1982)]

James/John MASON apparently died s.p., but how was John HIGDON a "cousin" (nephew?) to JJ MASON? And which John HIGDON was he? Note: Jane BROOKE Browne married (1) bef 1677 (Richard?) HIGDON w/possible issue John & maybe more) Who was Original WROE son of John WROE? Was JJ MASON Hannah's brother? A son of Joseph/Joshua/Josiah MASON? Was the land which William WROE was renting from JJ MASON the Gunstocker Land of JJJ MASON? Note that MASONS of Richmond/Westmoreland have not yet been researched. Re witness John BINCKS, one John BINCKS d testate in Westmoreland 1730/31, naming wife, Anne GREEN, sister Elizabeth (See Green/Kendall of King George).

According to the late researcher George Harrison Sanford King, William WROE married secondly, MRS. HANNAH MASON who states that his source was William WROE'S will and "the Wroe bible." (Genealogies of Virginia Families From the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine 929.3755 Gen V.1 Geneal. Coll. Pomona Library, Pomona, Los Angeles Co., California, article titled: The Chancellor Family by Geo. Harrison Sanford King, 1301 Prine Edward Street, Fredericksburg, VA.) Apparently, however, there were several Wroe Family Bibles, and the only one that includes mention of Hannah MASON is that of Original WROE, s/o William & Jane BROWNE Wroe¸ and her name is not part of the bible record itself, but instead what appears to be an introduction that includes the statement, "William Wroe died in Westmoreland County, Va. in 1730, having married second Hannah Mason." The term "Mrs." is not included, nor is her marital status mentioned. (Wroe Bible Collection, Virginia State Library Archives.)

Children of Hannah Mason and John Combs I


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Archdale Combs1

M, ID# 8742, (b 1699 - 1735)
Father:John Combs I (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Mother:Hannah Mason (30 May 1680 - )
     Archdale Combs was born b 1699. He was the son of John Combs I and Hannah Mason. Archdale Combs died in 1735 at King George Co, Virginia.
      Archdale Combs was grown and likely married by 1716 because his father John's will said Archdale had already been given his share of the personal estate. Apparently Archdale was living on Peuman's End Run in Caroline Co, VA at the time because in 1719 he sold Thomas Dickeson fifty acres of the land “upon which his father did dwell, beginning upon a river [Jett's Creek, King George Co] at a gutt.” In the transaction Archdale is noted as from Essex (Caroline) Co, VA.

Archdale married an unknown woman after 1719 who was probably mother of his daughters Ann and Mary; he married secondly Mary (-----), probably mother of his daughter Ezabell. Archdale also either had a son, by whom he had a grandson, Archdale Combs III, or one of his daughters bore the child out of wedlock. Archdale junior, who was living in King George Co, VA in 1759. Henceforth the name Archdale practically passes out of the family to re-appear in 1808 among the Clark Co, KY Combses. The name had been in the family for two centuries or more and was an honored name. While Archdale Combs (1641-1692) of Caroline Co was living, John Archdale, supposedly of the London family, became governor of the Carolinas.


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Judith Combs1

F, ID# 8743, (a 1694 - )
Father:John Combs I (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Mother:Hannah Mason (30 May 1680 - )
     Judith Combs was born a 1694. She was the daughter of John Combs I and Hannah Mason.


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Mary Combs1

F, ID# 8744, (a 1696 - )
Father:John Combs I (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Mother:Hannah Mason (30 May 1680 - )
     Mary Combs was born a 1696. She was the daughter of John Combs I and Hannah Mason.


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Sarah Combs1

F, ID# 8745, (a 1700 - )
Father:John Combs I (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Mother:Hannah Mason (30 May 1680 - )
     Sarah Combs was born a 1700. She was the daughter of John Combs I and Hannah Mason.
      Sarah Combs witnessed the deed on 22 Jun 1719 by which her brother Archdale junior sold John and Hannah Combs' residence (Richmond Co, VA Deed Book 7, p. 427-429.) Like her brother Mason, Sarah petitioned the Westmoreland Co, VA Courts to order William Brown to pay her portion of her father's estate (Westmoreland Co, VA Order Book ?.)


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Aime Combs1

F, ID# 8746, (a 1702 - )
Father:John Combs I (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Mother:Hannah Mason (30 May 1680 - )
     Aime Combs was born a 1702. She was the daughter of John Combs I and Hannah Mason.
      Aime Combs was known by the name Aymee as well.


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Elizabeth Combs1

F, ID# 8747, (a 1688 - )
Father:John Combs I (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Mother:Anne (Unknown) (a 1667 - )
     Elizabeth Combs was born a 1688. She was the daughter of John Combs I and Anne (Unknown). Elizabeth Combs married William Kendall, son of Thomas Kendall and Martha Gough / Goff, b 1717.


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Archdale Combe1

M, ID# 8748, (Nov 1641 - )
Father:John Combe II (Aug 1602 - Apr 1652)
Mother:Elizabeth Lovett (Apr 1614 - a 1656)
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     Archdale Combe was born in Nov 1641 at Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, England. He was the son of John Combe II and Elizabeth Lovett. Archdale Combe was christened on 16 Nov 1641 at Soulbury, Buckinghamshire. He married Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? c 1662.
      Where Archdale Combs came or from whom he descended is still unproven, although he was most likely descended from John Combe and his wife Margaret Archdale, and was likely their grandson Archdale Combe of Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, England, who was the son of John Comb and his wife Elizabeth Lovett. (See Also the Archdale-Combs Families).

The possible connection of our Archdale to the English Archdale above is as follows: Elizabeth Comb paid her brother Christopher Lovett who was in Dublin, Ireland, 1,000 pounds to take her son Archdale Combe age 15 on 10 Apr 1656 for eight years until circa 1664 as a draper apprentice in the Drapers Company [Guild] of London. (Draper Company records, London, England.) Whether Archdale moved to Dublin is unknown but is considered probable as apprentices normally resided with their masters. After contracting to be apprenticed as a draper, Archdale Combes of Sparsholt, Berkshire never appeared in English records again. (Findings based on probate records and orphans' recognizance records in the Combs-Coombs Family Research Project.) This Archdale Combe in England was within the age range of the Archdale Combes who first appeared a year after the apprenticeship ended in the records in Stafford Co, VA in 1665, and it is highly likely the two men are one and the same. Therefore, Archdale's probable ancestral lineage has been included herein.

Archdale was first found in the records of Stafford Co, VA in early 1665, but thereafter recorded only in Old Rappahannock Co, VA. In one instance Archdale's suit against a William Brown was dismissed and in the other record he sits on a jury (Stafford Co, VA Order Book, 1664-1668). The latter would indicate Archdale was a landowner, but the only 17th century Combs land record found in Stafford Co is for a 1688 mention of an Archibald Combs who is believed to have probably been Archdale, in part because no other record for an Archibald has been found but also because the abbreviation for both given names was "Archd." and thus easily confused by court clerks. (Stafford Deed Book P, p. 98-101.)

The 1665 Stafford Co, VA Court Records for Archdale were in Apr - Aug 1665, and later that same year on 19 Oct 1665 in Old Rappahannock Co, VA, Archdale Combs and Joseph Okane witnessed the deed of James Coghill to John Speed. (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed and Wills Book, p. 208.)

Archdale continued to appear in the Old Rappahannock records sporadically over the next almost twenty years, usually as a witness. Between the years 1661 and 1666 Archdale married Elizabeth, a widow of two Underwood men and possibly even two William Underwoods. Elizabeth's first husband Col William Underwood was not mentioned in records after Dec 1660, and thus she could have married Archdale Combs the following year. Proven sons of Archdale and Elizabeth are John and William, both later of Richmond, although other likley issue includes a Charles Combs who later lived in Essex Co, VA.

On 7 Jun 1666 Archdall gifted his "sone in Law" William Underwood junior 2 cows, a heifer and 1500 pds. of "good sound Tobacco" to be in the care of Archdall himself until "the donee come of age to chuse him a guardian." (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Bood 3, p. 93-94.) In colonial times the phrase son-in-law was commonly used to denote step-son. Simularly, junior was not necessarily the son of a senior, but often meant there were two individuals of the same name in the same area and/or family, with junior and senior synonymous for younger and elder. In this instance the junior identifies this William Underwood as the son of Elizabeth, but not the son of Elizabeth and Col William Underwood. William Underwood junior was under fourteen years of age (born between 1652-1666) because he was not old enough to choose a guardian. William junior was often confused in the records of Old Rappahannock and its descendant county Richmond (and by this researcher) with his step-brother William Underwood senior born 1648/9, son of Col William Underwood and his earlier wife Mary. William Underwood junior, however, was probably not the son of Col William Underwood unless he had two surviving sons named William Underwood - the elder or senior born 1648/9, the son of the Colonel by his earlier wife Mary and the younger a junior born 1652-1666, with his last wife Elizabeth.

The next mention found of Archdale Combs in the records of Old Rappahannock Co, VA is circa 1667 wherein a record refered to an unamed servant purchased from Archdall Combs.

In 1667/68 for the first time Archdale is noted as a property owner, as is shown by a series of records that also link him to a probable near relative Abraham Combs. (See Abraham Combs of Old Rappahannock Co, VA and St. Mary's Co, MD.) A deed for the property dated 1 Dec 1666 and proved 28 Sep 1668 from Rorah Macrah to James Coghill was witnessed by Abraham Coombe and Ro. Payne. The following year in a deed dated 18 Dec 1667 and proved 14 Feb 1667/8, James Coghill sold the property to Archdall Combe. (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Book Part I of 1668-1670, p.29-30.) On 14 Feb 1667/8, the same date the deed was proved, Archdall Combe sold the property to Francis Triplett who in turn sold the land to Francis Sterne, husband of Mary Cammock, daughter of Warwick and Margaret (Williams?) (Thatcher) Cammock. In a later sale in 1718, this property was described as "150 acres in St. Mary's Parish, on the south side of Pumens End Swamp bounded by land of John Combs, deceased, to corner of William Cammock."

The other record found for Archdale owning property in Old Rappahannock Co was recorded 7 Feb 1667/68 and dated 5 Mar 1667/8: "Archidall COMBE of Rappa. Co., Gent." secured a debt to John Bradforth [Brandord] of Old Rappahannock Co, a miller, with "200 acres knowne by the name of The Forrest with all Houses belonging…as also the dowry of my now Wife Elizabeth…." (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Book 3, p. 362-363.) The record provides another clue with the reference to Elizabeth as "my now wife," a phrase often used to indicate there had been a prior marriage. Archdale was probably married at least once prior to his marriage to Elizabeth, but nothing is known of his earlier wife, if any, nor of any possible earlier issue; an intensive study of land records may provide the answer.

Based on the dates, the above land records apparently refer to two distinct and separate tracts of land - the earlier records for a two-thirds moiety (common share) of 238 acres on the south side of the Rappahannock River in what would become Essex Co, and the latter 200 acres "in the Forest," possibly on the north side of the Rappahannock River in what would become Richmond Co. No further records have been located for this land, and it is not known if the above record was an indication Archdale was suffering from financial difficulties, although it may be telling that Archdale sold the Essex Co land that same year.

Archdale was having some problems as was made clear by a power of attorney dated 22 Jun 1668 and recorded 10 Jul 1668 from Archdall Combe of Rappahannock Co to "my friend Warwick Cammock of the same county my lawfull attorney to answer the suite of Majr. John Weir...." (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Book 3, p. 479-480.) Later that same year a power of attorney dated and recorded 2 Nov 1668 from Archdalle COMBE to "loveing Friende Mr. Warricke Cammocke his attorney to acknowledge judgemt. to Capt. Alexr. Fleming and Raleigh Travers for what Tobacco shall appeare due to them as Admrs. of John Bradford, miller, dec'd." (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Book Part I of 1668-1670, p.72.) The Bradford estate issue indicates Archdale had not yet paid Bradford his debt due 10 Oct 1668.

The details of the suit brought by John Weir are not known. John Weire was the (step?)father of Margaret, wife of (1st) John Watts and (2nd) Abraham Blagg, who years later was security for Archdale's son John. In his 1695 Westmoreland Co, VA will Robert Beckingham (who married Elizabeth, the widow of Raleigh TRAVERS) names as his sister and brother-in-law, a John and Elizabeth Combs. (See also Burroughs-Vassall-Ware Families)

In another power of attorney dated 22 Dec 1668 Archdall Combe appointed "Mr. Jno. Foxhall his attorney in a business depending between Mr. Lane and myselfe as also between Mr. Glover and myselfe…," which was witnessed by Marmaduke Hudson and Marmaduke Dennis (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Book Part I of 1668-1670, p.60.) Neither Lane nor Glover have been identified; however, given that the Archdale Combe of Soulbury may have been in Ireland during the period 1656-1664, it may be significant John Foxhall's brother Abraham wrote his will in Dublin in 1679.

In a deed dated 4 Jul 1670, but not proved until 7 May 1684, from "William Underwood Senyr. of the Parrish of Sittingborne in the County of Rappahannock" to Mr. John Foxhall "of Pope's Creek in the County of Westmoreland, Merchant," a lease of Underwood's Mill (later Foxhall's Mill), in which Underwood leases "all his right which he hath or hereafter by the death of his Mother in Law should have to that Grist or Water Mill with the appences: scituate lying and being in the County and Parish aforesaid and some time in the occupation of Archidall Combe and late in the possession of John Payne…." (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Book 7, p.108-111.)

As noted earlier, William Underwood senior was the eldest son and lawful heir of Col William Underwood and the step-son of Elizabeth, now the wife of Archdale Combs. William senior's reference to his Mother in Law (step-mother) was to Elizabeth Combs. Probably after signing and proving this deed in 1670, William senior waited 14 years to record the deed because Archdale and Elizabeth Combs (William's step-mother) were possibly still living on the land and by 1684 Elizabeth had died. (See also 1684 Guardianship/Apprenticeship records for Elizabeth's probably sons William and Charles Combs of Old Rappahannock Co, VA.)

On 17 May 1673 Archdale Combe witnessed a transaction between James Coghill and Peter Olde which was proved on 3 Sep 1673. (Old Rappahannock Deeds, 1668-1672, Part I, p. 132) and again on 29 Sep 1674 when Peter Old transferred the Bill of Sale back to James Coghill. (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Book 5, p. 238.)

In 1674 Archdale and Elizabeth Combs signed two Old Rappahannock Co deeds which further defined her relationship with the Underwoods. An interpretation of the first deed by one skilled Combs-Coombs Family Project researcher was the 14 Nov 1674 deed relinguished Elizabeth's dower [from Col Underwood] in return for 600 acres land from her step-son William Underwood senior for her sons John and William Combs. In light of the emphasis in the deed on William Underwood senior being the heir of Col Underwood, this interpretation as it being dower and not dowry is logical. The researcher continued stating relinquishment of her dower, apparently in return for 600 acres of land from William Underwood the elder [Elizabeth's step-son] for her sons John and William Combs, may indicate, if Charles was Archdale and Elizabeth's son, that Charles was born after that date (See also Essex Co VA).

However, the deed may be subject to other interpretations because the deed says dowry, not dower and reference is made twice to dowry and a third of the land. From a literal interpretation of the 1674 deed wording it may be that Elizabeth: acquired the 600 acres as dowry – a transfer of parental property at her marriage; retained the land through her marriages; and sold a third of the property to her her step-son William Underwood senior because she and her then husband Archdale Combs were facing various difficulties. The missing link is if William Underwood senior aquired one-third of the land in 1674, how did his step-brother William Underwood junior who sold a third of the land in 1691 come to possess the land; one unspecific and undocumented source stated William Underwood senior gave various land gifts to his step-brothers, so that may be the answer. To wit: subsequently in 1691 'John Coumbes, his brother, William [assumed to be William Combs] and his mother Eliza Coumbs were named in a deed whereby his half-brother, William (OU) Underwood [evidently William Underwood junior because of his OU mark and biological son of Elizabeth] sold his moiety (share) of the 600 acre tract on Peumans' End Run secured by Elizabeth for her three sons as part of her dower settlement as widow of Col William Underwood. (Richmond Co, VA Deed Book 1, p. 7.) Dowry means land was acquired from parents; dower is different and means property given the bride by the groom at the time of marriage and which remains under her ownership and control. Whether the 1674 deed is correct and this land is dowry or the Combs-Coombs Family Project interpretation is correct and Col Underwood gave her this land makes little difference in the long run. By 1711 William Combs, another biological son of Elizabeth's, sold his one-third share.

The 14 Nov 1674 deed reads: "We, Archdall Combes and Elizabeth Combes the Lawfull Wife of the sd. Archdale living and being in the Parish of Sitting Bourne of the County of Rappa in Virginia...for divers valuable causes...especially for and in consideration of 600 acs. of land made over to the sd. Elizabeth Combes and her two Sones as by a Writing will appear, have by these presents devised, granted, sold and confirmed...unto William Underwood Senr. living and being in the Parish and County afsd. the Lawfull Sone and Heir Apparent of Collo. William Underwood deceased and formerly husband of the afsd. Elizabeth, to him, his heirs and assigns forever all and every part and parcell of the right, claim and remainders in the thirds and Dowry of the same formerly called The Mount scituate lying in and being in the Parish and County afsd wch did of Right and by Law belong and descend to the said Elizabeth as being the Relict of Collo. William Underwood deced aforesaid and now in Rights & in the possesion & occupation of the said Archdale Combes as Intermarrying with her the aforesaid Elizabeth To have hold use and possess the aforesaid Dowry and thirds of the said land withall and singular the tenements and appurtenances excepting only the profitts of the thirds of the Mill thereto belonging to the said William Underwood his heirs and assigns forever … " signed/Archdale Combs and Elizabeth Combs. (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Deed Book Part II of 1672-1676, p. 278-279.) The above not only identifies Elizabeth as former wife of Col William Underwood, and now the wife of Archdale Combs, but also mentions "her two sons," although which two sons is unclear.

The 1674 relinquishment created confusion due to the following deed which was misinterpreted. The deed dated 11 Dec 1691 in Richmond Co, VA (created from Old Rappahannock Co) is from William Underwood junior [Elizabeth Butler's son] to William Thomas and includes the statement: "…Mr. Wm. Underwood, Sr. as Marrying the Sister of the said Mr. Ammaree Butler. And from the said Butler confer'd unto Mr. Wm. Underwood Senr. as marrying the Sister of the said Butler and from the said Underwood convey'd over by Exchange of the Thirds of land belonging unto Mrs. Eliza: Coumbs with consent of the said Mrs. Elizabeth Coumbs unto William Underwood, Junr., John Coumbes, and William Coumbes to them their heires or assignes forever…" (Richmond Deeds, 1692-1694, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, McLean, VA, 1991.) Confusion arose not only due to poor syntax but also from the mistaken belief "Mr. Wm. Underwood, Sr." was Col William Underwood, earlier husband of Elizabeth, and that "Mr. Wm. Underwood, Jr." was the son of Col William Underwood. Instead William Underwood senior was the son of Col William Underwood and his first wife Mary and was the husband of Mary Butler, sister of Rev Amory Butler; and William Underwood junior was son of (Unknown Underwood) and Elizabeth Butler. This mistaken identification between the step-brothers both named William Underwood resulted in many researchers listing Elizabeth with the maiden name Butler - which she may have well have been, but not by virtue of the above record. Further confusing the relationships, of course, was Rev Amory Butler married circa 1671 Elizabeth Underwood, sister of Col. Wm. Underwood, widow of (respectively) James Taylor, Francis Slaughter and John Catlett.

The second deed of genealogical interest was dated 2 Nov 1675 from "Archdale Combs and Elizabeth Combs Wife of the sd. Archdale Combes" to "Capt. Wm. Ball of Lancaster County in Virginia, all that right & interest of a parcell of land lying in the freshes of Rappa River on the North side the said River wch was given by Major William Underwood of the County of Rappa deced unto the two daughters of Mr. Jas. Williamson deced Margaret & Mary Williamson the thirds of which land did properly belong to the sd. Elizabeth Combes as being the Relict of Major Wm. Underwood deced Wee the said Archdale Combes & Elizabeth Combes…" (Old Rappa Co., Va DB Part II of 1672-1676:327-328) In this deed Elizabeth his selling her dower of one-third of the land.

Both of the above records referred to a single William Underwood who died circa 1662 and was known variously as Mr, Capt, Major and Colonel William Underwood over a period of years. Although the first of the above two records refers to Elizabeth Combs and her two sons, later deeds indicate the number was at least three; this may have been an error in the deed or may indicate Elizabeth's youngest Combs' son (William? Charles?) was not yet born.

Dr. Josiah H. Combs, author of The Combes Genealogy…, also mentions the 2 Nov 1675 deed, when he states, "...on November 2, 1675: Archdale Combs and his wife Elizabeth conveyed a tract of land (in the present Westmoreland County) to Capt. William Ball..... Along with their signatures, Archdale and his wife affix a wax seal bearing the crest of a vulning pelican; encircling the crest is the Latin motto: sic bis quos diligo..." Dr. Combs added "the seal used by Archdale Combs was not necessarily his own, and not prima facie evidence that Archdale even had a crest. Away from home (probably down at Tappahannock, the old county seat), he used somebody else's seal, to flatten out or spread the wax. The records of the College of Arms do not indicate that any Combs family in the British Isles ever used the vulning pelican as a crest." However, Archdale would not likely use a seal not his own, one question was what copy of the document Dr. Combs had viewed (the Clerk's copy not including the seal). The solution to this mystery was discovered by Combs Researcher Joe Kendall in "Virginia Genealogies," Horace Edwin Hayden, GPC, 1979, Baltimore MD, p. 54: ".... original deeds in the possesion of the Downman family dated Nov. 2, 1675 from Major William Underwood of Rapahanock county Va. deced to Margaret and Mary Williamson daughters of Mr. James Williamson of Sme county a tract of land in the freshes of the Rapahanock on the North side. The widow of Major Underwood being Elizabeth Combes wife of Archdale Combes, claimed her dower in thirds of sd tract, This third sold by Archdale and Elizabeth to Capt. William Ball of Lancaster. Witnesses; Ed Crusk and Philip Pendleton. Both Archdale and Elizabeth signed the deed and each affixed a seal: a Pelican feeding her young with the Motto, around the border, sic bisqous diligo." This deed has what is probably the only signature of Archdale Combs still extant.

Only three more records signed by Archdale Combs as a witness have been found in Old Rappahannock Co: the first dated 17 Apr 1677 and proved 27 Mar 1678 (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Records, 1677-1682, Part 1,p. 167) ; the second dated 3 Mar 1677/8 and proved the same date as the first; and the third dated 1 Jan 1677/8 and proved the same date.

Whether Archdale died in Old Rappahannock Co, Stafford Co; Maryland; or England or when is unknown - only that he died after 3 Mar 1677/8 and probably before 7 May 1684. The year 1684 seems probable given that on 7 May 1684, the same date William Underwood senior finally proved the Foxhall deed after 14 years' delay, the Old Rappahannock Court ordered "upon request of John Butler that Charles Combs serve the said Butler until he attaines the age of one and twenty years, he the said Butler finding him sufficient Diett washing lodging and apparrell during the sd term and at the expiration therof to allow him as the Act directs for custome or Indented Servants. (Old Rappahannock Co, VA Order Book, 1683-1686, p. 20 (27)) Also on 4 Sep 1684 "William Combs was to be bound to Mr. William Underwood until he reached the age of twenty one years according to an order of the Vestry of Sittingbourne Parish, and assigned to him from Abraham Stepp; the said Underwood to provide for him such necessarys which belongeth to an apprentice. (Old Rappahannock Order Book 1683-1686, p. 55) The early vestry record ordering Abraham Stepp (Stapp?) as guardian is probably not extant. Unfortunately, neither record discloses either age nor length of indenture or apprenticeship for Charles or William. Archdale's son John Combs apparently was not bound out as an apprentice at that time, and therefore John attained his majority and thus was probably born circa 1662/3 or had previously been apprenticed.

Detailed source:
--Combs-Coombs Research Project, Archdale Combs,

Children of Archdale Combe and Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ?


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Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ?1

F, ID# 8749, (a 1630 - c 1684)
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? was born a 1630. She married Unknown Underwood (1st h/o Eliza) a 1650. Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? married COL William Underwood I (2nd h/o Eliza), son of Unknown Underwood, a 1651. Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? married Archdale Combe, son of John Combe II and Elizabeth Lovett, c 1662. Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? died c 1684 at Virginia ?
      Elizabeth, who was possibly a Butler by birth, was the widow of two Underwood men when she married Archdale Combs: Col William Underwood and, apparently previous to that, also the widow of a second unidentified Underwood by whom she apparently had a son, William Underwood junior (See Also Combs/Underwood &c Families & (Combs) Elizabeth & Col. Wm. Underwood). Thus, Elizabeth had three sons named William: her step-son known as William Underwood senior (who this researcher confused at times with his step-father Col William Underwood); her son William Underwood known as junior (born at least four years later and likely the son of her unknown first husband); and her son William Combs.

Child of Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? and Unknown Underwood (1st h/o Eliza)

Child of Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? and COL William Underwood I (2nd h/o Eliza)

Children of Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? and Archdale Combe


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John Combe II1

M, ID# 8750, (Aug 1602 - Apr 1652)
Father:John Combe I (c 1560 - Sep 1610)
Mother:Margaret Archdale (Nov 1569 - Sep 1616)
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     John Combe II was born in Aug 1602 at London, England. He was the son of John Combe I and Margaret Archdale. John Combe II was christened on 15 Aug 1602 at Saint Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England. He married Elizabeth Lovett, daughter of Sir Robert Lovett I and Anne (Unknown), on 8 Jul 1630 at Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, England. John Combe II died in Apr 1652 at Sparsholt, Berkshire, England, at age 49. He was buried on 24 Apr 1652 at Sparsholt, Berkshire.
      John Combe and his wife Elizabeth Lovett had a son Archdale and are highly likely the parents of the Archdale Combs who immigrated to Virginia.

On 15 Oct 1619 "John Combe of London, son of a gentleman," age 17, matriculated at Trinity College, Oxford University, Oxfordshire. On this same date, his cousin, Joseph Alvey, aged 19, son of a minister, also matriculated at Trinity. Joseph was the son of Arthur and Alice Archdale Alvey of Knotting, Bedfordshire, the latter first cousin to John's mother, Margaret Archdale Combe. Joseph Alvey is also named in the 1629/30 Oxfordshire will of John's brother William.

John did not immigrate to America, and thus is not to be confused with the John Combe who was in Jamestown, VA in 1620.

In 1622, John Combe was reimbursed his "caution money" [deposit] by Trinity College and, according to Foster's Oxonienses, was the same John Combe who was admitted to the Inner Temple of London on 29 Jun 1622, as "John Combe, gent., son and heir [eldest son] of John Combe of Edmonton, Middlesex, [esquire], deceased." The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, commonly known as Inner Temple, was one of the four Inns of Court – professional associations for barristers and judges – in London. To practice as a lawyer in England one had to belong to one of these Inns. No record was found indicating John completed his requirements at the Inner Temple and became a barrister.

John's father John Combe of St Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury Parish possibly owned no property in Edmonton, but his son John may have lived with or listed as his primary residence his sister Mary Combe Manning home in Edmonton, Middlesex by the time he entered the Inner Temple. Edmonton was also adjacent to the parish of Tottenham where John's aunt Barbara Archdale Palmer owned property and with whom John lived after his parents died until he went to college.

John was noted as a Armiger; the right to use the title armiger was contingent upon having armorial status – the right to bear arms; therefore, at some point either John or his father was granted a heraldic coat of arms. (See Combs &c. English Heraldry)

In 1629 John and his brother Archdale were named in the Oxfordshire will of their brother William who died the following year. In April 1634 John's brother Archdale died without issue in Oxfordshire, and John, now the last surviving sibling, assumed administration of the estate in Nov 1634.

On 8 May 1634 John assumed administration of his mother's estate, administration de bonis non being granted to him as Margaret's eldest and perhaps only surviving son. "Margaret Combe of St. Mary's Aldermanbury, London to John Combe, son being now of age 8 May 1634.” Administration "de bonis non" was granted for the purpose of administering goods of a deceased person which were not administered by the former administrator, his aunt Barbara Archdale Palmer.

In Jun 1634 John Combe and his wife Elizabeth Lovett sold London property in St Antholin Budge Row Parish and St John the Baptist Walbrook Parish, possibly property inherited by John's mother Margaret Archdale Combe from her father Thomas Archdale. The property was sold to George Thetcher. George and Ann Thetcher (also known as Tacher, Thacker, Thatcher) were residing in St. Stephen Walbrook, London by 29 Sep 1628. See also records of Old Rappahannock and Westmoreland Counties, VA and Cammock Families regarding Sylvester Thatcher, associate of Archdale Combe and first husband of Warwick Cammock's wife Margaret.

Sometime between Nov 1641 and Feb 1643 John and Elizabeth moved to Sparholt, Bershire where they were residing at the time of her father's and brother's deaths in 1643. The English Civil War may have impacted their family at this time, because there was heavy fighting in Berkshire in the early 1640s.

On 13 Sep 1650 John's maternal aunt and former guardian Barbara Archdale Palmer wrote her Wanlip, Leicestershire will, including bequests to, among others, "my cousin John Combe's wife, to my cousin Mary Ditchfield…" [Elizabeth Lovett Combe and Mary Manning Ditchfield]. Barbara's will also made mention of property at Page Green, Tottenham, Middlesex, adjacent to Edmonton, Middlesex, where both the Ditchfields and Mannings resided, and as noted above, possibly John Combe himself.

The next record of John is in the Sparsholt parish register: "1652 April the 24th was buried Mr John Combe." While no will has been located, an administration provided: "John Combe The thirteenth day A Domn: y srued for tz(?) to Elizabeth Combe the relict of John Combe late of Sparsholt in the County of Berke Esqr deced havenige goode ___ to adster the same goods & beinge first sworne truly to adster". The term "Mihab" appears in the right column next to the administration statement." (London Public Records Office, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, PROB 6/27 folio 90, p. 93, dated May 1652)

This same month in May 1652 administration of the estate of John's brother William was granted to "Elizabeth Combe ye mother &c. Curatrix of Margarett Combe ye neece of William Combe… fellow of Oriell… Colledge in … Deced… ye goods of ye said deceased wch were left… unadministered by John Combe (&)? Archdale Combe ye brothers… _xe_utors, alsoe deceased. During the minority of ye said Margarett Combe ye neece of ye said… and effect of the said will, shee being first sworne faithfully to administer."

Where Elizabeth and the children resided during the next four years is unknown. No further record of the family is found until 1656 when Elizabeth of Oxon [Oxfordshire] apprenticed her fifteen-year old son "Archadell Combes, son of John Combes of Sparsholt, Berks, Arm, [ Armiger] dec" to her brother Christopher Lovett. This record not only documents John Combe's armorial status, but also provides another indication of the family's wealth: £1,000 in 1656 was the equivalent of about $200,000 US dollars, using a dollar to pound exchange rate from 2009. The Drapers Company Archives include no additional data in regard to Archdale Combe other than his apprenticeship; however, those archives do not include all extant Irish draper's records, some of which are currently housed in Belfast.

Detailed source:
--Combe-Coombe Research Project, Children of John and Margaret Combe (John Combe),

Children of John Combe II and Elizabeth Lovett


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Margaret Archdale1,2

F, ID# 8751, (Nov 1569 - Sep 1616)
Father:Thomas Archdale (c 1536 - 27 Nov 1611)
Mother:Mary Clifton (1545 - Nov 1578)
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     Margaret Archdale was born in Nov 1569 at Saint Antholin Budge Row, London, England. She was the daughter of Thomas Archdale and Mary Clifton. Margaret Archdale was christened on 6 Nov 1569 at London. She married John Combe I on 11 Dec 1587 at London. Margaret Archdale died in Sep 1616 at London, England, at age 46. She was buried on 19 Sep 1616 at Saint Mary's the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England.

Children of Margaret Archdale and John Combe I


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  2. [S498] Archdale Family Records.

Josiah Mason1

M, ID# 8752, (a 1654 - )
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     Josiah Mason was born a 1654. He married Elizabeth Burton a 1679.

Child of Josiah Mason and Elizabeth Burton


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

Elizabeth Burton1

F, ID# 8753, (a 1659 - )
Charts:Juanita Bessie Counts * lineage
     Elizabeth Burton was born a 1659. She married Josiah Mason a 1679.

Child of Elizabeth Burton and Josiah Mason


  1. [S496] Combs -oombs Research.

William Kendall1

M, ID# 8754, (a 1690 - )
Father:Thomas Kendall (a 1662 - )
Mother:Martha Gough / Goff (a 1667 - )
     William Kendall was born a 1690. He was the son of Thomas Kendall and Martha Gough / Goff. William Kendall married Elizabeth Combs, daughter of John Combs I and Anne (Unknown), b 1717.
      William Kendall is first found in the records of Richmond Co, VA when he and John Combs witnessed a deed between George Green and John Kendall on 2 May 1709 (Richmond DB5:200-1), with William's mark a "W."

On 2 Mar 1716-17 Thomas Kendall of Parish of Hanover, Richmond Co made a deed of gift to his "son William Kendall and his now wife Elizabeth of that plantation of 50 acres where said Thomas Kendall now lives and whole personal estate to son William except what I have given to my youngest son Samuel, provided that William live upon said plantation and maintain Thomas Kendall during his natural life…." with the deed witnessed by Isaac Arnold [also a witness to the will of John Combs], George Green and John Green.

On 09 Nov 1721, William Kendall of Westmoreland Co, VA deeded the 50 acres to his brother Samuel Kendall (recorded 2 Mar 1721/2, King George Co, VA DB1:59-61).

On 28 Sep 1726 William Kendall of Stafford sold the 28 Sep 1726 Deed. William Kendall of Stafford … property they "formerly lived and inhabited" in Westmoreland County. Dated (recorded the same date, Westmoreland Co, VA DB 8:68-70) The deed is signed by William [his W mark] Kendall and Elizabeth [her C mark] Kendall.

In Stafford Co, VA William and Elizabeth and their family were found in the records of Overwharton Parish, as was the family of her younger brother Mason Combs senior.

A widely republished bible record (whose original source is unknown nor its existence substantiated) was incorrectly assumed to be the record of our William Kendall and his wife Elizabeth Combs. According to the bible record, Elizabeth married William Kendall 5 Apr 1694 and their children born soon after were Samuel b. 19 May 1695, Thomas b 1 Aug 1697, John b 21 Oct 1698, Richard b 25 Dec 1699, William 4 Mar 1701, Robert 23 Jun 1703 (Josiah H. COMBS' The Combes Genealogy…, p. 27 and 123.) While this bible record may be correct, it is not the record of our William Kendall and Elizabeth Combs family of Richmond, Westmoreland and Stafford Cos, VA; to wit:
--John Combs of Richmond Co, father of our Elizabeth, was not born until at least 1662 and would have been only 32 years old at most if his daughter married in 1694. Even a presumption Elizabeth married at age 14 would make her father a 17-year old husband and an 18-year old father; grooms could not afford to marry this young.
--Moreover the William Kendall in the bible record was not the William Kendall who lived next door to John Combs and who moved with his family to Stafford Co, VA; to wit: Elizabeth Combs was probably born no earlier than 1690-1695, probably at Richmond Co, VA and she is the wife of William Kendall who lived in Stafford Co, VA in the early 1700s. There may be a valid argument she was born 1695-1700 (COMBS-Kendall Researcher Denise Kelly Mortorff.)

Other deeds and records provide information on Kendalls in Stafford Co and their associations with families with whom the Combs family is associated. The most critical point is apparently only one William Kendall was in Stafford County in the early and mid-1700s according to extant records (Overwharton Parish Register; Vogt's books on "Stafford County, Virginia Tithables…" and Sparacio's abstraction).

The Overwharton Parish Register, in conjunction with knowledge of John Combs' potential birth range assisted in dating the William Kendall family:
--Jesse KENDALL, born 04 Nov 1740, son of William KENDALL, Jr.
--Jesse KENDALL, died 18 Nov 1740
--Thomas KENDALL, born 27 Mar 1742, son of William and Jemima KENDALL
--George KENDALL, born 13 Jan 1744, son of William and Jemima KENDALL
--James KENDALL marries at Aquia Church to Mary COFFEY on 25 Feb 1745.
--William KENDALL marries at Aquia Church to Jemima KIRK on 10 May 1748 [sic]
--George KENDALL marries at Aquia Church to Margaret KELLY on 5 June 1748.
--Joshua KENDALL marries at Aquia Church to Catherine SMITH on 4 April 1749.
--John KENDALL marries at Aquia Church to Catherine KEES on 9 January 1752.
--Mary Ann KENDALL, born 9 Apr 1752, d/o William and Jemima KENDALL
--Jess KENDALL, born 20 Sep 1752, s/o James & Mary KENDALL
--Daniel KENDALL, born 1 Jan 1753, s/o John and Catherine KENDALL
--Joshua KENDALL, born 27 May 1753, s/o Joshua and Catherine KENDALL
--Lizy KENDALL, born 1 Apr 1754, d/o William and Jemima KENDALL
--Charles KENDALL, born 7 Sep 1754, s/o John and Catherine KENDALL
--Bailey KENDALL, born 8 Oct 1755, s/o James and Mary KENDALL
--Nancy KENDALL, born 19 Dec 1755, d/o Joshua and Catherine KENDLL
--Jeremiah KENDALL, born 6 Feb 1758, s/o William and Jemima KENDALL
--Nelly KENDALL, born 11 Feb 1758, d/o Joshua and Catherine KENDALL
--Elizabeth KENDALL, born 27 Feb 1758, d/o John and Catherine KENDALL
Very likely other children born and married in earlier years, but the Overwharton Parish Register was not a complete record prior to 1740; nevertheless the above parish records do not match the bible record, and it is highly unlikely the record was for our Kendall - Combs family, which was not only in the right place, but at the right time.

William's family needs to be researched to understand his connection if any to the wealthy Kendalls of Northampton Co, VA; one man named William Kendall (1664-1658) in Northampton Co married Anne Mason and named a child Mason Kendall.

Detailed sources:
--Denise Kelly Mortorff; The Kendall Family History: the Life, Ancestors and Descendants of Abraham Kendall & "Millie" Ellen Gilmore, Denise Kelley Mortorff, Ellen Kendall Kelley, Elma Jane Richardson Scott; privately printed; 1989 .(needs to be read)
--Combs - Coombs Research Project,
--"The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA, 1723-1758 and Sundry Historical and Genealogical Notes," Compiled and Published by George Harrison Sanford King Fellow, American Society of Genealogist, Fredericksburg, VA, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1961.


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COL William Underwood I (2nd h/o Eliza)1

M, ID# 8755, (a 1622 - a Dec 1660)
Father:Unknown Underwood (a 1596 - )
     COL William Underwood I (2nd h/o Eliza) was born a 1622. He was the son of Unknown Underwood. COL William Underwood I (2nd h/o Eliza) married Mary Moseley ? Burton ? a 1647. COL William Underwood I (2nd h/o Eliza) married Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? a 1651. COL William Underwood I (2nd h/o Eliza) died a Dec 1660.
      Col William Underrwood ected the first mill on what is today known as Bristol Creek (which divides present-day King George and Westmoreland Counties), sometime between 1658 when the land was patented to him, and 1662-3, when he died. Over the next sixty-odd years, the mill changed both hands and names a number of times and was held by his descendants from time to time.

Child of COL William Underwood I (2nd h/o Eliza) and Mary Moseley ? Burton ?

Child of COL William Underwood I (2nd h/o Eliza) and Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ?


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Anne (Unknown)1

F, ID# 8756, (a 1667 - )
     Anne (Unknown) was born a 1667. She married John Combs I, son of Archdale Combe and Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ?, a 1687.

Children of Anne (Unknown) and John Combs I


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Joseph Combs1

M, ID# 8757, (a 1690 - )
Father:John Combs I (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Mother:Anne (Unknown) (a 1667 - )
     Joseph Combs was born a 1690. He was the son of John Combs I and Anne (Unknown).
      Joseph Combs moved to Aquia Creek in northern Stafford Co, VA.


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John ? Combs II1

M, ID# 8758, (a 1692 - )
Father:John Combs I (c 1663 - 11 Dec 1716)
Mother:Anne (Unknown) (a 1667 - )
     John ? Combs II was born a 1692. He was the son of John Combs I and Anne (Unknown).


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Thomas Kendall1

M, ID# 8759, (a 1662 - )
     Thomas Kendall was born a 1662. He married Martha Gough / Goff a 1687.
      Thomas Kendall's relationship with the Kendalls of Northampton Co, VA needs to be researched.

Children of Thomas Kendall and Martha Gough / Goff


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William Combs1

M, ID# 8760, (a 1665 - 1717)
Father:Archdale Combe (Nov 1641 - )
Mother:Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? (a 1630 - c 1684)
     William Combs was born a 1665. He was the son of Archdale Combe and Elizabeth "Eliza" Butler ? William Combs married Mary (Unknown) a 1690. William Combs died in 1717.


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