This genealogy provides a snapshot in time focused on the ancestors of the John Winslett, Virginia Freseman, Gerald Schmidt and Richard Murphy families. Geographical regions concentrated on are the southeastern United States -- primarily South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama; Virginia -- primarily the Eastern Shore, Alexandria-Fairfax counties, Charles City County and the Shenandoah Mountains; Pennyslvania; Germany; and all parts of Great Britain.


Winslett Chronicles includes over 9,000 ancestors including biographies, charts and lineages for each family; surname, immigration, place, source and military indexes; and search functions. Some interesting things happened during the decades of this research and they are highlighted in the backstory which includes my research process. Familiarize yourself with the menu options to get the most out of reading and using this material.


This data and analysis should not be treated as authoritative documentation on these family lines without validation. As additional records are digitized and more atDNA testing is completed and analyzed what is thought to be true now will change, so recheck information to avoid proliferating any errors contained herein. This genealogy provides leads for further research on these families and I encourage others to correct and extend this work. The names and dates, without biographies or sources, have been added to a public tree.


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