I am impressed with the power of DNA testing to confirm recorded information, forge links between generations and extend ancestral lines further into the past.

DNA tests are long-term investments which will become more important over time as databases of DNA results grow and provide more matches and triangulations. A DNA test is a very powerful tool which has the potential to break through genealogy roadblocks by revealing connections that were not available through documentation.

A considerable amount of my work concentrates on family atDNA studies focusing on my ancestors who were not thoughtful enough to leave behind many records. I participate with an active group of genetic genealogists using DNA to assemble their cousins throughout the southern United States into family lines and to establish their ancestors in common. The main benefit of collaboration is achieving accurate results more quickly than a single person can.

My website is for my own personal research and does not include the results of the DNA studies which are circulated privately via email.

As my distant cousin Christopher Blake Sims said, what we are doing today with DNA research will pay it forward for future generations in researching their family.

If you would like to compare atDNA results with those from my family our Gedmatch numbers are:

Winslett, Weathers, Talton, Beam, Strong, Wheat, Merritt

Freseman, Guenther, John, Werner


Murphy, Ahearn, McCabe, Woodworth

Results showing two people do not share DNA is not typically helpful evidence beyond second cousins because of the random allocation of DNA. Testing of multiple people would be required. On average 31% of fourth cousins share no DNA, so if we share no DNA that does not mean we are not cousins.