These charts access direct-line ancestors in this database. Parents are indented beneath the subject with the father first and the mother second. To ease visibility and use, the charts generally begin with ancestors several generations from myself or my spouse. Thus the chart beginning with Benjamin August shows he is five generations from me.

Clicking a name within a chart will link to that person's individual page with specific data and up to a three-generation family box chart which can also be viewed and explored through a series of charts.

Subjects marked with an asterisk have dual decendancy. For example, Angelika Hilsenbeck ;was a dual descendant from eight ancestors highlighted in orange seven and eight generations back in her lineage. Click the arrow on a duplicate ancestor to navigate to the person's prior entry in the tree.

The chart includes dynamic controls to expand and collapse branches of the pedigree. The controls are available on modern browsers when JavaScript is enabled, but the controls will not appear when using IE7 or earlier versions, or if JavaScript is disabled.

Winslett Maternal Lines

Winslett Paternal Lines

Schmidt & Murphy Lines