Nancy A. Carroll1

F, ID# 11886, (27 Oct 1827 - 22 Mar 1914)
Father:James Carroll (c 1797 - )
Mother:Cynthia (Unknown) (c 1810 - )
     Nancy A. Carroll was born on 27 Oct 1827 at Georgia. She was the daughter of James Carroll and Cynthia (Unknown). Nancy A. Carroll married PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers, son of PVT Valentine Weathers and Sarah Atkins, on 26 Jun 1853 at Coosa Co, Alabama. Nancy A. Carroll died on 22 Mar 1914 at Billingsley, Autauga Co, Alabama, at age 86.
      Nancy Carroll was living at Hatchet Creek, Coosa Co, AL in 1850 with her birth family. Although there was a 14-year variation in her reported birth date -- 1850 born 1830, 1860 born 1834, 1870 and 1880 born 1840; and 1914 born 1826 -- on her widow's pension application Nancy stated she was born 27 Oct 1827. This is supported because her last child was apparently born in 1866, meaning she was about age 40 at that time, and thus would have been born about 1826.

At the time of Nancy's widow's pension application on 18 May 1897 she stated her husband died from wounds during or since the war. She was living in Rockford, AL and owned 30 acres of land; subsequently in an 1898 application she reported she was living in Chilton Co, AL and had no property. Nancy's widow's pension was granted on 20 Jul 1899. In 1900 Nancy was living with her son-in-law William Wright and daughter Mary and their family in Autauga, AL. By 1910 Nancy was living with her son Daniel in Autauga Co, AL. She reported she had seven children and three were still living.

Children of Nancy A. Carroll and PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

William Weathers1

M, ID# 11887, (c 1856 - )
Father:PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers (c 1809 - 18 Jul 1897)
Mother:Nancy A. Carroll (27 Oct 1827 - 22 Mar 1914)
     William Weathers was born c 1856 at Alabama. He was the son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll.
      William Weathers's family was living in Coosa Co, AL so he was not the William B. Weathers born in 1856 in Lamar Co, Alabama who married Annie Kirksey on 17 Feb 1892 in Fayette Co, AL as many online family trees show.


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

Mary A. Weathers1

F, ID# 11888, (Jul 1854 - )
Father:PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers (c 1809 - 18 Jul 1897)
Mother:Nancy A. Carroll (27 Oct 1827 - 22 Mar 1914)
     Mary A. Weathers was born in Jul 1854 at Alabama. She was the daughter of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll. Mary A. Weathers married William Peyton Wright on 28 Feb 1883 at Elmore Co, Alabama.
      William Wright and Elisha Grier, neither whom could sign their name, entered a $200 bond on 20 Jul 1883 for William's marriage to Mary Withers (sic).

In 1900 the family was renting a farm in Liberty, Autauga Co, AL. No one in the family could read or write and children as old as 11 were working on the farm. Following a tradition exemplified by her sister Susan, Mary only aged four years between the 1900 and 1910 census. In 1910 the family was renting a farm in Elmore Co, AL and all members were farm laborers.

Children of Mary A. Weathers and William Peyton Wright


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

Martha Weathers1

F, ID# 11889, (c 1858 - )
Father:PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers (c 1809 - 18 Jul 1897)
Mother:Nancy A. Carroll (27 Oct 1827 - 22 Mar 1914)
     Martha Weathers was born c 1858. She was the daughter of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll.


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

James H. Weathers

M, ID# 11890, (c 1860 - )
Father:PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers (c 1809 - 18 Jul 1897)
Mother:Nancy A. Carroll (27 Oct 1827 - 22 Mar 1914)
     James H. Weathers was born c 1860 at Coosa Co, Alabama. He was the son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll.

James Carroll1

M, ID# 11891, (c 1797 - )
     James Carroll was born c 1797 at Georgia. He married Cynthia (Unknown) a 1829.

Child of James Carroll and Cynthia (Unknown)


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

Cynthia (Unknown)

F, ID# 11892, (c 1810 - )
     Cynthia (Unknown) was born c 1810 at Georgia. She married James Carroll a 1829.

Child of Cynthia (Unknown) and James Carroll

Susan "Susie" L. Weathers1

F, ID# 11893, (24 Jun 1863 - 20 Jul 1931)
Father:PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers (c 1809 - 18 Jul 1897)
Mother:Nancy A. Carroll (27 Oct 1827 - 22 Mar 1914)
     Susan "Susie" L. Weathers was born on 24 Jun 1863 at Alabama. She was the daughter of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll. Susan "Susie" L. Weathers married J. W. Phillips a 1880. Susan "Susie" L. Weathers died on 20 Jul 1931 at Huntsville, Madison Co, Alabama, at age 68. She was buried on 21 Jul 1931 at Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Madison Co, Alabama.
      Susan Weathers was age 8 in the 1870 census and age 17 in the 1880 census, thus she was born about 1862. However, Susan's death record clearly shows her parents as Stephen and Nancy and shows she was born 24 Jun 1876, outside of Nancy's childbearing years. So either one of Stephen's and Nancy's children had a child, in addition to their own daughter named Susan, and Stephen and Nancy raised their grandchild as their own or Susan conveniently reduced her age by 14 years. Susan was noted as a pauper on her death certificate.

Susan was also referred to as Susan Anna Roxey Ella Weathers in some family trees, which may be a result of people trying to erroneously fit their ancestor into the Stephen Weathers family.


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

Daniel M. Weathers1

M, ID# 11894, (11 Dec 1866 - 17 Oct 1924)
Father:PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers (c 1809 - 18 Jul 1897)
Mother:Nancy A. Carroll (27 Oct 1827 - 22 Mar 1914)
     Daniel M. Weathers was born on 11 Dec 1866 at Alabama. He was the son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll. Daniel M. Weathers married Crick Polly Cleckler on 28 Dec 1889 at Chilton Co, Alabama. Daniel M. Weathers died on 17 Oct 1924 at Autauga Co, Alabama, at age 57.
      Stephen's son Daniel and his reported son Silas were unable to read and write which may have contributed to their birth dates being so incorrect in the 1900 census when they lived next door to each other. Daniel was enumerated as born Oct 1857 and Silas as born Aug 1861, although a census done in their youth showed their birth dates as circa 1866 and circa 1873 -- over a decade difference for each man respectively.

Daniel was living in Clanton, Chilton Co, AL in 1900 with his wife and step-son. By 1910 Daniel was reported as age 47, living with his wife who was called Hallie on this census, and was working as a log cutter next door at James C. Pattillo's Lumber Mill in Autauga Co, AL. Living with them was his widowed mother Nancy. By 1920 the Daniel and Polly were residing in Big Springs, Autauga Co, AL where Daniel, age 52, was farming.

Daniel's 1924 death certificate reiterated his father was Yank Weathers.


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

Silas M. Weathers1

M, ID# 11895, (Aug 1861 - )
Father:PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers (c 1809 - 18 Jul 1897)
Mother:Nancy A. Carroll (27 Oct 1827 - 22 Mar 1914)
     Silas M. Weathers was born in Aug 1861 at Coosa Co, Alabama. He was the son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll. Silas M. Weathers married Martha J. (Unknown) c 1885. Silas M. Weathers married Mattie (Unknown) c 1920. Silas M. Weathers married Nancy Hutchins on 23 Oct 1943 at Elmore Co, Alabama.
      Silas M. Weathers and his wife Martha were inconsistent in reporting their years of marriage and where her parents were born, but other details tracked fairly well with the exception of the census taker reporting Silas as 7 instead of 17 in 1880. Based on his reported birth date on his third marriage document where he subtracted a decade from his actual age, some trees show Silas as born 11 Dec 1873 which would have been after his mother's childbearing years, but the 1900 census and his 1907 prison record show his correct birth data.

In 1900 Silas, born Aug 1861, and Martha born Jun 1861, were living in Clanton, Chilton Co, AL where he was working as a day laborer. They reported they had been married ten years but their child, who they reported as still alive in 1910 was not living with them. Both were illiterate. Martha said her parents were born in Alabama.

On 15 Aug 1907 Silas was sentenced in circuit court to three years in jail in Autauga Co, AL for arson in the second degree. When processed into the jail he was noted as a married native of Alabama, age 45, which would mean a birth date of about 1862. Silas was described as having no education and working at the public works. He had a scar on his forehead and on both knee caps. The writing describing his living situation was unclear and appeared to state he was living with his Mother Ona, and sister _e_bena, Huntsville, but the word mother might be Mather because he was married to a Martha at the time. Silas was pardoned and put on parole on 21 Dec 1908.

In 1910 Silas and Martha were still residing in Chilton Co where he was working at the public school and reported he was unable to read or write. Martha worked as a seamstress and reported she could read but not write. Silas was noted as a military veteran. They stated they had been married 25 years and their one child was still alive. Martha said her parents were born in Virginia and South Carolina.

By 1919 Silas and Martha were living on King Street in Montgomery, AL where he worked as a carpenter.

The following year Silus (sic) was on Bell Street in Montgomery, AL where he worked as a carpenter and his wife was enumerated as Mattie; his age was incorrectly reported as 48. Mattie was presumed to be his second wife rather than a nickname for Martha because at his next marriage Silus reported he was marrying for the third time. Mattie said her parents were born in North and South Carolina. Both Silas and Mattie were illiterate.

By 1940 Silas age 70 was living in the Cold Spring, Elmore Co, AL household of Archie age 23 and Emma L. Wright age 20. Silas was reported as Archie's (or Emma's) married uncle and stated he was living in the same place in 1935. Also living in the household was Nancy Prince, age 49, reported as Archie's mother-in-law, who in 3 years would become Silas' wife.

In 1943 when Silas remarried his address was appears to be Deats Mill in Elmore Co and he was working at a fishing camp. He stated this was his third marriage and that he was divorced on 21 Aug 1943 possibly in Montgomery, AL. His birth date was given as 12/11/73 in Coosa Co.


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

Martha J. (Unknown)1

F, ID# 11896, (Jun 1861 - )
     Martha J. (Unknown) was born in Jun 1861 at Alabama. She married Silas M. Weathers, son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll, c 1885.


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

Nancy Hutchins1

F, ID# 11897, (20 Sep 1890 - )
     Nancy Hutchins was born on 20 Sep 1890 at Calhoun Co, Alabama. She married Unknown Prince a 1910. Nancy Hutchins married Silas M. Weathers, son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll, on 23 Oct 1943 at Elmore Co, Alabama.


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

Mattie (Unknown)1

F, ID# 11898, (c 1855 - )
     Mattie (Unknown) was born c 1855 at Alabama. She married Silas M. Weathers, son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll, c 1920.


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

Crick Polly Cleckler1

F, ID# 11899, (May 1867 - )
     Crick Polly Cleckler was born in May 1867. She married Daniel M. Weathers, son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll, on 28 Dec 1889 at Chilton Co, Alabama.

Child of Crick Polly Cleckler


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

John (Unknown)1

M, ID# 11900, (c 1886 - )
Mother:Crick Polly Cleckler (May 1867 - )
     John (Unknown) was born c 1886. He was the son of Crick Polly Cleckler.


  1. [S400] Stephen Weathers Family Records.

PVT Valentine Weathers1,2

M, ID# 11901, (c 1760 - 16 Feb 1852)
Father:John Weathers I (24 Jan 1725 - 27 Mar 1812)
Mother:Judith "Judy" Foreman (a 1727 - b 1800)
Charts:Amanda Ola Weathers lineage
     PVT Valentine Weathers was born c 1760 at Northern Neck, Stafford Co, Virgina. He was the son of John Weathers I and Judith "Judy" Foreman. PVT Valentine Weathers and Sarah Atkins obtained a marriage license on 2 Jun 1784 at Lincolntown, Lincoln Co, North Carolina. PVT Valentine Weathers married Sarah Rollins in 1830 at Gwinnett Co, Georgia. PVT Valentine Weathers died on 16 Feb 1852 at Newton Co, Georgia.
      Valentine Weathers was enumerated as Voln Weathers on the 1790 Chester District, South Carolina census with one likely son born 1785 - 1789 who was Elisha and two females who would be his wife and a likely daughter; both children may have been born in South Carolina. A stray mark on the page was transcribed to erroneously indicated his household included two free persons of color.

This 1790 census was was alphabetized in the Chester District so it is not possible to say if the Jno Weathers living in the same district was next door or further away. Jno Weathers had 1 male over 15, 1 male under 16 and 3 females in his household. This man could potentially be Valentine's brother John junior.

The 1800 and 1810 Georgia censuses were destroyed during the Civil War. Valentine likely had as many as three children born during the 1802 - 1807 period who would have been on the 1810 census. On the 1818 Georgia Property Tax List Valentine Weathers was shown in Capt. Yeter's District, Lincoln Co, GA with 44 acres on the Cherokee water course adjoining the land of Reynold.

Lincoln Co was formed in 1796 from parts of Wilkes Co, GA. On the 7 Aug 1820 Lincoln Co, GA census Valentine Wethers, about age 56, and his presumed wife were listed as over age 45. The family composition in 1820 was quite complicated but necessary to understand both who was in the household in 1820 and 1830 and whether Stephen Weathers could be Valentine's son. In the 1820 household there was one son born about 1805-1810. This son was definitely not the son born about 1785 to 1789, so this is believed to be our Stephen Weathers born about 1809 in Georgia.

In 1820 a female age 26 to 44 thus born 1776 - 1794 was residing with Valentine. This female was old to be a daughter still living at home and could have been a widowed daughter or daughter-in-law who returned home because there were also two young girls under age 10 who could have been her children. Or this woman could be a new and unknown wife living with Valentine and the young children could be from this new wife. At about age 56 if she was alive, his first wife Sarah Atkins was too old to be the mother of the small girls.

Living at home in 1820 in Lincoln Co, GA were also three females age 16 to 25, thus born 1795 - 1804 who are believed to be Valentine's daughters Judith, Anna, Amy or possibly Margaret Weathers. Marriage and census records for Judith, Anna and Amy showed they lived in close proximity to Valentine, each other or to their step-siblings. In the case of Margaret the presumption is based on DNA matching to other descendants. However, the Lincoln Co, GA families of Samuel Wethers, Daniel Wethers and Joel Wethers -- no known relationship to Valentine -- also included another four daughters between the age of 16 and 25. Thus it is not possible with absolute certainty to determine that Valentine's presumed daughters are his. However, for each woman there was historical evidence pointing to them being the daughter of Valentine and atDNA matches support this theory.

Residing next door to Valentine in 1820 was his son Elisha Wethers, age 26 - 45, a female age 16 to 26 who was likely Elisha's wife, 4 males and 1 female under age 10 thus born 1810 - 1819, and an unknown female over age 45.

Valentine entered the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery to allocate former Indian lands. The number of times a participant's name was entered into the lottery was dictated by age, marital status, war service, successful participation in previous lotteries, and years of Georgia residence, so as an elderly veteran resident Valentine likely had several chances to win. Valentine's bid was successful on the 53rd day's drawing on 7 May 1827 and he was awarded land in Capt. Levritts District in Carroll Co, GA. The following year in 1828 Campbell Co was created from land partitioned from Carroll, Fayette and Coweta counties and half of DeKalb Co. If Valentine's land patent is located it would be important to know if his plot was in the portion of Carroll Co moved into Campbell Co to help prove Stephen Weathers lineage.

By 1830 Valentine, age 60 - 69, was enumerated in Walton Co, GA in the north central part of the state. Living in the household was a female age 30 - 39, thus born 1791 - 1800, who was most likely Valentine's next wife Sarah Rollins who was born in 1794 and who had their first child James in 1830 or 1831. Sarah, who was about age 36 in 1830, later waffled as to whether she married Valentine in 1827 or 1831 so she could have arrived in the household before 1830. Other reseachers stated Valentine married Sarah Rollins in Gwinnett Co, but this researcher has not seen the record. Also in the household were 2 girls age 10 - 14 who were likely step-daughters or granddaughters. A female age 20 - 29, thus born 1801 - 1810, was likely Valentine's youngest daughter noted as born between 1795 and 1804 in the 1820 household. Of note, Valentine's son born ~1805 to 1810 from the 1820 household was no longer living at home in 1830 when he would have been age 20 to 25.

Meanwhile in 1830 in Campbell Co, which was created partially from Carroll Co where Valentine received land in 1827, a Stephen Weathers, age 20 - 29 and thus born 1801 - 1810, was residing with his small family. This Stephen is believed to be the son of Valentine and our ancestor who would have been about age 21. From the center of Walton Co where Valentine was living to the center of what later became Fulton Co is about forty miles.

By 1832 Valentine was residing in Newton Co, GA, just south of Walton Co. His 24 Dec 1832 detailed deposition to receive a Revolutionary War pension was made in Covington, Newton Co, GA and included supporting documentation from his brother Elisha living in Lincoln Co, North Carolina. On the index transcription Valentine was noted as age 68, born about 1761, which is believed more realistic by this researcher than his 1765 transcribed date on the full deposition.

In his 1832 military pension application, Valentine stated he entered the service in 1781 in Lincoln Co, NC and left the service in May 1782 having served 10 months. He deposed he served under Captain William McKenzie Company in Colonel Hill's Regiment and in General (Thomas) Sumpter's Brigade. Valentine stated he participated in the battles of Eutaw Springs and Orangeburg in South Carolina and was discharged at New Market, which could have been in either of the Carolinas. Valentine stated he entered the service again in Sep or Oct 1782 for 3 months in North Carolina as a volunteer in Captain Wilson's Company under General McDowell. During this tour Valentine marched from Lincoln Co, North Carolina in pursuit of the Cherokee Indians, served out the said tour, and was discharged at Pleasant Gardens near the head of the Catawba River. Valentine was pensioned at the rate of $43.33 per annum commencing 4 Mar 1831 for 13 months service in the revolution as a private. He was listed on the 1835 Pension Roll for his service in the North Carolina militia as a private.

The deposition of Valentine's brother Elisha in support of Valentine's military pension application stated he believed Valentine was about age 69, enlisted in Lincoln Co, NC in the early spring of 1781 and that he had served 10 months with the South Carolina State Troops in General Sumpter's brigade before volunteering for an additional 3 months duty in 1782 to fight against the Cherokee Indians.

By 1840 Valentine had remarried and started a new family. Voluntine (sic) Weathers was enumerated in District 147, Newton Co, GA as a military veteran age 76 born about 1764 living with his presumed wife Sarah Rollins, age 30 to 39. Living with them were their likely children: one male under age 5, thus born between 1836 and 1840, who could be his son James; and one female age 5 to 9, born 1831 - 1835, who would be his daughter Mary; and one male age 10 to 14 thus born 1830 to 1834 who would be his son George Jefferson. One person over age 20 in the household could read and write but it is unknown who that was; Valentine signed his military pension application with his mark in 1832 and on one of his widow's pension application she stated that she was illiterate. No one was noted as employed in this or the next census, so Valentine may have had some close relationship with one of the neighboring families with males in the age range from 20 to 40, such as the Bellah, Rus, Coshran or Thompson families.

Tracing Valentine's family needs to consider the ever-changing county boudaries near Atlanta. Newton Co, where Valentine was residing in 1840 was founded in 1821 from parts of Henry, Jasper and Walton county, the latter where Valentine was enumerated in 1830. Walton was created in 1818 from lands previously owned by American Indians. Thus possibly through bounty land dispursement Valentine acquired land which was most likely first in Walton Co and later became part of Newton Co. Also of interest the surviving 1890 Georgia census index included eight Withers families, none of which were recognized by this researcher.

Sarah Rollins' birth has conflicting information ranging from her being born in 1794 to 1800 to 1806 to 1808, depending on the document, thus she continuously lowered her age. A 10 May 1794 birth date from her apparent death record may be the most accurate. Sarah should have been 34 in the 1840 census; if she was born in 1794 she would have been ~46 years old and not on the 1840 census unless she was lowering her age. In the 1850 census Sarah stated she was age 50. When she filed for her widow's bounty land on 26 Oct 1855, Sarah stated she was age 49, thus born about 1806. When she applied for a widow's pension 24 Jan 1856 she became age 48, thus born about 1808. In a 29 Feb 1856 applicationSarah stated she was about age 48.

Weathers family researcher Rebecca Wilbanks found the school records for Valentine's children who were tracked by the government because their family was poor. By law poor children were those "whose extreme indigence entitled them to participation in the poor school fund. Justices of the Peace created lists of children who should be sent to school under the auspices of the fund whenever a school was near their residence. Children could receive the benefit between the ages of 8 and 18; if they had already learned reading, writing and arithmetic; and could not receive the benefit for more than 3 years. By 1837 the state governor noted the designation was invidious and insulting. (

On the List of parents whose children were entitled to participate in the Poor School fund which provided tuition for poor students in Newton Co there were the following entries:
--29 Oct 1844 list: Vollentine Weathers with a male and 1 female, likely James age about 12 but possibly age 14 and Mary age about 8
--4 Jul 1846 Poor School list: Valentine Weathers: listed James and Mary. Mary was born ~1836 per 1850 census so she was about 10. James was possibly the son born 1836 - 1840 on the 1840 census but stated later he was born in 1830.
--Undated list likely about 1847: Jefferson Weathers age 13
--14 Jun 1849 list: Jefferson and Mary; Jefferson was age 15 per his death record
--Undated list: Jefferson and Mary
--Undated list: Valentine Wethers: two children
--undated list: Mrs Valentine: Thomas who would be between age 8 and 18. That Sarah was the listed responsible party implies Valentine was deceased at the time of this undated list, so this list was done after 1850.

In 1850 Valentine was enumerated as age 80, born about 1770, living in Subdivision 65 in Newton Co, GA. His wife Sarah was listed as age 50 and born in Georgia, although she was about age 56. Their daughter Mary, age 14, was living with them and their son Jefferson was now living in the Eddleman household.

Also living with Valentine in 1850 was an unknown child named Thomas Weather, age 7 thus born about 1843. Sarah was not the mother of Thomas but he was likely a close relative like a grandson because Valentine was too poor to take in strangers. A descendant of the Stephen Weathers (b ~ 1777), son of Samuel on the 1820 Lincoln Co, GA census and who married Elizabeth McCormack, stated she believed one of the descendants of her Stephen was living with Valentine during a census but she never found a connection between the two families.

On 26 Oct 1855 in Newton Co, Georgia, Sarah Weathers, 49, a resident of Henry Co, Georgia, filed for her bounty land entitlement as the widow of Valentine Weathers. Sarah stated she married Valentine in 1831; they were married by one Richard Livest, Justice of the Peace; that her name prior to her marriage was Sarah Rolling; and her husband died in Newton Co, Georgia on 16 Feb 1852. Henry Co is adjacent to Newton Co.

On 24 Jan 1856 in Newton Co, Georgia, Sarah Weathers, now age 48, filed for a widow's pension under the 1853 act stating she was the widow of Valentine Weathers, a pensioner of the United States for his services in the revolution. Sarah stated she married Valentine in 1831, her husband died 16 Feb 1852; she was unable to appear in court by reason of bodily infirmities; and she remained his widow. Family researcher Ralph V. Withers noted on 29 Feb 1856 Sarah stated she was about age 48 and married Valentine about 10 Apr 1827, after which she later stated she was illiterate and quite poor.

In 1860 Sarah was living with her daughter Mary and son-in-law Harrison Peavy in the Spencer Booth household in Gwinnett Co, GA. In 1868 Sarah filed an application for a bounty land warrant in Georgia for Revolutionary War widows.

Other sources:

--Will Graves, transcriber, Pension application of Valentine Weathers (Wethers), Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements and Rosters, W25935 SARAH, fn70SC, Newton Co, GA,

Children of PVT Valentine Weathers and Sarah Atkins

Children of PVT Valentine Weathers and Sarah Rollins


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