People test their autosomal DNA with independent companies, so DNA results must be downloaded and put into a common repository called to compare results from the different companies. Furthermore, unlike other testing companies, in particular does not make specific chromosome and segment data available for comparison on their website. Thus, gedmatch provides statistical comparison tools people who tested at need to use to make valid relationship comparisons.

The directions for how to download atDNA results are on the testing companies' websites, youtube, google, gedmatch or step-by-step directions are below for which can be adapted to any of the testing companies. On gedmatch you will have access to your and your family members' matches from all four testing companies, emails for your matches, and numerous comparison tools. 



Below are step-by-step directions or you can watch one of the many videos you will find with a google search, such as this Instructional Video.  The total process varies from 15 minutes on up -- depending on how busy the and servers are at that time of day, so you cannot do this over a phone. If you begin your download process and take another action on that page, you will not be able to attempt another download until they reset their computer server in about a week. Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Create a folder where you want your DNA results to be saved into on your computer with a name you will remember. Recommend you put the folder on your desktop so it will be easier to find.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Click on your DNA button at the top and select your DNA Results Summary. 
  4. Click your settings which is the wheel emblem at the top of the right hand side of your DNA Results Summary page. 
  5. Click on the grey bar that says "download raw DNA data" on the right 
  6. Follow the directions to put in your password, etc. 
  7. will send a confirmation email that you must open to proceed with your download. The email may arrive immediately or take hours to arrive depending on their servers or you may have to request the confirmation email again. 
  8. When you download your results, the name of your DNA results file will be dna-data-2019-(today's date). Save the results into the specific folder you set up on your computer, but do NOT open this downloaded file or it will not be useable for an upload to Gedmatch or any other genealogy website. 
  9. Go to at gedmatch login to create your free account. Fill in your name, what name you want the public to see online, your sex and your email and create a password.  You only need one gedmatch account for DNA results uploads from your entire family.
  10. To begin your DNA results upload, be sure you are logged in to gedmatch login.
  11. On the right under Upload Your DNA files for Genesis, click on Uploads. 
  12. On the next page fill in the name of the person whose DNA results are being uploaded, what name you want the public to see online, the sex, testing company used; you do not need to answer the haplogroup questions. 
  13. It is essential that you select a Public category for your upload. If you don't select a Public category neither you nor anyone else can use the data for DNA comparisons.  If you make a mistake with this setting, use the pencil icon next to the kit number on your home page to change it to Public. This does not mean anyone can download your DNA results, only that it can be used in comparisons.
  14. Click the box that says "browse" and find your DNA results where you saved it on your computer. 
  15. Click the results file (not the folder you stored it in but the actual file name) to select your results. 
  16. Click upload. Do NOT leave that page until it says it is finished uploading at the bottom. The upload process may be very quick, take hours, or time out depending on how many other people are uploading results.
  17. Write down the alphanumeric number provided at the end of the upload.
  18. After the upload, your results will usually be available for comparisons within 24 hours, depending on the number of kits Gedmatch is processing. 
  19. You can also add a gedcom of your family tree, ensure you are the point person for that gedcom, and then link the gedcom to your DNA results.  Thus anyone who believes they might be related to you can look at your ancestry before contacting you.

After your results have finished processing, explore the free tools starting by putting your kit number into the one-to-many comparison tool instructional video which will show your matches regardless of the company that was used by your matches for their testing.

If you want to do this download/upload for another family member you can use the same gedmatch account. However first the person has to give you permission following these specific steps:

  1. Sign in to account. 
  2. Click on the DNA button at the top and select your DNA Results Summary. 
  3. Click on your settings which is the wheel emblem at the top of the right hand side of your DNA Results Summary page. 
  4. Scroll down to DNA Results Access at the bottom of the DNA Results Access page. 
  5. Click on Add a Person at the bottom of DNA Results Access. 
  6. Type in the email address of your family member/friend who has agreed to post your DNA results to Gedmatch for you. 
  7. Select Manager as their role because Manager is the only role which can download DNA results. 
  8. Click on send to deliver the invitation to the person you selected. Your designated person will receive the invitation and accept it.