Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann1,2,3,4

M, ID# 91, (31 Oct 1867 - 7 Jan 1927)
Father:Heinrich "Henry" B. Fresemann I (Apr 1833 - 21 Apr 1902)
Mother:Sophia Schuette (Jun 1836 - 20 Jun 1905)
Charts:Virginia Custis Winslett lineage
William Langfitt Freseman lineage
     Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann was born on 31 Oct 1867 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Heinrich "Henry" B. Fresemann I and Sophia Schuette. Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann was confirmed on 10 Apr 1880 at Saint Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania. He married Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther, daughter of Gustav Emil Guenther and Anna Hedwig John, on 22 May 1901 at Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann died on 7 Jan 1927 at Portland, Oregon, at age 59. He was buried at River View Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon.
      William Luther Freseman I was both an architect and a businessman according to his son William. City directories, census records and family letters show a lesser station in life. His name was generally spelled Freseman, with the exception of his son William's christening certificate where his name was misspelled Friesman and the 1903 Pittsburg city directory with Freeseman. His census records consistently show William was born in circa 1868 and his marriage record stated 31 oct 1867.

William was noted in the St Matthews Evangelical Church family register as confirmed in 1880, however he was not listed in the 1880 confirmations. The names for the 1881 confirmations were greatly faded but William was matched to that list by his birth date which was still legible (electronic p. 95, 2nd from bottom.) William was mentioned in an article in the 10 Oct 1890 Pittsburg Dispatch (newspaper not yet accessible).

In 1900 William L. Freseman reported he was age 33 born Oct 1866 in PA and working as a drug salesman, and his brother John C. Freseman stated he was age 30 born Oct 1869 in MN and was working as a grocer salesman; these different birth states showed the family may have moved between PA and MN as was alluded to by William's son. Both men were proven to be Sophia's children based on her obituary. Both reported their parents were born in Germany. The men were boarding with the family of William W. Cole age 58 in Allegheny, PA.

In 1901 when they were married by Rev. D. H. Geissinger, William was living at 708 Arch Street and Irma at 503 Arch Street in Allegheny, PA.

In 1902 Wm L Freseman was listed as a salesman living at 1402 Adams in Allegheny, PA. In 1903 Willliam was living at 1402 Adams A, working as a salesman and was listed as Freeseman. In 1905 when his mother died at his home, William was living in Glen Osborne, PA in the area of Sewickley, PA. By 1909 William was listed as living in Building H, Sewickley, PA and working at a soda fountain.

In 1910 William, enumerated as William L. Freeman age 42 born about 1868 in Pennsylvania, was living at 411 Peebles Street, Sewickley, Allegheny, PA. He worked as a salesman. William reported he had been married 9 years and his parents were born in Germany. Living with him were his wife Irma H., age 34, and his son enumerated as William H [instead of L] Freseman junior age 8.

By 1913 William was living at 1268 East Taylor, Portland, OR. From 1913 to 1914 he was listed as a salesman and in 1915 as a clerk. In 1919 William listed his home address as 1045 Woodward, Portland on his motor vehicle registration.

By 1920 William was still living on Woodward. He was self-employed as the president of the Champion Manufacturing Company and stated he was manufacturing wooden ware. He stated he was age 51 which would mean he was born in 1869 instead of on 31 Oct 1875 in Pittsburg, PA as his son had reported. He confirmed he was born in PA, and stated both his parents were from Holland and spoke Dutch, which also does not agree with information reported by his son William that his grandfather was born in Pittsburg, PA. William and Irma had a five-month old daughter named after Irma; while Irma having a child at age 42 after no known child births in 18 years was not impossible, it was somewhat unlikely.

By 1924 William listed his address as Newberg, Oregon on his motor vehicle registration.

The year after William's 1929 death his widowed brother Henry was living with Henry's nephew Allen Eidenmuller age 41, son of Adam and Susannah Eidenmueller, and his wife Amelia age 30; the Eidenmullers may also be William's relatives.

Children of Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann and Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther


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Heinrich "Henry / Harry" Friedrich Carl Fresemann1,2,3

M, ID# 92, (Oct 1869 - 18 Nov 1943)
Father:Heinrich "Henry" B. Fresemann I (Apr 1833 - 21 Apr 1902)
Mother:Sophia Schuette (Jun 1836 - 20 Jun 1905)
     Heinrich "Henry / Harry" Friedrich Carl Fresemann was born in Oct 1869 at Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was the son of Heinrich "Henry" B. Fresemann I and Sophia Schuette. Heinrich "Henry / Harry" Friedrich Carl Fresemann married Hilda Menke, daughter of Unkn father of Mary, Theresa, Hilda (Unknown), c 1902. Heinrich "Henry / Harry" Friedrich Carl Fresemann married Effie E. Thomas a 1930. Heinrich "Henry / Harry" Friedrich Carl Fresemann died on 18 Nov 1943 at Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, at age 74. He was buried on 22 Nov 1943 at Uniondale Cemetery, Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania.
      Henry C. Freseman was noted as working as a grocery salesman in 1900 Allegheny Co, PA while Henry and his brother boarded with the William W. Cole family. Henry C. was listed in the 1903 Pittsburgh city directory as a salesman living at 16 Leland Ave, Allegheny, PA with his widowed mother. Henry was still working in the grocery in 1910 and living with his wife Hilda in Allegheny, PA. By 1920 Henry age 50 was noted as a wholesale grocer and was living with his wife Hilda age 38 in the household of Hilda's sister Mary W. Baird a 54-year-old divorcee and her widowed sister Theresa Isengard, age 42, with their families.

Starting with the next census, Henry was less consistent with his reporting. In 1930 he was reported as a widow age 60 born about 1870 in Pennsylvania who was living on Suismon Street in Pittsburgh with his nephew Allen Eidenmuller age 41, his wife Amelia age 30, and sons Henry age 9 and Carl age 6. Henry was working as an oil company salesman. Henry reported he was age 23 at his first marriage which would have been circa 1892, but Hilda was his first wife and in 1900 Henry was not married -- he was still boarding with his brother in the Cole household.

By 1940 Henry was enumerated as Harry C. Freseman age 69 born in MN, age 23 at his first marriage, and living at 611 E. Ohio St, Allegheny, Pittsburgh, PA; this time he reported his father's birth place as Minnesota and mother's birth place as Holland. He is still employed as a wholesale grocer and he is noted as having completed 8th grade. He now has a wife named Effie as age 69.

Henry was working at the county courthouse and was still living on Ohio Street when he died a few years later. The informant for his death certificate was Thelma Brant.


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Rev Claudius "Claude" Albert David Freseman I1,2,3

M, ID# 93, (21 Sep 1876 - c 15 Jul 1946)
Father:Heinrich "Henry" B. Fresemann I (Apr 1833 - 21 Apr 1902)
Mother:Sophia Schuette (Jun 1836 - 20 Jun 1905)
     Rev Claudius "Claude" Albert David Freseman I was born on 21 Sep 1876 at Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Heinrich "Henry" B. Fresemann I and Sophia Schuette. Rev Claudius "Claude" Albert David Freseman I was christened on 22 Oct 1876 at Saint Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania. He married Almana "Alma" Ernestina Maria Roess on 10 Oct 1906 at Good Hope Church, Oil City, Pennsylvania. Rev Claudius "Claude" Albert David Freseman I married Bessie (Unknown) a 1934. Rev Claudius "Claude" Albert David Freseman I died c 15 Jul 1946 at Mars, Butler Co, Pennsylvania.
      Claudius "Claude" Albert David Freseman was christened in 1876 with Died. F. Schuette and his wife _____ Marie as witnesses. Claudius was listed living in the family home in 1893 with his brothers in the Pittsburgh city directory.

In 1900 Claudius was presumed to be the C. A. Fressman, a college student "age 22 born in Dec 1877;" although our Claudius was age 24 born in Sep 1876 this student is thought to be Claudius because he did go to college and later had children born in Ohio. Our ancestor Claudius reported he completed one year of college.

In 1910 Rev. Claude Freseman was living on Beaver Road in Mars, Butler Co, PA. In 1912 Claude and Alma were living at 856 Coburn, Akron, OH where he was a minister. Claude stated his father was born in Holland and his mother in Germany.

When Claudius registered for the WWI draft in 1918, Claude stated he was born 20 Sep 1876, however the original church record clearly stated 21 Sep 1876. In 1918 he was living at 366 Crosby, Akron, Summit Co, OH and was working as a clergyman at St. John's Lutheran Church in Akron.

By 1930 Claude was enumerated as Clauis Fresman age 53, a widow living at 2316 Erdman Ave, Baltimore, MD with his children. He owned his own $20,000 home, a large value at that time, and continued to work as a clergyman. By 1935 he returned to Mars, PA where he was residing with his new wife and youngest sons in 1940 and making $1500 a year. The 1940 census notes he was a clergyman with an orphan home, but no orphans were listed.

Although the 1950 census is not available, nothing indicates any of Claudius' descendants had children who survived infancy.

Other sources:

--St Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church birth record & christening in 1876; original p. 60/electronic p. 43 (birth & christening of Claudius Albert David Freseman.)

Children of Rev Claudius "Claude" Albert David Freseman I and Almana "Alma" Ernestina Maria Roess


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Minor Shelton Crump1

M, ID# 94, (4 Mar 1872 - 21 Oct 1937)
     Minor Shelton Crump was born on 4 Mar 1872 at Hanover Co, Virginia. He died on 21 Oct 1937 at Richmond, Virginia, at age 65.

Child of Minor Shelton Crump


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Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther1,2,3

F, ID# 95, (28 Jul 1875 - 23 Nov 1941)
Father:Gustav Emil Guenther (27 Nov 1847 - 16 Jan 1934)
Mother:Anna Hedwig John (6 Aug 1855 - 2 Feb 1951)
Charts:Virginia Custis Winslett lineage
William Langfitt Freseman lineage
     Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther was born on 28 Jul 1875 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Gustav Emil Guenther and Anna Hedwig John. Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther was christened on 29 Aug 1875 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). She immigrated in 1893 to America. She married Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann, son of Heinrich "Henry" B. Fresemann I and Sophia Schuette, on 22 May 1901 at Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther immigrated on 4 Oct 1904 to New York, New York. She died on 23 Nov 1941 at Portland, Oregon, at age 66. She was buried at Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon.
      Irma Hedwig Louisa Guenther and her sisters' pictures have been passed down in the family as a family group, and the sisters all sport a family trait of a cleft chin in their portraits.

Irma's life was characterized by a number of misstatements, initially perhaps created by her parents, and later embellished by Irma and/or her son. In sum her mother was not a descendant of the Saint Johns who immigrated from England to Germany; Irma likely did not live with any one else in her infancy -- much less at the King's court as reported by her son; Irma likely was never in Ohio where she once stated she was born; and finally Irma caused her adult son to feel badly about her station in later life because of her tales of her early life. Irma was pregnant before marriage and supposedly pregnant with her daughter a second time after her average child-bearing years.

To begin with, our ancestor's name was not Irma Lousie Hedwig Gunther as reported by her son and she was not born in 1876, but was born 25 days after her parents' 1875 marriage according to her birth record, although her parents could have told Irma she was born in 1876. On her marriage certificate Irma stated she was born 28 Jul 1876 in German and on the US censuses she reported various other birth dates as well, but none of them in 1875.

Following is an excerpt from a letter written about Irma by her son, William when he was visiting her in Oregon about 1926: "My mother is very badly off in various ways and I am very sorry for her. It must be as bad fate which brought her from her early life in the Court of the King of Saxony to her present state. I never told you that in her infancy she was sent by her family to live with an uncle who was Prime Minister of Saxony for many years. It was unusual as she is Dutch, German and American. I'll never boast about the fact that had I been born in Germany I probably would have had a title -- I'm lucky to be an American."

Most of what Irma's son William stated about his mother was not correct. According to William, Irma was born a countess and immigrated to America in 1890. At one time William stated his mother when an infant lived with her maternal uncle, a Mr. John who was prime minister of Saxony; no Johns or Guenthers were prime minister or finance, justice, culture or other ministers of Saxony, thus there is no indication Irma was a countess. Of her five uncles in the John family, two died very young and neither marriage or death records have yet been found for the others. Whether Irma only lived with her parents and the court life story was a fantasy or a lie; or if as the first-born Irma temporarily stayed with an uncle's family at a time when her mother was overwhelmed with other small children at home; or if Irma never left home until she went to America is unknown, but Irma likely did not leave home as an infant because if she had not been at home nursing, her mother would have had her next baby much sooner. Perhaps this family tradition concerning the court took root from Irma's paternal grandfather working as a servant for the Saxony queen.

Irma's aunt Martha John married Paul Richter in 1880, Paul because a court councillor later in his career and Irma could have stayed at their home for a while when she was much older. That was likely the closest Irma got to "court life."

Irma apparently was the only person in her large family who immigrated to America because the records found for her parents and eight sisters show their marriages and deaths in Germany. According to the 1910 census and 1930 censuses Irma reported she immigrated in 1893 and 1890 respectively, putting her age at immigration between 15 and 18, but she could have arrived as lated as 1900 because she was not found in US records until that year, likely explained by her 1930 statement that she was not a naturalized citizen. Dilligent searches of German, Canadian and American records have not revealed Irma's first immigration record, and there is a chance she was traveling under an assumed name.

Although not yet found in immigration records, she is most likely the Irma Gunther, reported as "age 22 and born May 1876 in Ohio with both parents born in Germany," who was living in Sarah Bryar's boarding house in Allegheny, PA in 1900; transcription of the record states May 1878 for the birth but the original record looks like May 1876. On the oft chance Irma had actually been in Ohio, records there were searched for naturalization records but none were found. The twelve roomers in the boarding house in 1900 all reported born in America. Irma was noted as literate, working as a trained nurse and having been unemployed for six months that year.

Eleven months later, our ancestor Irma married in Allegheny, PA and her son William was born just over 6 months later when she was almost 25. Based on her son's 1901 birth certificate, her name Guenther was changed to Gunther in the twentieth century.

On 24 Sep 1904 according to a 1850-1934 Hamburg, Germany Passenger List, Irma H. Freseman traveled with her son W Laugfiz Fresman age 4 on the German ship Graf Waldersee, from the shipping line Hamburg-Amerika, from Cuxhaven, Germany on the northern coast to Dover, England; to Boulogne, France; and finally arrived New York, US. Irma was estimated on the 1904 German passenger list as being born in 1874 and being 30 years old. Entering the port of New York, Irma, age 30, and W. Langfit Freseman age 4 were listed on the New York Passenger Lists 1820-1957 on the list of Alien Passengers as departing from Cuxhaven and arriving in New York, NY on 4 Oct 1904 with a destination of Pittsburg, PA. Cuxhaven is in Lower Saxony, Germany on the northwest coast.

Although US passport applications and the record of them departing America for Germany has not yet been found, Irma traveled back to America in 1904 or earlier with her son William. Because Irma reported she was born in Ohio in 1900 she may have been pretending to be a US citizen and therefore did not require a passport. William reported he lived in Dresden, Saxony for a time when he was a small.

On the 1910 census Irma was noted as living in Sewickley, Allegheny Co, PA with her husband and stated she and her parents were born in Germany. In the 1920 census, Irma stated she was born in Germany, as were her parents, and spoke German. Not pertinent to her facts, but relative to how much of what Irma reported was to be believed, Irma's age is given as 43 in 1910 making her born ~1877 and in the 1930 census she is listed as age 52 and thus born in ~1878.

By the time of the 1930 census, Irma was a widow living in a home she owned at 2622 Sandy Blvd, Parkrose, Multnomah Co, OR and stated she first married at age 23, was not a naturalized citizen, and immigrated to America in 1890; it is less likely she immigrated in 1890 when she was 15 because there is no indication any of her other family members left Germany, however a check of 1890 immigration records showed two Emma Gunthers, the closest name to Irma: one age 17 traveled with her family and the other age 18 traveled alone. This researcher believes Irma arrived in America between 1893 when she would have been 18 and as late as 1899, leaving her with the 6 months of unemployment she reported on the 1900 census.

Irma's next reported child, also named Irma, was born when Irma was age 44, which was physically possible but unlikely because the majority of women ceased bearing children about age 40. Irma's namesake daughter may have been someone else's child including that of her son William. William entered the Navy on 18 Jun 1918 and began attending college at the Naval Academy on the East Coast; the next reported child was born 7 Aug 1919, reportedly in Oregon. The daughter's 1919 birth certificate is not yet available in the state archives. When Irma's son William was overseas in Asia during the 1920s and 1930s his wife struggled to make ends meet for their small family on his pay because William told her he was supporting his ill, destitute parents and sister. William's father was president of a manufacturing company in 1920 and died in 1927.

Children of Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther and Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann


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Irma Gunther Freseman1,2

F, ID# 96, (7 Aug 1919 - 29 Dec 1995)
Father:Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann (31 Oct 1867 - 7 Jan 1927)
Mother:Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther (28 Jul 1875 - 23 Nov 1941)
     Irma Gunther Freseman was born on 7 Aug 1919 at Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon. She was the daughter of Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann and Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther. Irma Gunther Freseman married Vernon Edwin Hodencamp on 9 Oct 1937 at Vancouver, Clark Co, Washington. Irma Gunther Freseman married Edward C. Rosenfield c Aug 1956. Irma Gunther Freseman died on 29 Dec 1995 at Multnomah Co, Oregon, at age 76.
      Irma Gunther Freseman completed the first year of college. By 1940 she was living at NE 47th Ave, Rural Route 4, Englewood, Multnomah Co, OR. The 1950 census will be helpful in determining which Edward Rosenfeld was her husband.

Child of Irma Gunther Freseman and Vernon Edwin Hodencamp


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Edward C. Rosenfield1,2

M, ID# 97
     Edward C. Rosenfield married Irma Gunther Freseman, daughter of Wilhelm "Will / William" Friedrich Luther Fresemann and Irma Hedwig Lousia Guenther, c Aug 1956.


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Gustav Emil Guenther1,2,3

M, ID# 98, (27 Nov 1847 - 16 Jan 1934)
Father:Friedrich Wilhelm Guenther (3 Nov 1812 - 23 Sep 1861)
Mother:Wilhelmine Auguste Chemnitz (30 Jul 1819 - 2 Feb 1870)
Charts:Virginia Custis Winslett lineage
William Langfitt Freseman lineage
     Gustav Emil Guenther was born on 27 Nov 1847 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. He was the son of Friedrich Wilhelm Guenther and Wilhelmine Auguste Chemnitz. Gustav Emil Guenther was christened on 19 Dec 1847 at Sophienkirche (Koenigliche Evangelische Hofkirche), Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. He married Anna Hedwig John, daughter of Karl Gottfried John and Maria Louisa Werner, on 3 Jul 1875 at Dreikoenigskirche, Dresden Neustadt, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. Gustav Emil Guenther died on 16 Jan 1934 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 86. He was buried at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony).
      Sophienkirche records for 1842 to 1867 were destroyed in World War II but the church newsletter survived. Gustav Emil Guenther's christening record from the Sophienkirche was destroyed and his death certificate noted he was age 86 at his death -- thus born about 1848. Gustav Emil's third great granddaughter, Sabine Bohne, researched his original 1875 marriage record from the "Dreifaltigkeitskirche" of Dresden Neustadt in the Dresden archives to prove his birth father and did all the research on his ancestors.

Gustav and his wife Anna lived in the Neustadt of Dresden. When their first five daughters were born they lived at Boehmischegasse 18 and then were noted living at Boehmischestraffe 18 #3, and finally resided at Boehmischestraffe 20 #2 for the last 3 births. With the birth of their sixth and seventh known daughters the family was living at Thalstrasse 6 and 6 #1 respectively. By the time of the birth of their last two daughters the family was living at Goerlitzerstrasse 29. All of the streets the Guenther family lived on still existed in 2017. The streets on which his wife's John family lived were within a few blocks.

In addition to their daughters' birth certificates, their daughters Dora, Irma, Paula, Marie and Johanna were documented by annotated photographs handed down in the family. Given the birth pattern in their family, there was likely another child born circa 1886-1887, however the Dresden birth records were difficult to search and thus another birth has not yet been found.

Simultaneously with the growth of his family Gustav Emil's career progressed. In 1875 he was working as a monteur or pipe layer. By 1879 he had become a plumber. After that in 1889 he was a werkfuehreer or factory headman in Dresden; in 1891 he was specifically noted as being in a fabric factory. At the end of his carreer he was a buchdrucker or printer.

Of note three other men named Gustav Emil Guenther were having families in Dresden during the same time as our ancestor. A Gustav Emil Guenther, who was a merchant, had a daughter Emma Elizabeth Guenther in Dresden in 1873. A Gustav Emil Guether and his wife Emma Therese had children in Dresden in 1880 and 1882. A Gustav Emil Guether and his wife Anna Maria Helbig had children in Dresden in 1896 and 1898. Although some of these men could be the same person, none of them were our ancestor based on their profession or the wives' names. In 1911 a Gustav Emil Guenther lived in Mittweida, Germany 27 miles from Dresden where he worked as a material goods trader.

Children of Gustav Emil Guenther and Anna Hedwig John


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Anna Hedwig John1,2

F, ID# 99, (6 Aug 1855 - 2 Feb 1951)
Father:Karl Gottfried John (29 Jun 1796 - 17 Aug 1881)
Mother:Maria Louisa Werner (16 Jan 1827 - 17 Aug 1891)
Charts:Virginia Custis Winslett lineage
William Langfitt Freseman lineage
     Anna Hedwig John was born on 6 Aug 1855 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Karl Gottfried John and Maria Louisa Werner. Anna Hedwig John was christened on 16 Sep 1855 at Dreikoenigskirche, Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She married Gustav Emil Guenther, son of Friedrich Wilhelm Guenther and Wilhelmine Auguste Chemnitz, on 3 Jul 1875 at Dreikoenigskirche, Dresden Neustadt, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. Anna Hedwig John died on 2 Feb 1951 at Peichen, Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany, at age 95. She was buried at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony).
      Anna Hedwig John was living at Alaunstrass 96 in Dresden at her death; she apparently had moved back to Dresden at the end of her life. Margarethe Baumann, born Margarethe Guenther was residing at the same address and made the report of her death. Margarethe was her daughter.

Children of Anna Hedwig John and Gustav Emil Guenther


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Martha Johanna 'Anna' Guenther1,2

F, ID# 100, (7 Aug 1879 - )
Father:Gustav Emil Guenther (27 Nov 1847 - 16 Jan 1934)
Mother:Anna Hedwig John (6 Aug 1855 - 2 Feb 1951)
     Martha Johanna 'Anna' Guenther was born on 7 Aug 1879 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Gustav Emil Guenther and Anna Hedwig John. Martha Johanna 'Anna' Guenther married Willibald Arno Fischer on 9 Mar 1908 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony).
      In 1948 a Johanna Woelfel, a seamstress residing at 4[?] Rothenburger Strasse, Dresden, provided the information for Hubert Richter's death certificate. If Johanna is Johanna Guenther, Hubert was her first cousin. Furthermore, an Ernst [?] Woelfel signed as a witness for the marriage of Paul Richter and Martha John; Martha is Johanna Guenther's aunt.


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Marie Louise Guenther1,2

F, ID# 101, (17 Jun 1877 - 27 Mar 1947)
Father:Gustav Emil Guenther (27 Nov 1847 - 16 Jan 1934)
Mother:Anna Hedwig John (6 Aug 1855 - 2 Feb 1951)
     Marie Louise Guenther was born on 17 Jun 1877 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Gustav Emil Guenther and Anna Hedwig John. Marie Louise Guenther married Paul Robert Otto Berndt on 22 Dec 1900 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). Marie Louise Guenther died on 27 Mar 1947 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 69.

Child of Marie Louise Guenther and Paul Robert Otto Berndt


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Dora Martha Guenther1,2

F, ID# 102, (18 Sep 1891 - )
Father:Gustav Emil Guenther (27 Nov 1847 - 16 Jan 1934)
Mother:Anna Hedwig John (6 Aug 1855 - 2 Feb 1951)
     Dora Martha Guenther was born on 18 Sep 1891 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Gustav Emil Guenther and Anna Hedwig John.


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Paula Margarethe Guenther1,2,3

F, ID# 103, (29 Jan 1882 - )
Father:Gustav Emil Guenther (27 Nov 1847 - 16 Jan 1934)
Mother:Anna Hedwig John (6 Aug 1855 - 2 Feb 1951)
     Paula Margarethe Guenther was born on 29 Jan 1882 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Gustav Emil Guenther and Anna Hedwig John. Paula Margarethe Guenther married Oskar Arthur Seidel on 6 Feb 1904 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). Paula Margarethe Guenther died on 4 Dec 1945 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 63.
      Paula Margarethe John's birth and marriage data were found at https://www.myheritage.com/names/paula_seidel without sources. She was divorced. Paula died because of a ruptured bowel as opposed to the devastating Feb 1945 bombing aftermath.

Child of Paula Margarethe Guenther and Oskar Arthur Seidel


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Eldinus (Unknown)1

M, ID# 104, (a 1000 - )
     Eldinus (Unknown) was born a 1000. He married Bernardi (Unknown) in 1025.
      The lineage for Eldinus' descendants through James Dashiell, the immigrant to America, is given without sufficient documentation in the book Dashiell Family Records. More research to establish authenticity is definitely required; the years span between generations is sometimes too great to be accepted as continuous.

Child of Eldinus (Unknown) and Bernardi (Unknown)


  1. [S66] Benjamin Jones Dashiell (1867- ), Dashiell Family.

Bernardi (Unknown)1

F, ID# 105, (a 1005 - )
     Bernardi (Unknown) was born a 1005. She married Eldinus (Unknown) in 1025.

Child of Bernardi (Unknown) and Eldinus (Unknown)


  1. [S66] Benjamin Jones Dashiell (1867- ), Dashiell Family.

Aschericus vel Asciricus1

M, ID# 106, (a 1026 - )
Father:Eldinus (Unknown) (a 1000 - )
Mother:Bernardi (Unknown) (a 1005 - )
     Aschericus vel Asciricus was born a 1026. He was the son of Eldinus (Unknown) and Bernardi (Unknown). Aschericus vel Asciricus married Girbergia (Unknown), daughter of Vuillelmus 'Hugo' de Vego, a 1049.

Child of Aschericus vel Asciricus and Girbergia (Unknown)


  1. [S66] Benjamin Jones Dashiell (1867- ), Dashiell Family.

Karl Gottfried John1,2

M, ID# 107, (29 Jun 1796 - 17 Aug 1881)
Father:Johann Carl Gottfried John (8 Jul 1770 - 9 May 1817)
Mother:Johanna Sophia Spiess (4 Jan 1769 - )
Charts:Virginia Custis Winslett lineage
William Langfitt Freseman lineage
     Karl Gottfried John was born on 29 Jun 1796 at Borlas, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. He was the son of Johann Carl Gottfried John and Johanna Sophia Spiess. Karl Gottfried John was christened on 1 Jul 1796 at Hoeckendorfon Kirche, Borlas, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. He married Christiane Sophie Eckart on 13 May 1827 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. Karl Gottfried John married Maria Louisa Werner, daughter of Johann Gottlieb Werner and Christiane Sophie Kuerbis, on 17 Oct 1847 at Dreikoenigskirche, Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. Karl Gottfried John died on 17 Aug 1881 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 85.
      Karl Gottfried John was born in Borlas, a little village southwest of
dresden located between Klingenberg and Elster in Saxony, and now a part of Klingenberg.

At the end of his career Karl Gottfried held a key position as the Prussian Train werkmeister or workmaster. His job title indicated he was in charge of railway construction in part of Prussia, which was a country at the time. Until the late 1800s the official name of the Prussian rail network was Königliche Preußische Staatseisenbahnen (KPStE) -- Royal Prussian State Railways.

Primary records for Karl varied his middle name. For his first and second marriage certificates, four of his second wife's children's birth and christening certificates, and his second wife's death certificate he was noted by the name Karl Gottfried John. On his death certificate, his first wife's death certificate, and for his other five children by his second wife he was listed by the name Karl Friedrich John. This almost alternated names for each child born. On his daughter Martha's marriage certificate, he simply signed his name Carl John; on daughter Klara's marriage certificate he used Carl Friedrich John. Karl Friedrich John was the name of his first known child who died as an infant and thus may have been the name of Karl Gottfried John's father, but no name was listed for his father on his 1847 marriage certificate so his father was likely deceased.

On his second marriage certificate Karl was noted as a widower in Antonstadt, also known as Aeussere Neustadt, a northern Dresden suburb. Christiane Sophie Eckart was presumed to be his first wife because she and Karl Gottfried John married when he was age 30; theirs was the only marriage of a Karl John in Dresden when he was of marriagable age; and because when Christiane Sophie died, Karl married again seven months later. Although only one record was found for a child presumed to be theirs, other birth records were previously seen for additional children of a Karl John who would fit into the timeframe of his first marriage.

Karl's second family was pieced together from interviews with his great grandson William Freseman and from research and analysis of Dresden, Germany birth, marriage and death records, the latter of which showed many clues to family relationships based on professions, witnesses and addresses. At first the German records appeared to show a Karl Gottfried John and a Karl Friedrich John with children born in Dresden. However, further research showed these to be the same man, the Prussian train workmaster, with spaced childbirths as the family progressed through three Dresden residences, and who had the same wife at the time his daughters Maria Louisa and Klara were marrying, although Maria Louisa and Klara's birth certificates had noted two different names for their father.

Karl's progression through residences in Dresden during his second marriage saw the family living in 1848 and 1849 at Louisenstrasse #3 for the first two children's births. On his 1847 marriage certificate he was noted as a mechanic, locksmith and forge werkmeister for the Royal Prussian Railway. In 1850 the Dresden City Directory showed Karl was still living on Louisenstrasse and was employed as a metal worker and smith foreman at the Schles. Railway, believed to be Schlesien which is now part of Poland. By 1851 when Maria Louisa was born through the time of the birth of Anna Hedwig in 1855, the family was living at Koenigsbrueckerstrasse #18 in Dresden. By 1855 Karl was working as a werkfeuhreror and 1857 Karl achieved the position of werkmeister or foreman. The 1857 city directory indicated Karl was still living on that street and was employed as a foreman, or werkmeister, for the Eisenbahn Railroad Company. Of note, the John residences in Dresden were all close to the home of the Guenther family who also resided in Nuestadt, Dresden. Finally the family lived at Boehmischestrasse #9 during 1857 to 1863 for the last three children's births and the city directory showed Karl as a councillor or advisor for the Eisenbahn Railroad Company. In the 1865-1866 State of Sachen (Saxony) Directory of State Employees printed by the Interior Ministry in Dresden, Karl was one of three slisted for the Loebau-Zittauer and Zittauer-Reichenberger Gesellschaftsbahn.

In 1871 through 1878 at the time of the weddings of his daughters Marie Louise, Anna Hedwig and Klara, Karl and his family were residing in Dresden at Boehmischestrasse #18, 1st floor. The Woelfels lived on the same street at #19 on the 2nd floor.

Based on the analysis of the Karl's profession and his residences, Clara Helene Johne [sic], born 13 May 1861 only 11 months after Martha and the mother of a daughter Martha Elsa Johne, was eliminated as Karl's possible child.

Karl's great grandson William Langfitt Freseman reported to this researcher the following children were in the family of his John ancestor: Karl, Camilla, Klara wife of Mr. Woefel, Bernhard, Martha wife of Paul Richter, an unknown son, and an unknown daughter -- who was William's grandmother Anna. After this researcher found Martha's documentation with her 1863 birth and Richter marriage, records were found for Matha's previously born siblings -- their births interwoven between 1848 until 1863. Karl's daughters Martha and Anna and their families were also documented by annotated photographs handed down in the family. Much of the credit for translating the German records and doing geographical analysis goes to this researcher's sister Marianne Southall Winslett, who succeeded in this endeavor where three different native-born speakers could not get a foothold.

Old German handwriting is very difficult to read, even for older Germans and clever transcribers. Karl's death certificate showed he was born 27 Jun 1796 and appears to state at Lunburg. This may refer to Lüneburg, a city in the District of Lüneburg in Lower Saxony, about 31 miles southeast of Hamburg and about 262 miles from Dresden where our ancestor was known to have resided no later than 1826 when he likely first married. The Elbe River runs between Hamburg and Dresden, but whether his mother gave birth in Luneburg and was in Dresden within 1 to 12 months later is unknown. Karl's death certificate specifically stated his parents' names, occupations and residences were unknown. However, a Karl Gottfried John, the son of Johann Christian John, was christened in Dresden in Jul 1797, so if Karl's death certificate was incorrect by a year, Johann Christian could be his father. At this death, Karl was residing in Dresden; his death was reported by his son-in-law Paul Emil Richter.

There were John families living in Germany long before 1840 and our John family is well documented in that country back to 1798. Nonetheless, this researcher feels obligated to report this disproven family tradition stated by William Langfitt Freseman: Lt William St John, an English Royal Navy officer, immigrated to Germany before 1840 and married a German woman. William St John later immigrated to the United States. This researcher found that many, many William St Johns immigrated to the United States, but none with children with the names in our family, or more importantly, likely originating in Germany. Furthermore our family name as found in Germany was always the German name John. The St. John tradition may have been derived from St. John families being recorded in peerage books, a hobby for families seeking notable descent, including our own family.

Other Sources:

--1865-1866 State of Sachen (Saxony) Directory of State Employees, Interior Ministry, Dresden, Germany; Loebau-Zittauer and Zittauer-Reichenberger Gesellschaftsbahn; Karl Friedrich John listed on p. 330 (https://books.google.com/books?id=SBFTAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA330&lpg=PA330&dq=%2B%22karl+friedrich+john%22+eisenbahn&source=bl&ots=oweb7Xn09X&sig=mD1Xzc1j91dpA-YpITilSUUTT-k&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi7kPDqzPrSAhUGJiYKHRnqAVcQ6AEIHDAA#v=onepage&q=%2B%22karl%20friedrich%20john%22%20eisenbahn&f=false.)

Child of Karl Gottfried John and Christiane Sophie Eckart

Children of Karl Gottfried John and Maria Louisa Werner


  1. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.
  2. [S625] Sabine Bohne Research.

Klara John1,2

F, ID# 108, (22 Aug 1857 - 20 Mar 1945)
Father:Karl Gottfried John (29 Jun 1796 - 17 Aug 1881)
Mother:Maria Louisa Werner (16 Jan 1827 - 17 Aug 1891)
     Klara John was born on 22 Aug 1857 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Karl Gottfried John and Maria Louisa Werner. Klara John was christened on 11 Oct 1857 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). She married Karl Heinrich Ernst Woelfel, son of Heinrich Ernst Woelfel and Johanna Eleonora Damm, on 17 Sep 1878 at Neustadt, Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. Klara John died on 20 Mar 1945 at Loschwitz, Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany, at age 87.
      Klara John's birth certificate noted her name as Clara but she signed her marriage certificate as Klara when she married Ernst Woelfel, the music director in 1878 and she was listed as Klara on her daughter Johanna's birth. Klara's grand nephew William Langfitt Freseman also reported Klara married a Woelfel. Three years later when Klara's younger sister Martha married music director Paul Emil Richter, music director Ernst Woelfel was a witness.

There are differences of opinion as to whether Dresden was a true World War II strategic target. On 13-15 Feb 1945 reportedly 722 British and 527 American bombers dropped almost 4,000 tons of explosives and indendiaries on Dresden, the capital of Saxony, targeting the train yard and passenger station. The combination set off a firestorm that destroyed 1,600 acres of the city center and killed about 25,000 people. A follow on raid occured on 2 Mar 1945. A few days later on 20 Mar Clara died perhaps of exposure, disease, starvation or a combination thereof; she was residing at Dresden, Koenigstrasse 18. Her death was reported by Feodor Woelfel, resident in Dresden, Kaiserstrasse 6, who was a highly-placed Dresden city inspector and Clara's son.

Children of Klara John and Karl Heinrich Ernst Woelfel


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Mary Scarburgh1

F, ID# 109, (c 1681 - )
Father:COL Edmund Scarburgh III (1646 - )
Mother:Elizabeth Mitchell (c 1655 - 29 Oct 1720)
     Mary Scarburgh was born c 1681 at Accomack Co, Virginia. She was the daughter of COL Edmund Scarburgh III and Elizabeth Mitchell.


  1. [S2] "Moody Miles Research."

Camilla John1,2

F, ID# 110, (25 Dec 1863 - 25 Apr 1928)
Father:Karl Gottfried John (29 Jun 1796 - 17 Aug 1881)
Mother:Maria Louisa Werner (16 Jan 1827 - 17 Aug 1891)
     Camilla John was born on 25 Dec 1863 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Karl Gottfried John and Maria Louisa Werner. Camilla John was christened on 18 Jan 1864 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). She died on 25 Apr 1928 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 64.
      Camilla John's death was reported by Johanna Woelfel, the daughter of Camilla's sister, Klara John Woelfel.


  1. [S16] Interview, William Langfitt Freseman (1901-1970), 1967.
  2. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

William Mitchell1

M, ID# 111, (a 1605 - )
Father:John Mitchell II (a 1575 - )
Mother:Mary West (c 1585 - )
     William Mitchell was born a 1605. He was the son of John Mitchell II and Mary West. William Mitchell married Anne Alwin, daughter of John Alwin, a 1630 at Co Sussex, England.

Children of William Mitchell and Anne Alwin


  1. [S2] "Moody Miles Research."

Martha John1,2

F, ID# 112, (4 Jun 1860 - 14 Feb 1939)
Father:Karl Gottfried John (29 Jun 1796 - 17 Aug 1881)
Mother:Maria Louisa Werner (16 Jan 1827 - 17 Aug 1891)
     Martha John was born on 4 Jun 1860 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. She was the daughter of Karl Gottfried John and Maria Louisa Werner. Martha John was christened on 8 Jul 1860 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). She married Paul Emil Richter, son of Wilhelm Theodor Richter and Emilie Karolina Ziegler, on 25 Jun 1881 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). Martha John died on 14 Feb 1939 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 78.
      Martha John and Paul Emil Richter signed their marriage certificate and the witnesses were her father Karl John and Ernst Woelfel, likely her brother-in-law. Some of Martha's family were documented by annotated photographs handed down in the family.

Martha's death certificate showed she was residing at Bautzner Strasse 22 in Dresden at her death from a stroke. Clara Friedemann, a resident at Tieckstrasse 2 in Dresden, prepared her body for burial.

Child of Martha John and Paul Emil Richter


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Paul Emil Richter1,2

M, ID# 113, (18 Aug 1844 - 22 Dec 1918)
Father:Wilhelm Theodor Richter (a 1820 - )
Mother:Emilie Karolina Ziegler (a 1824 - )
     Paul Emil Richter was born on 18 Aug 1844 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. He was the son of Wilhelm Theodor Richter and Emilie Karolina Ziegler. Paul Emil Richter was christened on 15 Sep 1844 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). He married Martha John, daughter of Karl Gottfried John and Maria Louisa Werner, on 25 Jun 1881 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). Paul Emil Richter died on 22 Dec 1918 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 74. He was buried at Innerer Neustaedter Friedhof (Inner New Town Cemetery), Leipzig, Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany.
      Paul Emil Richter, a scientist, served as Senior Librarian (Secretary) to King Albert at the Saxon State Library in Dresden, Germany. He later served as Court (Privy) Councillor.

Paul graduated from the Vitzthum Gymnasium High School in Dresden. After studying natural sciences in Leipzig, he began working at the Royal Public Library in Dresden in 1869. From 1896 until 1918 he worked there as a librarian working on, among other things, the printed catalogs of new acquisitions, journals and professional bibiographies. Google books shows a number of his publications from 1886 to 1894 in German apparently on country folklore. In 1889 Paul and his son Hubert Richter published "Literature of the National and Civic Knowledge of the Kingdom of Saxony."

In 1900 Paul received the Knight Cross first class of King Albert's Order. The Albert Order was created on 31 Dec 1850 by the Saxon King Friedrich August II to commemorate the Duke of Saxony Albert III, known as Albert the Bold, and was to be awarded to anyone who served the state well, for civil virtue, science and art. At its abolition in 1918, the award order was structured thus:
Gold Grand Cross
Grand Cross (Großkreuz)
Commander's Cross 1st Class (Komturkreuz I)
Commander's Cross (Komturkreuz II)
Officer's Cross (Offizierskreuz)
Knight's Cross 1st Class (Ritterkreuz I)
Knight's Cross 2nd Class (Ritterkreuz II)
Honour Cross (Ehrenkreuz)
Merit Cross (Verdienstkreuz) with Swords

In 1906 Paul was appointed court councillor. This was followed in 1912 by Paul being awarded the Knightkreuz First Class of the order of Merit of the Kingdom of Saxony. This may have been part of the Civil Order of Saxony established 7 Jun 1815 by King Frederick Augustus I of Saxony which was a general order of merit for the royal subjects of the Kingdom of Saxony for distinguished by their civic service and virtue. The classes for this award included:
Knight Grand Cross
Commander First Class
Commander Second Class
Knight First Class
Knight Second Class
Golden Civil Cross
Silver Civil Cross

Other sources:

Child of Paul Emil Richter and Martha John


  1. [S16] Interview, William Langfitt Freseman (1901-1970), 1967.
  2. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

Hubert Richter1,2

M, ID# 114, (26 Jun 1882 - 15 Feb 1948)
Father:Paul Emil Richter (18 Aug 1844 - 22 Dec 1918)
Mother:Martha John (4 Jun 1860 - 14 Feb 1939)
     Hubert Richter was born on 26 Jun 1882 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. He was the son of Paul Emil Richter and Martha John. Hubert Richter married Eva Helbig a 1907. Hubert Richter died on 15 Feb 1948 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 65.
      Hubert Richter was an officer in the Imperial German Army, a Lutheran, and a doctor of philosophy. He resided at 58 Kopernikuss Strasse in Dresden at his death. His first cousin Johanna Woelfel, daughter of Clara John Woelfel, provided the death certificate information for Hubert Richter.


  1. [S16] Interview, William Langfitt Freseman (1901-1970), 1967.
  2. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

Ludwig Richard John1

M, ID# 115, (25 Nov 1849 - 2 Dec 1857)
Father:Karl Gottfried John (29 Jun 1796 - 17 Aug 1881)
Mother:Maria Louisa Werner (16 Jan 1827 - 17 Aug 1891)
     Ludwig Richard John was born on 25 Nov 1849 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), Germany. He was the son of Karl Gottfried John and Maria Louisa Werner. Ludwig Richard John was christened on 9 Dec 1849 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony). He died on 2 Dec 1857 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony), at age 8. He was buried on 5 Dec 1857 at Dresden, Sachsen (Saxony).
      William Langfitt Freseman reported he had another great uncle but did not know Richard Ludwig John's name.


  1. [S548] John-Werner-Woelfel Family.

PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers1,2,3

M, ID# 116, (c 1809 - 18 Jul 1897)
Father:PVT Valentine Weathers (c 1760 - 16 Feb 1852)
Mother:Sarah Atkins (a 1766 - b 1830)
Charts:Virginia Custis Winslett lineage
Amanda Ola Weathers lineage
     PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers was born c 1809 at Georgia. He was the son of PVT Valentine Weathers and Sarah Atkins. PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers married (1st wife of Stephen Weathers) (Unknown) a 1832. PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers married Nancy A. Carroll, daughter of James Carroll and Cynthia (Unknown), on 26 Jun 1853 at Coosa Co, Alabama. PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers died on 18 Jul 1897 at Alabama.
      Stephen Weathers of Campbell Co, GA and Coosa Co, AL born about 1809-1819 was concluded to be the father of Thomas, Andrew Jackson and Pamela Jane Weathers because, unlike other Weathers families in Georgia and Alabama at that time, Stephen had children of the correct sex born about the right time in the census. This relationship was DNA-verified with DNA segment triangulations posted on wikitree.com among the descendants of the siblings Pamela Jane,Thomas and Andrew Jackson Weathers. Further exploration of the line with DNA segment triagulations verified the line back to the grandfather of Stephen Weathers; all documentation was posted to wikitree.com.

Stephen was living in Georgia in 1830-1840, and he and his second wife Nancy reported on the 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses she and Stephen were both born in Georgia. In 1880 Stephen reported his father was born in Virginia and his mother in South Carolina.

Amanda Ola Weathers, the great granddaughter of Stephen, thought his son Thomas was related to a Margaret or Martha Weathers but no record for a Margaret or Martha with a Stephen was found, although she could have been Stephen's unknown first wife or Stephen's possible sister Margaret Weathers Woodall.

Stephen Weathers, age 20-29, was in Campbell Co, GA in 1830. Campbell Co was created on 20 Dec 1828 from land taken from Fayette, Coweta and Carroll counties, and from the half of DeKalb County which became Fulton County soon afterward. Georgia's Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832 also added to Campbell County. Stephen likely went to Campbell Co because land was available to farm and raise a family. In 1830 he was living with a presumed wife age 15 - 20, thus born 1811 - 1815.

Also in Stephen's household in 1830 was a female child who the census taker marked as age 5 - 9, born 1821 - 1825, thus too old to be the wife's child unless the census taker mis-marked the child's age or this child just turned 5 and any subsequent child died. By 1840 the 5 to 10 year-old-female from the 1830 census was gone. This unknown female might be the daughter of one of Stephen's step-nephews -- Moses, Thomas or James Rice -- who were living nearby.

Interestingly Stephen's father Valentine Weathers, a farmer who lived in the Georgia counties of Lincoln in 1820, Walton in 1830 and Newton in 1840, received Carroll Co, GA land in 1827. Valentine had one son living at home in 1820 -- possibly Stephen -- who left home by 1830. Campbell Co where Stephen Weathers was living in 1830 was created partially from Carroll Co land, thus Valentine may have given Stephen land or had Stephen working his Carroll Co land.

In 1840 Stephen was living next door to his step-nephew James Rice junior and sister Judith Weathers Rice and their families. Also living nearby was his sister Amy Weathers Gaither. In 1840 Stephen, age 30-39, lived in District 736, Campbell Co, GA with his wife age 20-29, 2 males age 5 - 9 (likely his sons Thomas and Andrew Jackson born 1831 - 1835), 1 unknown female age 5 - 9 (born 1831 - 1835), and 1 female under age 5 (who was Pamela Jane born in 1839.) Interestingly, Stephen was one of the few people in his area not employed in agriculture.

Stephen missed enumeration on the 1850 census as did his children. By 1850 Stephen could have had 3 children age 15 - 19 and at a minimum a daughter age 12 and likely another child about age 10 in his household. He may have been moving during the 1850 census because he was no longer in a Campbell Co, GA census and was also not located anywhere else in Georgia or Alabama, although he had contemporaries with the same name in Georgia.

Stephen Weathers of Campbell Co, GA would have been age 50 - 59 in 1860 and was the same person as Steephen Weathers (sic) age 48 (born about 1812) living in Coosa Co, AL in 1860 and employed as a miller. Whether Stephen Weathers of Campbell Co, GA and Stephen Weathers of Coosa Co, AL were the same person could be proven by atDNA comparisons with his Coosa Co born descendants, but none have agreed to atDNA comparison with his Georgia-born descendants.

Stephen married in 1853 in Coosa Co, AL (also transcribed as Stephen Mathews) by a justice of the peace, I. W. Suttle. Stephen was working as a miller and living with his wife Nancy, age 26, and children in subdivision 2, Mount Olive, Coosa Co, AL in 1860, close to the Lewis family and adjacent to the Simmons family, both of whom were living there in 1850 when Stephen was not.

Capt Ellis Logan enlisted Stephen Wethers (sic) as a private on 7 Aug 1861 in Weogufka, Coosa Co, AL for the war's duration. Stephen was assigned to Company H, 13th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, known as the Coosa Mountaineers, on the 2 Jul - 12 Aug 1861 company muster roll. Stephen would have been about age 51 at the time. S. Weathers of Co H, 13th Reg was sick in a Willamsburg, VA hospital on 20 Nov 1861. Stephen Withers of Co H, 13th Reg was admitted to the Chimborazo Hospital #3, Richmond, VA on 10 Dec 1861 because of debility/debilitas and age. Debilitas in the present-day is called post traumatic stress disorder. A Feb 1861 military report noted Stephen was discharged for disability on 20 Dec 1861. Another document showed he was discharged 24 Dec 1861 and paid 26 Dec 1861. Stephen's service record spelled his surname as Wethers, Withers and Weathers and he was noted as being in companies H and E. (http://files.usgwarchives.net/al/coosa/military/civilwar/rosters/companyh147nmt.txt)

Stephen was also enumerated in the 1866 Coosa Co, AL state census. Stephen Wethers (sic) was residing in Rockford, Coosa Co in 1867 when he was included on the Alabama Voter Registration list and in 1870 when he was included on the Agriculture Schedule for growing Indian corn.

In 1870 Stephen age 59 (born about 1809) and his family were still living in Rockford, Coosa Co, AL where Stephen was farming. By 1880 Stephen, age 71 (born about 1809) and working as a laborer, was noted as ill with liver disease on the Rockford, Coosa Co, AL census. His 17-year-old daughter Susan was listed as a laborer. Also in the household that year was Adlelate Carol (sic) age 7, Nancy's niece, and his son Silas M. Weathers listed as age 7 on the original but actually age 17.

In 1883 when Stephen and Nancy's daughter Mary was married, Mr. Hall, the justice of the peace, noted on the marriage certificate that the ceremony was performed at Mrs. Withers home. He was likely not referring to Mary because she was noted as Miss Withers in the record, so it may be that by that time Stephen was no longer living at home, certainly a trend of fathers not living at home which continued among his descendants during the next two generations.

On 10 Feb 1892, 10 Feb 1893 and 21 Jan 1894 Stephen applied for veteran's pensions noting he served as a private in Company H, 13th Alabama Regiment of Volunteers. Stephen stated he was on duty in the fall of 1864 at York Town, PA when he caught measles, relapsed and was rendered disabled for manual labor. The Yorktown service was more likely when he was hospitalized there in 1861. When Stephen returned to Alabama after the war he stated he was a farmer.

Pvt Stephen Wethurs (sic) served in Camp's Company, Wood's Battalion, 3rd Brigade, Georgia Militia Infantry in the Creek War of 1836. Capt. Benjamin Camp was elected in May 1836 to lead the Campbell County militia. On 7 Nov 1892 Stephen applied in Alabama for a pension (application 3472) for his service in Kemps Company, Georgia Volunteers in the Florida War (certificate 1940). His widow Nancy Weathers applied on 29 Aug 1895 for a widow's pension (application 6399) based on Stephen surviving the Indian War (certificate 1940). This establishes Stephen lived in Georgia as an adult up through at least 1836.

At the time of his veteran's application Stephen was physically disabled from old age and infirmity and living in the Coosa Co, AL poor house. His application was recommended for approval 29 Jan 1895 and he lived for about another 30 months.

By 1900 Stephen's sons Daniel and Silas were residing in Chilton Co, AL; they did not have any known children. According to Daniel's 1924 death and his brother Silas' 1943 marriage certificates their father Stephen was known as Yank Weathers.

Other Weathers families of Stephen's generation living in the area of Coosa Co include two Martha Weathers and a John Weathers. John H. Weathers was on Jefferson Co, AL census records. This John, a carpenter age 66 born in May 1834 in Alabama, was living in Jefferson Co, AL in 1900 with his wife Martha age 50 whom he married in 1868 and his daughters Gillie M. age 24 and Barney B. age 12 and son Albert age 16. John's parents were born in Alabama.

A Martha Wethers, age 51 born about 1809 in Georgia, was on the 1860 Tallapoosa Co, AL census with two children: a female Francis E. Wethers age 8 and William M. Wethers, age 7. Nothing further has been found about Martha.

A different Martha Weathers, enumerated as Martha Weathey, age 49 born about 1801 in South Carolina, was on the Alfred Hammock farm with the Hammock and Hayney families in Tallapoosa Co, AL in 1850, the county where Thomas' sibling Pamela Jane married in 1854. Stephen's sister-in-law was Jane Elizabeth Hayney, the wife of James Weathers. By 1880 this Martha was noted as a widow age 77 born in Georgia to parents born there, and living with her daughter Martha Ann Hammock and her family in Smith Co, MS. Online trees indicate the mother Martha was married to John Wethers / Weatherby born in 1803 in Georgia. This would put John in the same generation as Stephen but no brother named John has been documented for Stephen.

In addition to Weathers, Whethers, Withers, Wethers and Weathey the name has been noted spelled as Weathus in other Weathers families.

Multiple atDNA triangulations posted to wikitree.com among descendants of Stephen Weathers (~1809 GA – 1897 AL) and the descendants of John Weathers (1725 VA – 1812 NC) verified Stephen Weathers was a descendant of John Weathers born 1725 through his son Valentine Weathers who was born in Virginia and was known to be living in Georgia when Stephen was born in that state. Also Valentine Weathers was the most likely candidate to be the father of Stephen born 1809 based on four factors. Valentine was born in Virginia as Stephen had said was the case; lived in Georgia at the time Stephen was born; had a son on the census born about the time Stephen was born; and owned land in 1827 in the same area where Stephen was living in 1830. Based on records available for Valentine's other sons, brothers and nephews, Valentine was the only man with an unknown son proven born in the 1809 timeframe. atDNA comparisons proved this theory.

Analysis of the possibility of John Weathers' sons and grandsons being Stephen's father follows. In the process of reaching the conclusion Valentine was Stephen's father, the following records-based analysis presumed Stephen was born to a married couple and descended from both of those parents. John Weathers (1725 - 1812) had sons named John, James, Henry, George, Hugh, Elisha and Valentine.

John Weathers' namesake son John Weathers (born 14 Mar 1752 VA) married Catherin (Caty). In the 1810 Lincoln Co, NC census John had no sons less than 10 years old and his wife was already over 45 years old so they were not the parents of Stephen b 1809. The 1790 Lincoln Co, NC census showed John had 3 sons under age 16 at home. Any of these three unknown sons could have been the father of Stephen born 1809 if they were born in VA. No records have been found to identify who these men were.

John Weathers' son James Weathers (~1752 VA – 1810 NC) was not the father because his wife Gimime /Jemima (b 1758) did /could not have children after 1802. James had three sons who would be potential fathers of Stephen: George, Elijah and a son unnamed in James' will and not subsequently identified on online trees.

     George has not been traceable so it unknown when or where he was born, so he could have been Stephen's father. The George Weather in the 1810 and 1830 Lincoln Co, NC censuses was not the son of James because in 1800 James only had sons born between 1785 and 1790 in his home and the man in the censuses was not born then.

     Elijah was born about 1788 in NC, not VA, and served as a marriage bondsman for his sister 1819. Nothing else is known about Elijah but he would have been age 21 when Stephen was born. Elijah is presumed to not be Stephen's father because he was not born in VA, but he could have been Stephen's father.

     Unnamed third son could be of any age but would likely predate Elijah because of James and Jemima's childbirth pattern. This unnamed son could have been Stephen's father because he was likely above age 21 when Stephen was born, but it is not known where the unnamed son was born although most likely not in Virginia. Ralph V. Withers of Gastonia, NC, a descendant of James, believes this third son could be Thomas Weathers who was on the 1810 Lincoln County, NC census. Thomas, age 26 to 44, had 2 sons under 10, wife 16-25. If this Thomas in Lincoln Co in 1810 was the son of James, one of Thomas' sons under age 10 in 1810 could be our ancestor, but that would not fit the analysis criteria because Thomas was not born in Virginia.

John Weathers' son Henry Weathers was born about 1759, most likely in Virginia. No reliable information has yet been found about him. Some trees believe he died young in Gaston Co, NC and some that he died in Mississippi which may be because someone with the same name in a later war was buried at Vicksburg. Henry could be the son who came home from the war with smallpox and died after also infecting a sister who succumbed as well. His apparent age at death was only about 20, so it is very unlikely Henry was Stephen's father.

John Weathers' son George Weathers (1780 NC-after 1830 NC) is not Stephen's father. George was born in 1780 in NC, not VA, and had sons born 1808-1812 named James, Ephraim and William who later had known wives and children.

John Weathers' son Hugh Weathers, likely born in the 1760s in Virginia, may have married a Maryann Williams but there is no further reliable information about him, so Hugh may have been Stephen's father.

John Weathers' son Elisha Weathers (1762 VA -1840 NC) married Sarah Gaskins (1763-1848). Their last child was apparently born in 1808 and that child survived to adulthood, so no additional children were born in 1809 in this family and Elisha is not the father of Stephen born in 1809. According to Elisha's will his sons were John, Allen, Samuel, Joel, Benjamin Ellis, Logan and Morgan. Sons John, Allen and Samuel, all born in NC, not VA, were all old enough to be the father of Stephen.

     Elisha's son John (1784 NC – 1852 GA) married Nancy Ervin (1786-1859) in 1806 and in the 1820 census had a son under age 10 (Allen J. born 1814) and a son age 10 – 15 (Isaac Erwin born in 1807) . There were no other sons alive at that time so John was not the father of Stephen born 1809.

     Elisha's son Allen (b 1785 NC) married Elizabeth Senter in 1808 in NC and their child born in 1809 was a son who survived and was the only son on the 1810 census, so Allen was not the father of Stephen born 1809.

     Elisha's son Samuel (1791 NC -1855 NC) married Sarah Rhyne (1793-1867) in 1812 and thus was not the father of Stephen born 1809.

John Weathers' son Valentine Weathers senior (1765 VA – 1852 GA) was the only descendant of John born 1725 who was born in VA and was known to be living in Georgia (along with his adult son Elisha) when Stephen born in 1809 in Georgia. Valentine married Sarah Atkins (est birth 1762) in 1782 in NC. In the 1790 Chester Co, SC census Valentine and Sarah had two children, one a son born ~1785-89. The 1800 and 1810 Georgia censuses did not survive so Valentine's household composition during that period is not known.

     Valentine's first son, Elisha Weathers (~1784 SC-1869 GA) married Cassie Gaither in Lincoln Co, GA in 1807. Elisha is called junior only in this paper to distinguish him from his namesake uncle who remained in NC. Elisha junior was enumerated as Elishar Wethers on the 1818 tax list in Lincoln Co, GA. It is unknown if Elisha junior and Cassie had any sons born from 1808 through 1810 because the 1810 census did not survive, but no such sons were acknowledged in Elisha junior's will. In the 1820 Lincoln Co, GA census Elisha junior had four sons under age 10. Elisha junior subsequently married Sidney Parker in 1846 and Elisha's 1869 will noted only sons George H., Vachel, Elisha and Shadrae R. who were to share his estate equally after the death of their mother Sidney. Elisha's sons were on tax lists in the same district with their cousins Samuel and Joel and other unknown Wethers who could potentially be their older siblings not included in their father's will or other cousins. Thus, Elisha junior born ~1784 is believed to not be the father of Stephen born 1809 because he was not born in Virginia and Stephen was not named in his will, but Elisha could be Stephen's father.

     Elisha junior reported in an 1860 George Supreme Court deposition that his birth family moved to Lincoln Co by 1797. In the 1820 Lincoln Co, GA census Valentine had a second son born ~1805-1810, thus in Georgia, who would be the right age to be Stephen born 1809 in Georgia. By the 1830 census this second son of Valentine's was gone from the household, whereas our Stephen was living independently in 1830 in Georgia. Thus this makes it most likely that Stephen was the second known son of Valentine, born between ~1805 and 1810.

     However, Stephen reported on the 1880 census that his mother was born in SC and it is highly unlikely Sarah Atkins who married Valentine Weathers in North Carolina was born in South Carolina, although Stephen could have gotten his Carolinas confused.

As a Revolutionary War veteran Valentine was entitled to two opportunities for a chance to draw 202.5 acres in the 1827 Georgia land lottery. Valentine was successful on the drawing and received land in Carroll Co; GA. In 1828 Campbell Co was created from various counties including Carroll. In 1830 our Stephen born in about 1809 was living in Campbell Co, GA.

Valentine senior had a third son born about 1813. Valentine reportedly died in 1852 but in the 1857 GA Property Digest in Winn's District, Lincoln Co, GA a Valentine, Daniel S., and Elisha H. Weathers are listed with property. Valentine G. Weathers, deceased, is shown in the same district and county in 1869 adjacent to Daniel S. Weathers and Vachel D. Weathers. Thus as land ownership unfolded in Winn's District it now included Vachel, the elder Valentine's grandson. George, Vachel, Elisha and Shadrick – sons of Elisha junior born ~1784 – continually appear in the tax records. This younger Valentine was not the father of Stephen born 1809 because the 1850 census shows Valentine “junior' was born in 1813.

Valentine's second marriage in 1831 to Sarah Rollins was after Stephen born about 1809 reached adulthood. However, Ralph Weathers of Alabama traces his ancestry to Valentine Weathers and Sarah Rollins, through a son Thomas born about 1843 and died in 1911. Naming two sons Thomas is certainly possible, especially 34 years apart and with different wives, but this does not support the hypothesis of our Thomas also being born in Valentine.

Stephen was not the Stephen Weathers who married Lucinda Matthews in 1834 in Talbot Co, GA. That couple was living in Milledgeville, Georgia when they sold Lucinda's inheritance on 13 Oct 1856 according to the estate records of her father Loderick Matthews. Stephen and Lucinda lived out his life together with his probate occurring 11 Dec 1858 in Georgia. Lucinda survived Stephen and by 1860 moved to Arkansas with her children who were well documented in Arkansas. (Jackson County, Texas Deed Book E, E-421, Registered at Milledgeville, Georgia, Oct 13, 1856; Stephen Weathers and Lucinda Weathers his wife of County of Tolbert, State of Georgia, Heirs at Law of Loderick Matthews sold their inheritance for $10 to (Loderick's widow) Mary Matthews of the County of Jackson and State of Texas, pg E-420-421. Jessie N. Pumphrey and Mary S. Pumphrey (a Matthews daughter) did the same, 29 Nov 1856; pg E-422. Dudley Cochran and Missouri E. Cochran (another Matthews daughter) also sold their part for $10, County of Hempstead, Arkansas, August 20, 1856, pg E-417. Benjamin Rush Matthews and Loderick William Matthews and their wives sell their inheritances to Mary Matthews for $10; filed in Arkansas, County of Union, March 9th, 1857; pg E418. Mary Matthews sold the land obtained from her children to S. Addison White of Victory County, Texas, 17 Dec 1856; pg E-423.

Children of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and (1st wife of Stephen Weathers) (Unknown)

Children of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and Nancy A. Carroll


  1. [S82] Interviews, Henry and Amanda Winslett, 1965-1968.
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PVT Thomas "Tom" Weathers1,2,3,4,5

M, ID# 118, (c 1836 - )
Father:PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers (c 1809 - 18 Jul 1897)
Mother:(1st wife of Stephen Weathers) (Unknown) (a 1815 - b 1853)
Charts:Virginia Custis Winslett lineage
Amanda Ola Weathers lineage
     PVT Thomas "Tom" Weathers was born c 1836 at Columbus, Georgia. He was the son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and (1st wife of Stephen Weathers) (Unknown). PVT Thomas "Tom" Weathers married Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam, daughter of Ezekiel Beam (of Cherokee Co) and Roseanne Glenn, on 12 Dec 1858 at Saint Clair Co, Alabama.
      The story of Thomas Weathers life is more of what is not known than what is known. He is only known as marrying Amanda Beam, working in Cherokee Co, AL and deserting during the Civil War. Beyond that, all of the information below are family stories, hypotheses and research data in case new records are ever found. atDMA triangulations filled in who Thomas' ancestors were. The mystery is what happened to Thomas after 1863.

Thomas Weathers was enumerated as age 24 and a day laborer with an unknown birth place -- very unusual on a census -- living with his young wife and son on the 1860 Cherokee Co, AL census. Perhaps his wife was at home alone and did not know where Thomas was born when the census taker arrived. Other than the 1860 census, no records could be identified for our Thomas before his 1858 marriage or after the Civil War ended.

Thomas was noted in St. Clair Co, AL in 1858 for his marriage; Cherokee Co, AL in 1860 for the census; most likely in Shelby Co in 1859 - 1861 for his sons' births; Blount Co, AL in 1862 - 1863 for military enlistment, and possibly in Shelby Co, AL in 1871 for a home visit, thus he seemed to range in about a 40 mile radius in northeast Alabama, which may reflect both his meager financial status and the need to keep moving to find work. Thomas may have also spent time in Etowah Co, AL which was organized in 1868 from parts of Cherokee, St. Clair and Blount among other Alabama counties. On his sons' 1900 -1930 censuses, the vast majority of the time Thomas' three sons stated Thomas was born in Alabama (with one report of Georgia), but that is meaningless because the majority of the time the sons said their mother was born in Alabama (with one report of Georgia) and she was born in South Carolina.

Although there were many men during this era named Thomas Weathers simultaneously living in Alabama and Georgia, none of the records for these other men matched the information provided about Thomas by his granddaughter Amanda Ola Weathers or link to his marriage to Jane Amandaline Beam in 1858. During the time our Thomas would likely have been with his birth family, four men named Thomas Weathers were found enumerated in families living in Alabama in Barbour, Russell and Randolph counties, and these men -- especially the man in Barbour County -- were well covered in records through the times of their adulthoods. Only the Thomas Weathers in Barbour Co had dates aligned with the dates of our Thomas, and atDNA comparisons between the descendants of the Barbour Co Weathers family and our Thomas Weathers showed no relationship. Further, a Thomas Floyd Weathers enlisted for Civil War service in Etowah Co, AL and was wounded in Mississippi, about whom more will be said.

Thomas' granddaughter Amanda Ola Weathers believed Thomas was "born in Columbus, GA" and "his parents were possibly Thomas and Margaret or Martha Weathers from Holland;" his mother has not been identified.

Stephen "Yank" Weathers was proved to be Thomas' father based extensive atDNA triangulation results; geographical proximity; the reference to the family nickname Yank; the right age to be Thomas' father; and Stephen of Campbell Co, GA had a son born the same time as our Thomas. Exhaustive searches in Alabama and Georgia records did not reveal any other possible father for Thomas or for his siblings Pamela and Andrew Jackson.

As a result of atDNA test triangulations,Thomas' sister was identified as Pamela Jane Weathers based on third cousins on Thomas and Pamela's lines sharing 87 centimorgans across 4 segments. The relationship was confirmed by a Gedmatch match between David R. Gardner and his third cousin Dorris Weathers Ogle, and their most recent common ancestor was Stephen Weathers, their second great grandfather.

As a result of further atDNA test triangulations, Thomas and Pamela Jane's brother was identified as Andrew Jackson Weathers. Shelly K. Weathers, the great granddaughter of Andrew Jackson, shares 94 centimorgans across four segments with her third cousin Dorris Weathers Ogle from Thomas' line, and 66.6 centimorgans across four segments with her third cousin David Gardner on Pamela Jane's line.

DNA comparisons to prove Stephen Weathers of Coosa Co, AL and the man of the same name from Campbell Co, GA are the same person would be informative, but none of the descendants from the Coosa Co marriage matching to descendants from the Stephen of Campbell Co have gotten a gedmatch number.

In 2002 June Strickling, the 2nd great granddaughter of Thomas through his son Hiram, wrote that her mother told her Thomas' nick name was "Yank." June and this researcher were unable to align the name Yank with Thomas. However, the Stephen Weathers postulated to be Thomas' father was shown as Yank Weathers on several Alabama records.

Historical maps show the close physical proximity of events in the lives of our Thomas Weathers, his sister Pamela Jane Weathers, and Thomas' wife Jane Amandaline Beam. The Stephen Weathers living in Campbell Co, GA (established in 1828) in 1830-1840 who is the father of Thomas and Pamela Jane lived adjacent to Cobb Co (which was established in 1832) where Pamela Jane was reportedly born. These counties are close to Cherokee Co, AL and then Benton Co, AL where Thomas' wife Jane Amandaline grew up and to St Clair Co where Jane Amandaline married Thomas Weathers. So this supports the conclusion Thomas was the son of Stephen Weathers of Campbell Co, GA.

Based on the 1860 Cherokee Co, AL census Thomas was born about 1836, thus age was a key criteria when researching the four Thomas Weathers who served in the Alabama Infantry during the Civil War. Men ususally served in units formed near where they lived, but after a period of time units sometimes combined with other units to cover attrition. Using age and geographical location for recruitment with both circumstantial evidence and the process of elimination, the Thomas who served in the 48th Alabama Infantry was determined to be our ancestor because other men in the 48th regiment were his neighbors, but most especially because his wife's brothers and cousins were in the same unit.

The 48th Regiment was formed at Auburn, Alabama in May 1862, and its companies were recruited in the counties of Jackson, DeKalb, Cherokee, Marshall, Blount, Colbert and Calhoun. Thomas was in Company A, although Company H was recruited primarily in Cherokee Co and that was where his Cherokee Co neighbors Daniel and James Turrentine, Capt. Aug[ustine] Woodliff and Capt. John Moragne served, so Thomas may have already moved to Blount Co by 1862 which provided recruits to Company A.

Thomas' military records show he was enlisted 7 Apr 1862, about 5 months after his twin sons were born, at Warrinton (sic), AL by Capt. Alldredge for 3 years or the duration of the war. Modern descriptions of Blount Co, AL in 2020 mentioned of Brooksville community and Warrington Road.

Also serving in Company A, 48th Regiment were Thomas' brothers-in-law Hiram and John Whitfield Glenn, the latter young man signing up late in the war because of his age, and the Glenns' cousins. Of note, a transcription of Thomas' records showed his name as Thos Wethers, his enlistment as almost a year later on 25 Mar 1863, and refers to him as a farmer age 29, born about 1834 in Georgia, and a resident of Blountsville, AL.

The 48th Regiment deployed for three years on 22 May 1862 and a few weeks later reached Virginia. The 48th was first engaged with severe loss in both the battle at Cedar Run and at the Second Battle of Bull Run at Manassas, VA (28-30 Aug 1862). The 48th was part of the investing force at Harper's Ferry (12-15 Sep 1862) and was badly mutilated at the Battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg (17 Sep 1862). During the winter of 1862 the 48th was placed in Longstreet's Corps. The regiment was next under fire at the Battle of Fredericksburg (11-15 Dec 1862) and fought with light loss from 11 Apr - 4 May 1863 in several battles at Suffolk, VA.

Just over a year after enlistment Thomas was admitted to the "Episcopal Church Hospital, Williamsburg, VA" on 1 May 1863. Hospital records can mislead; entries under the heading "Episcopal Church Hospital, Williamsburg VA" continued to be made after this hospital had already moved to Petersburg, VA, near Richmond. Thomas was hospitalized for debilitas, defined as weakness or feebleness, and what in present-day terms would likely be called post traumatic stress disorder.

At the beginning of the war, the Confederacy established hospitals in Richmond and other large, accessible urban areas. But as the war progressed and casualties mounted, numerous smaller medical facilities were dispersed throughout Virginia in more remote communities such as Farmville, west of Richmond. Thomas' Petersburg Hospital records noted he was to be transferred to Farmville (Hospital), VA on 8 May 1863, possibly because his case was not considerd too serious and because that was a safer location.

A record for a Thomas Wheathers (sic) in the 48th, a private in Company A, was shown with a note that the original was filed under Thomas Weathers, so our Thomas was noted under two different surnames. This may have occurred because Thomas could not read and write; his 1 - 8 May 1863 hospital record had an X marked above his surname. According to hospital records, Thomas was last paid on 30 Apr 1863.

Thomas receipted for an issue of clothing on 7 May 1863 at S. C. Hospital, Petersburg, VA and the next day was admitted to the Confederate States Army (CSA) General Hospital in Farmville, VA on 8 May 1863 with a wound in his upper arm: "gunshot wound involving the upper extremity of his humorous (sic)."

Although there was heavy fighting from 30 Apr to 6 May 1863 at the Battle of Chancellorsville, VA, Thomas' records do not show he participated in that battle, although his records could be incomplete. Thus, Thomas' wound either was not noted on the original hospital records concerning debilitas or more likely the wound occurred while he was hospitalized, leading this researcher to wonder if Thomas' gunshot wound was self-inflicted and the debiltitis may have been a result of depression.

The Farmville General Hospital was established in May 1862 and the extensive hospital records for Orange Courthouse, VA in the National Archives record group 109 include a register of patients, orders, patients returned to duty and fuloughed, medical reports, morning reports, etc, during the period Thomas was hospitalized, which could be checked. There was also a Wayside Hospital at Farmville.

On 26 May 1863 at Farmville Hospital, Thomas was furloughed for 30 days; hospital records stated 60 - 90 days furlough were recommended. Thomas was recorded as absent for May and Jun 1863 with the remark he was furloughed home. His military records listed him as as a resident of Brooksville, Blount Co, AL, which was in the same county where he enlisted and was about 35 miles away from Cherokee Co where Thomas was previously on the 1860 census. There was no family tradition that Thomas came home for this 1863 furlough, although there were several traditions that he did not come home immediately after the war.

On 19 Jun 1863 Thomas was first declared absent without leave on his original records this researcher viewed -- before his 30 days recuperative leave was up. His absence pattern continued in Jul - Aug 1863, Sep - Oct 1863 with the remark sick since 15 Dec (sic) 1863, 12 Nov 1863, Jul - Aug 1864 with the remark absent since 12 Nov 1863, and Sep - Oct 1864 as absent without leave.

The transcribed military records for Thomas give a similar picture but they have differences from the originals viewed by this researcher. Thomas was noted as "absent sick" during battles at Suffolk 3 May 1863; Gettysburg 2-3 Jul 1863; Port Royal 23 Aug 1863; and Chickamauga 19 -20 Sep 1863. Then Thomas was noted as present at the battles at Lookout Valley 28 Oct 1863 and Campbell Station 14 Nov 1863. For these two battles for which he was noted as present, Lookout Mountain was at the corner of Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee and Campbell's Station was in Knox County, Tennessee, placing Thomas closer to his home state at that time. Thomas was again absent and noted as sick during the battles at Knoxville, TN Nov 1863; Bean Station, Grainger County, TN on 13 Dec 1863; Dandridge, Jefferson Co, TN on 16 Jan 1864; Wilderness, Spottsylvania, VA on 6 May 1864; and Spottsylvania Courthouse, VA on 8-9 May 1864. Thomas was also listed as absent without leave from 3 Jun 1864 until 27 Oct 1864.

Obviously our Thomas experienced hardships of war and may have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder as well as his possibly self-inflicted gunshot wound. Based on his original records Thomas was absent without leave and/or sick from Jun 1863 through Oct 1864, whereas transcribed records from unknown sources showed him as sick from May 1863 until Oct 1863; present for duty until late Nov 1863; and then noted as sick or absent without leave from May 1864 until Oct 1864. The bottom line is Thomas was not in action from May 1863 through Oct 1864 with the exception of two battles in the Tennessee area in Oct - Nov 1863 when he participated. Thomas was noted as absent and sick twice in Spottsylvania, VA at the end of his miltary records but has not been found in Virginia military records.

Where Thomas Weathers went when he was absent from duty after Jun 1863 during the war, or after the Nov 1863 battle, and after the war concluded is undocumented. From 1 Oct to 30 Nov 1863 and 9 to 31 Dec 1863 a Thomas Weathers was paid 25 cents per day in Calhoun Co, GA, near the southeast Alabama border, to work as a teamster, driving a wagon for the Confederacy. No Weathers families were found in census records in Calhoun Co, GA between 1850 and 1870, thus this driver may not have been a long-term resident there and possibly was our ancestor, although there were other Thomas Weathers about the same age as our ancestor living elsewhere in Georgia during that time.

Because Thomas left the miltary by alternative means, he may have lived under an asssumed name after the war because he has not been found in census records after the war in the southeast US, although there are innumerable potential spellings of the name Weathers in the records of various families, to include Wheathers, Withers, Wethers, Weathy and Wethirs. Until 1900 only injured Alabama veterans received a pension, and although Thomas had an injury, as an apparent deserter he could not apply for a pension either then or when the state authorized pensions for all veterans or their widows in 1900.

Family tradition among two different lines of Thomas' descendants was that he served in the Civil War and did not return after the war "until about five years later" at which time he visited his wife Amanda in Shelby Co, AL. Could Amanda's detailed story passed down through the generations be true or was Amanda trying to save face with her brothers and cousins who had served in the same military unit with Thomas by creating this story?

Thomas' descendant June Strickling's mother told June that when Thomas visited, Amanda sent their sons to the barn, refused to let Thomas see the children, and sent Thomas away. This researcher's grandmother Amanda Ola Weathers Winslett told me that by the time of Thomas' visit, Amanda had remarried Isaac Schrader and "the three of them settled their issues amicably." Because Amanda was not on the 1870 census with Isaac this could have put Thomas' visit at about 1871, thus six years after the war ended, unless the five years was supposed to have been counted from when he enlisted. Interestingly a Sam Weathers born circa 1874 was noted as a son living in Amanda's household in 1910 and not found on any other census; it is unclear whether Sam was Amanda's son or that of another Weathers relative.

After Thomas' reported visit to Amanda about 1871, he again disappeared from public records and family traditions. Various Thomas Weathers/Withers married in Alabama after the war: in Nov 1869 Thomas Weathers and Fanny Cariker in Barbour Co; 1867 Thomas Withers and Margaret Patton in Madison Co; in 1867 Thomas Withers and Mary McAdory in Lowndes Co; and in 1868 Thomas A. Wethers and Polly Ann Gaines in Cleburne Co.

The 1870 Alabama census included two white men with our ancestor's name. A Thos K. Withers, age 26 and born in North Carolina, was residing in Cherokee Co with his wife Mary, and thus he is too young to be our ancestor. He was likely the Thomas R. Withers (original not available online to check middle initial) in the 1866 Cherokee Co, AL state census and the Thos K. Withers on the 1867 Voter Registration list in Cherokee Co, AL.

Also in 1870 the second Thomas Weathers on the census was age 35 born in Georgia and working as an overseer; this is the right birth place and age to be our ancestor. He was living with his wife Fanny Cariker in Eufaula, Barbour Co, AL with two Weathers children. Fanny was married in 1866 to M. T. Williford but her obituary stated the children were those of Thomas: "To his three little motherless children, one girl and two boys..." By 1880 this Thomas, husband of Fanny, was still the only Thomas Weathers of our ancestor's age and was residing in Barbour Co, AL with his family. Note that Thomas' granddaughter believed he lived in Columbus, GA and Eufaula is 10 miles south of Columbus on the state border.

LDS Church records show many children born to men named Thomas Weathers in Alabama in the 1880 -1890 time period but none are clearly children of our ancestor. Ignoring the men named Thomas Weathers in Barbour, Russell and Randolph counties, other Thomases turned up in the records with various surnames spelled similarly to Weathers but again none were evidently our Thomas. In 1867 there was a Thomas Wethers on the voter registration list in Baldwin Co, AL, although that county is far from the area where our Thomas resided before the war. Also there was a Thomas Waters on the list living in nearby Tallapoosa Co, AL but that man was living there in 1860 when our Thomas was living nearby.

What if our Thomas never visited his wife Amanda about 1871 and stayed in Virginia? Thomas was noted as absent and sick during the two May 1864 Spottsylvania, VA battles. He may never have recovered and may have been institutionalized because of post-traumatic stress or he may have visited Amanda and gotten more mentally unbalanced after he was turned away from home. In the Jun 1880 federal census of Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes a Thomas Weathers of Spartanburg Co, SC was listed as a single man suffering from mania in the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum in Columbia, Richland Co, SC. Records noted this man's first attack was one month earlier at about age 36. However by 1880 our Thomas would have been age 44, so this man may have been related to the Spartanburg household of Nancy Weathers, age 82, and her two daughters Permittie age 41 and Marittie age 38.

One descendant reported our Thomas died in Cleburne Co, AL although no record was found of a death there. Thomas' granddaughter Amanda Ola Weathers Winslett reported Thomas died about 1894. However, two other men named Thomas Weathers died in 1893 in Alabama -- Thomas Weathers of Barbour Co, born in Georgia circa 1832 and longtime husband of Fannie, was killed in an accident widely reported throughout the state, and Thomas D. Weathers of Randolph Co, AL, born in 1860 and the husband of Mary Mickle. Thus Amanda may have heard of the death of a Thomas Weathers in Alabama about 1894 and believed the man was her grandfather.

If Thomas visited his wife Amanda in Alabama about 1871, unless he died before 1880, would he have remained in the state and appeared on a later census under another name? All three of Thomas' sons resided in Shelby Co, AL as adults, so if Thomas did return home he may have stayed in that general area. Every Thomas, regardless of his surname, born in Alabama or Georgia about 1836 living in Alabama or Georgia on the 1880 census was studied in 2019 and none appeared to be our Thomas.

To add to the mystery surrounding Thomas, two of his sons both started using the middle name Floyd as some point. His son William was William J. at birth on the 1860 census; W. F. Weathen on the 1880 census; and William's daughter, with whom he lived part time, recorded his name in the family bible as William Floyd Weathers. Whereas Thomas' other son Hiram was apparently named Hiram Floyd at birth and started using his middle name Floyd by the time of the 1920 census. So why did this middle name matter in the family?

Our Thomas and the Thomas Weathers of Etowah Co, AL mentioned above as enlisting for Civil War service in Etowah Co, AL and being wounded in Mississippi, had some interesting parallels, starting with their having the same name, age, pre-war residential area, and thus they likely knew of each other, and receiving a gunshot wound to the arm during the Civil War. Also neither was found on the 1870 Alabama census. Thomas F. Weathers of Etowah enlisted at age 24, thus born about 1837, on 13 Aug 1861 under Capt. R. B. Rhea in Company F, 19th Infantry Regiment, which was recruited from Cherokee and Blount counties where our Thomas lived and was recruited. Thomas F. Weathers was from Wills/Wells Valley, AL – the valley runs through Dekalb Co and Etowah Co, AL – and thus he was recruited from the county areas adjacent to Cherokee where our Thomas lived in 1860. Thomas K. Weathers was shot in the upper left arm near Shiloh, TN on 6 Apr 1862 and discharged from the military on 24 Aug 1862 with a permanently disabled arm.

The government passed the Disability Act of 1887 and amended it in 1888. On 23 Apr 1890 a long way from Cherokee Co, AL, a Thomas F. Weathers submitted a military disability claim while living in Columbia Co, GA on the South Carolina border. As proof of his service and injury Thomas F. Weathers submitted a short affidavit from Capt. R. B. Rhea from Company F in Etowah Co, AL which stated he served with T. F. Weathers who had been wounded by a gun shot. The typed disability pension application transcription had blanks for the questions of when and where born and when enlisted. Each year through 1895 Thomas K. Weathers submitted the same paperwork, and in 1892 Thomas' name was stated as Thomas Floyd Weathers. In 1893 the county clerk taking the disability application stated he could not verify wounds that were not visible, which seems strange for a wound to the upper arm causing severe degrading of the arm and permanent disability. Initially in his applications Thomas stated he had lived in Columbia Co, GA since 8 Oct 1865 and later said he had lived there all of his life, which clearly was not correct since he enlisted in Alabama. No additional residency affidavits were included, which was unusual for a disability pension. What happened to the disability applications after 1895 is unknown.

The 1870 Columbia Co, GA census had numerous Weathers families, but only one Thomas Weathers born at the right time to be either veteran born about the same time who enlisted in Alabama. A Thomas Weathers, age 37 thus born 1832 - 1833, was residing in Columbia Co with Elmira Weathers, age 29, both of whom were born in Georgia. Thomas was illiterate, working as a farm laborer and living adjacent to his father-in-law James Conner. Also residing nearby was Daniel Weathers, age 48, with his wife Frances and their family. This Thomas Weathers is the ancestor of Ralph Weathers of Alabama and may be a descendant of Elisha Weathers, the son of Valentine, and thus a cousin of our Thomas.

--48th Alabama Infantry Regiment; http://www.archives.alabama.gov/referenc/alamilor/48thinf.html
--ancestry.com message board, Weathers-Beam posting, June Strickling, 23 Apr 2002; https://www.ancestry.co.uk/boards/localities.northam.usa.states.alabama.counties.cherokee/14.361.363.362/mb.ashx.

Children of PVT Thomas "Tom" Weathers and Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam


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Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam1,2,3,4,5,6

F, ID# 119, (1842 - 1 Feb 1916)
Father:Ezekiel Beam (of Cherokee Co) (c 1796 - )
Mother:Roseanne Glenn (28 Feb 1809 - 28 Oct 1894)
Charts:Virginia Custis Winslett lineage
Amanda Ola Weathers lineage
     Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam was born in 1842 at South Carolina. She was the daughter of Ezekiel Beam (of Cherokee Co) and Roseanne Glenn. Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam married PVT Thomas "Tom" Weathers, son of PVT Stephen "Yank" Weathers and (1st wife of Stephen Weathers) (Unknown), on 12 Dec 1858 at Saint Clair Co, Alabama. Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam married Isaac "Ike" Chancelor Shrader, son of Henry Clay Shrader and Mary "Polly" Francis Weatherly, c 1872. Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam died on 1 Feb 1916 at Harpersville, Shelby Co, Alabama.
      Conflicting data and lack of primary records complicate describing Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam's origins and her early life. According to her granddaughter Amanda Ola Weathers Winslett, her grandmother Mandy Beam was Pennsylvania Dutch, used broken English and was born in 1841 in Ireland, all of which appear to be untrue. Amanda's parents were born in South Carolina according to their census records; Amanda reported on the 1900 census her parents were born in Alabama and on the 1910 census that her parents were born in South Carolina, so her parents were definitely not born overseas. On the censuses Amanda and her second husband Isaac Shrader were reported as able to speak, read and write English, although their granddaughter stated Amanda had limited speaking capability.

Amanda's granddaughter Amanda Ola Weathers Winslett told this researcher she was named after her grandmother. On 1 Jun 1860 Amanda was enumerated as Jane A. and in 1900 she was enumerated as J. M. before returning to the use of just Mandy in 1910.

Amanda was likely born in South Carolina but Alabama is also a strong possibility. Based on the birth cycle of her immediate siblings, Amanda was born right before or after the family's move to Alabama -- if her siblings' data is correct; the 1850 census specified Amanda was born in South Carolina and her next-born sibling was noted as born in Alabama, thus South Caroline is her likely birth place. However, on the 1860 census Amanda reported she was born in Alabama, and she was born in Alabama based on the 1900 census according to her son William; the 1910 census according to her possible son Sam; and the 1920 census according to her son George. Her son Hiram reported she was born in Georgia on the 1920 census.

Amanda's age was difficult to try to establish. Her granddaughter stated Amanda was born in 1841, but another of Amanda's brothers was born in 1841. Based on her self reporting in the 1900 census, Amanda was age 55 and born in Jul 1844, but because another brother apparently was born in 1844 and she was noted in the 1850 census as born about 1842, Amanda was likely born in 1842. In 1910 the census taker noted Amanda was age 60 and then changed her age to age 65, thus born in 1845. So either Amanda was born about 1841 and had her first child at age 18 or she was born about 1844 and had her first child at age 15; either is possible especially given her sisters' young ages at marriage.

Amanda was listed as Maudeline Beame on her 11 Dec 1859 St. Clair Co, AL marriage license and marriage certificate. Ezekiel Beam signed a note with his mark authorizing Amanda to marry at under age 18; Ezekiel's witness was B. B. Whorton who testified Ezekiel understood the contents of what he was signing. Amanda and Thomas were married by Thomas W. Gilbert, Justice of the Peace. Mandy's granddaughter Amanda Ola Weathers stated Mandy and Tom Weathers married in Columbus, GA but no marriage or census records have been found for them living together in that county. This researcher thought Columbus would have been too far away and perhaps Columbiana, AL or other local towns would have been more logical but they were not found noted in records there either.

Amanda appeared on the 1850 census in Cherokee Co, AL with her birth family. By 1860 Amanda age 17 was enumerated in household 10, Division 1, Cherokee Co, AL with her husband Thomas and 7 month old son William J. Weathers.

Amanda has not been found in the 1870 census records with any of her first three children, and she was not living with any of her siblings still residing in the county at that time. Nor were her children found until in 1880 when William Weathers age 20 and Hiram Weathers age 18 were living in Shelby Co, AL with their uncle William Beam (also missing in the 1860 - 1870 Alabama census) and their uncle Presley Beam next door with his family. Her third son George was found in that county in 1900.

Amanda and Thomas' lives were highly dysfunctional given his five-year disappearance during their marriage. Thomas did not return home for at least five years after the Civil War; no one among his son William's descendants knew why, although there was discussion he may have been a prisoner of war, which was not true and would not explain the long absence after the war. His son Hiram's descendants heard when Thomas returned Amanda was living with her brother and would not allow Thomas access to his sons; another descendant understood Thomas then returned to his new family in Calhoun Co, AL. Cleburne Co was formed in 1866 from territory in Benton (now Calhoun), Randolph, and Talladega counties. However of note there was a Thomas Weathers working in 1863 in Calhoun Co, GA.

Amanda was not enumerated in her future husband's household in 1870 in Shelby Co, AL when Isaac Shrader was enumerated as a widow but she also was not found any where else on the census, so she was likely already living with Isaac and their combined brood of small children.

Establishing when Thomas returned home and when Amanda remarried was difficult. Amanda's granddaughter Amanda Ola Weathers reported Amanda married Isaac Shrader "within five years of the end of the Civil War," and "Thomas returned home five years after the war." Faced with two husbands, "the three settled the issue among themselves and Amanda remained with her second husband."

In the 1880 Shelby Co, AL census, J. M. Shrader age 34 (born circa 1846) was noted as the wife of Isaac Shrader; this was Amanda (Jane Mandy) living with Issac. Furthermore, Amanda reported in 1900 she and Shrader had been married 28 years (married 1872) and in 1910 that they had been married 35 years (married 1875). By 1880 when Isaac was living with Amanda they had not had any children noted on the census although a "son" Sam Weathers was in the household in 1910. Living next door to Isaac's farm in 1880 in Shelby Co was Amanda's sister Roseanne Beam Green with her family.

Isaac and Amanda were living in Harpersville, Shelby Co, AL in 1900 where Isaac owned his own farm, four doors away from her son George Weathers.

Amanda consistently reported in 1900 and 1910 that she only had three children and they were alive. Her namesake granddaughter Amanda Winslett also reported she had three children: William, Hiram and George. No mention was made of the Sam Weathers born circa 1874 and annotated as a widowed 36-year-old son on the 1910 census in the Issac and Amanda Shrader household. Sam was possibly Amanda's relative who was taken into Isaac's household and was incorrectly enumerated as being a son. Sam was the only Weathers in the household, so his surname was not an error. Of interest Isaac's mother was reported to be Mary Francis Weatherly, so Sam may be related to Mary Francis.

In 1910 Amanda and Isaac were residing on Harpersville and Narrows Road, Shelby Co, AL contiguously with four other related farming families:
--George Weathers, Mandy's son, and his wife Martha. George's age was reported as 40 and actually was age 49-50; by 1920 his age was accurately reported.
--Ben F. Weathers age 48 and his wife Sarah with nine children was renting a farm next door to Isaac and Mandy. "Ben" was actually Mandy's son Hiram F. Weathers.
--Ben C. Weathers, age 22, and his wife Jennie, the son of Hiram (Ben) F. Weathers above.
--Henry Shrader age 50 living with his wife another Mandy is presumed to be Isaac's son.
--Interspersed with these families were Edd (sic) Jones, age 25, with his family who was renting a farm (no relationship discerned) and Tom Green, age 37, who owned his farm, living with his wife and 3 children.

Children of Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam and PVT Thomas "Tom" Weathers

Child of Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam


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Isaac "Ike" Chancelor Shrader1,2

M, ID# 120, (4 Apr 1839 - 7 Sep 1912)
Father:Henry Clay Shrader (c 1799 - 1882)
Mother:Mary "Polly" Francis Weatherly (22 Oct 1801 - 1839)
     Isaac "Ike" Chancelor Shrader was born on 4 Apr 1839 at Shelby Co, Alabama. He was the son of Henry Clay Shrader and Mary "Polly" Francis Weatherly. Isaac "Ike" Chancelor Shrader married Cynithia P. Vanderslice on 29 Dec 1859. Isaac "Ike" Chancelor Shrader married Jane Amandaline "Mandy" Beam, daughter of Ezekiel Beam (of Cherokee Co) and Roseanne Glenn, c 1872. Isaac "Ike" Chancelor Shrader died on 7 Sep 1912 at Shelby Co, Alabama, at age 73.
      Isaac Shrader was presumed to be the son of Henry Shrader because he was living in his household [enumerated as Shader] at age 21 in 1860 in Shelby Co, AL where he was working as a farmer. Although Isaac married in late 1859, his wife Cynithia was not in the household, thus she may have been away having her first of five children. By 1866 Isaac was shown living separately from his father in Shelby Co.

In 1870 Isaac, apparently already a widower with five small children, was living on the farm of Mary A. Bevel in Harpersville, Shelby Co, AL where Isaac was working as a farm laborer.

Isaac Shrader reported he was age 72 and born in Alabama on the 1910 Shelby Co, AL census. The census taker first wrote down Tom for his given name and then struck through that and wrote what appears to be Ira but could be Ima as it has been transcribed. Isaac was living with his wife Mandy and his apparent step-son. Tom was the name of Amanda's first husband, so perhaps she started by telling the census taker she was married to Tom. Isaac reported his father was born in Alabama and his mother in Kentucky; this was the reverse of what he reported in 1900.

Amanda Ola Weathers Winslett remembered her step-grandfather Isaac Shrader.

Children of Isaac "Ike" Chancelor Shrader and Cynithia P. Vanderslice


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