We encourage everyone in our DNA study to have a wikitree profile so we can connect your lineage to the large collaborative family tree we have built on wikitree.

To set up your wikitree profile, go to https://www.wikitree.com click on "Get Started" toward the bottom.

Fill in just your first and last name, a password and an email address. Save your password because you will use your email and password to log in.

At some point the system will likely ask if you are one of the people already on wikitree with the same name (someone may have already set up an account for you).

After you create your profile, wikitree will send you an automated message titled Wikitree Email Address Confirmation which includes a link for you to confirm your account.  Click on that confirmation link.

After you confirm your email address, on the next page you need to do three things:

-- Register as a Guest Member  (a check will appear in the box after you do that)

-- Volunteer to help grow wikitree (this means you will be adding information about your ancestry and the check will appear in the box after you volunteer)

-- In the first Tag box enter the surname of the DNA study you are participating in. In the Comments box, put "Working with Ginny Winslett-23 for the  ___(put your ancestor's surname here)___ DNA Study."  Scroll down and click the words "Enter Tag(s) and Volunteer" in the dark colored box.

While you are waiting for your account to be confirmed by wikitree, use the time to add more specific data about your on your profile:  middle name, birth date, place of birth, male or female, etc. Note that your birth date will NOT show online. This is just to ensure that there is not already a wikitree account set up for you, as discussed above.

After you are confirmed as a member, you find and sign the Honor code.  The Honor Code will be a link on your confirmation page or you can search on the Help Index (top right drop down menu) for Honor Code.

You cannot proceed on wikitree easily until you confirm your email, register as a guest, volunteer and sign the honor code, so taking care of these items at the start means less backing up later.

Now your basic profile is complete but there are a few items to take care of for our study.


At the top of your wikitree profile page you will see a tab called Privacy. Click on the Privacy tab and set your privacy level to Public Biography & Tree so we in the DNA Study can see your profile and add DNA comparison data to your profile. What the public will see will be your name, the decade in which you were born, and your lineage. If you do not set this Public Biography & Tree privacy level we cannot see your profile and lineage or post match data to your profile.  Use the same setting for any living relative you have who is on the same line as our study.

On the same Privacy tab, scroll way down to your Trusted List and add my email (vwinslett@rickmurphy.org) to your Trusted List so I can add DNA comparison results to your profile. This would also be where you could add the emails of your relatives interested in genealogy for the same reason -- so they can see your ancestry when it is done.


The next step is to add your gedmatch number:

--On your profile page in the upper right side of the page you will see "My WIKITREE", "surname-xxxx", "Add", "Find" and "Help" buttons. As you move your mouse over these buttons, you will see a drop-down list.

--Move your mouse over the "surname-xxxx" button and select "DNA" from the drop-down list. At the top of the next page you will see "DNA Ancestors", "DNA Descendants" and "DNA Tests" buttons, and click on the "DNA Tests" button.

--The next page will display your tests list and you will see "Edit Or Enter More Details" button, which you click on.

--The next page will show where you can enter your GEDmatch ID.  Type in your alpha-numeric gedmatch number and click on the green "SAVE DETAILS" button.


The next step is to connect to the tree we have built for our family study on wikitree:

On your main wikitree profile page, click on Edit.

This edit page where you can change any information you already put in about you or add new data. Notice that under your info boxes are choices to make each of these items (name, dates, locations, etc) either Certain, Estimated, etc.  For data for which you have a record source for you or your ancestors you can mark the item as certain.

In the search box at the top of the page, check to see if your parent and their parent, depending on which parent is your lineal ancestor for the DNA Study, is already on wikitree. 

On your edit page, on the top right click on either Add Father or Add Mother and you will be on a page just like the one you filled out for you.   Either add your parent's profile number (example: my profile number is Winslett-23) in your parent's info box or if they are not already on wikitree, using the same process as you did on your page, create their profile.

When you complete your parent's profile, go to their edit page and add their parent who is on the line for the DNA Study.  This is the last time you should use the phrase that you "knew this person" for their source.

At this point before adding another ancestor for your line, be careful that the person is not already on wikitree as you proceed because we get a lot of duplicates that have to be merged. Add your ancestors for the specific family line, stopping to connect where you find someone has already added your ancestor to avoid creating a duplicate. To accomplish this you may need to add a total of 3 or 4 ancestors or more ancestors depending on how much of your lineage has already been added to wikitree.  When you find that someone has already put in your next generation ancestor, use the same Add Father / Add Mother button but only type in the profile number of the person, such as Winslett-23, and then save that data.

For each ancestor you add you need to add a specific source such as a census record or birth, marriage, death certificate citation. You cannot list a tree or ancestry.com as your source; using tombstones and find-a-grave reports should only be used as a last resort; and you cannot say you have first hand knowledge about people who died before you were born or wikitree will mark the profile page as "unsourced." You can usually find needed records for free on familysearch.org. If you cannot quickly find a record proving your ancestor existed, use the selection that says you will add the source later.  The wikitree help function for sourcing is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Sources.  An example of a well-sourced profile is Stephen Weathers, although one solid marriage certificate or census will work.


Finally to keep up with what is happening to your surname on wikitree and in our study, if you have not already done so, on your profile page at the upper right click on "Add" and in the drop down list go to "Followed Tags" 

Enter the surnames which you want to get surname-based activity reports about with a couple of words on why you are interested in that surname, such as "my paternal line."  You can add up to 20 names and change them at any time.


Ask us for help as soon as you get stuck.  Wikitree also provides a new member tutorial here:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:New_Member_How-To